Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rigorous Intuition-What You Dont Know Cant Hurt Them

I was delighted to receive a copy of Jeff Wells new book, Rigorous Intuition: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Them. I have wanted so long to get my mitts on this book! I wanted to do a short post about it, as I think this book would make an absolutely wonderful addition to the library of anyone who has any interest in deep state operations, conspiracy theories and the wild world of the paranormal. This book would also make a wonderful last minute Christmas present or gift to anyone who has any interests in these fields. The book is available through Amazon and Trine Day publishing at The book is available for a very low price-especially considering the fact of how much hard work went into producing the book and the fact that it runs to almost 500 pages. The book is wonderfully indexed, in fact as people who read a lot know an index is a huge part of a book and considering the huge amount and variety of subjects Jeff covers this really adds a lot to the book. The book also has images-I call them pictograms-from Jeff's blog-I have really enjoyed these over the years-I have been hanging out constantly at Rigorous Intuition since I found it in 2004. Really how many people can cover everything from so called 'normal' conspiracies and deep state ops to the darker 'background' that these seem to be taking place against. Anyone who has any interest in the subjects of UFOs, psychic phenomena and what I think is so very very important-and want to cover so much here-the 'fabric' or 'backdrop' that all of these events are taking place in will be greatly impressed. Modern fascism and the NWO corporotocracy and agenda that comes with it is covered in great detail. Also a great deal of attention to the whys, hows and mysteries of September 11, 2001 is given throughout the book. How much more can I say? I am so impressed with the book that were I able, I would offer refunds to any readers I may have that purchased the book and were disappointed-because I think this is extremely unlikely if anyone has any interest in the previous subjects mentioned. It is so nice to have a 'blog' you can read in comfort in bed! You can also be sure that if many of the other bloggers I link to such as too long in this place, The Hidden Agendas, The X Spot, aferrismoon and others had published work that their blogs covered I would also be happily trying to come up with the money to buy their books! I love how Jeff Wells weaves subjects under what I call the paranormal and fortean into his work. Peace and be well to anyone passing through!

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