Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Paranormal & Fortean : Reincarnation Part Five

For anyone stopping by to read this series-please read the post below this one first. I had meant to do the thoughts about the etheric body in one post. For a time I lost my train of thought and I realized it would have to go into a second post to get everything here that I wanted. Continuing on with my theory-and once again I am using ideas and thoughts by many other religions and esoteric traditions, so far I do not think I have wildly veered away from the major ones in what I am trying to get across about the etheric body. Lets say you are looking at an intricately designed snowflake or a glorious spiral galaxy. You can easily become enthralled with the beauty of their forms. The forms these objects take on are decided by the laws of nature in cooperation with the immediate enviorment they are formed in. As we move up the scale towards conscious sentient beings I disagree with the materialist world view that the forms human beings take are only decided by physical laws and heredity. Perhaps if you have been in the presence of the body of a dead loved one, maybe you have felt an even deeper 'absence' than the normal circumstances would dictate. I have been in this situation and felt not only grief-but I felt the 'void' left by the life-force of the deceased person. I can easily relate this experience to the etheric body because the etheric body is the foundation and the life sustaining force behind the physical body.

I also look at the ideas I am developing this way. As a gay man I very much enjoy looking at the faces and physical bodies of certain men who I consider 'good looking'. However, no matter how good looking some may appear to me, if they seem to be no more than handsome, empty headed beefcake dolls, if I happen to meet them in 'real' life I lose interest quickly-note to reader-in 'real life' yours truly doesn't get to meet these men, nor turn down any hypothetical advances they might make towards me very often :-). If I could 'train' my own handsome latin lover properly this would be no problem (joke). Here is where my ideas of the etheric body might take a slightly different turn than the major religions and philosophies. I believe some people have more 'essence' in their etheric bodies than others. On the surface this might seem obvious as people come with very different personalities, levels of energy and things of this nature. What I am proposing is a bit different however. I don't know how this might take place or why, but I am literally thinking that the etheric body is built up somehow. In other words-and this can be for the better or for the worse, in this area people are not created equally in this regard.

Lets go back to the example I gave of looking at very handsome men. I would rather, in a lot of cases, look at a woman who has 'substance' than an extremely good looking man who seems to be devoid of the life essence. However, this is not saying something judgemental about the hypothetical man, it just means to me that he lacks 'depth' and is more oriented towards the life lived without introspection. In my November archives I posted a video that someone uploaded as a tribute to Anne Sexton. I like to watch the video not only because I admire the work she did, but in the video the person used images of Anne displaying a symphony of personas. I see everything from outright anger, childlike innocence, thoughtfulness, vulnerability, a haunting sense of melancholy, a 'femme fatale' kind of pose and one image where she seems to be truly happy working at her craft. She appears to me to be a person of great depth and mystery. I could imagine Anne, along with many other men and women throughout history as having lived before. I have also met some people in my life who may be extremely intelligent, successful, happy and even kind-but I have almost felt -in some cases, like asking them: "Is there a you behind that face." Some of these people seem to be almost programmed in a way-you could very likely predict what they would say or do in a lot of typical mundane situations-this kind of leads back to my thinking under the 'Questions about the nature of reality post'. It almost seems like some folks are fill-ins or extras on the stage of life. What I would meekly-at first propose is that this is not because these people are being run as a program in a universal CPU-but their 'code' is new to the human level of existence. There will be many more thoughts and speculation along this line (I hope) in the future. What I am trying to say is not as mean spirited as it would first appear. These people are every bit as 'human' as you or me-the only thing that is different about them is that they have not been exposed to the human 'hamster wheel' existence before (this idea also gets a nod to another person or persons that comment here for its origination). In many cases this may actually be a good thing. The underlying reality of the universe that I am speculating on is so vast that literally every single code, combination, probability, time-line and thought that a person could possibly imagine will be in existence at some point. The ideas about some people's etheric bodies having more depth than others basically mean (in the most simple terms-there is a larger foundation for this) that they have been around the block more times than others in this human existence.

Now I am at a point where I think my so-called 'new' theory also starts to diverge from the mainstream. I think the levels of existence in this universe or multi-verse are literally infinite-transfinite even-going back to Georg Cantor's proof that there are higher degrees of infinity. That some people seem to have more soul than others -for the good and also very possibly the horrible (maybe Hitler, Stalin and the whole host of other human embodiments of evil were able to get as far as they did because they knew the human soul all too well)-is in my way of thinking a very neutral non-judgemental way of saying that for some of us our 'code' is very attracted to this one incredibly small slice of a vast multi-dimensional reality called the human realm. For some reason that maybe we can explore together some of us come back here again and again. Others among us maybe only pass through once and after their time in the human realm eventually find another area in this enormous sea of existence that fits their 'code' better. Also getting back to thoughts against making judgements about people who seem 'plastic'-perhaps these people seem this way because in the depth of their souls they are so horrified by what they see here that they are afraid to make the slightest mistake or acknowledge their predicament.


Alex Robinson said...

Perhaps this explains why we resonate with certain people - perhaps 'vibration' is related depth of connection. I have certainly thought that we should think of the human race more the way we do of the animal kingdom (or even the insect kingdom), with a whole huge range of different species. You would not liken an eagle to a mouse & yet we lump all humans together - differentiation comes mainly through gender & race & age - there's just not enough to room to move in those little categories & even they don't work well - I had an aunt who in her 70's was more alive than many teenagers.

If there are graduations of humans - from old souls to new, I wonder why the old ones keep coming back - I can see that there seems to be something in it for 'the Hitlers' - lots of 'fun & games' but what of us who are very tired & have the feeling that we want to 'go home'.

Devin said...

Wow! thanks for adding these thoughts here! I love the line of thinking you are going from-When I first got done posting these in the small hours Az time I thought these posts-especially this one looked so messy-and was too tired to delete post and start over and do massive bits of editing-but if my musings came through as understandable-which it appears they did because your comments are exactly what I was looking for! I have also known many older people who were more alive in their souls than people a fifth their age-I have had times in my life when I felt I had a 'dead heart'-kinda reminds me of the Midnight Oil song-really interesting and wonderful comments as always wise-I am so happy you stopped by-as you can tell it was insomnia night again and I am again trying to stay up to even out sleep schedule so i can get up early tomorrow-if I have any thoughts that can help you I will post at your place-you are always so helpful to me and I consider you a cherished friend-best to you and your family as always-I hope you are enjoying time off with your son and relaxing!

X. Dell said...

(1) The best way to train Latin lovers is with a rolled up newspaper. True, it's a crude method. Nevertheless, it does get the point across. Then again, it leaves the trainee with a rather distorted view of the press.

(2) I have sometimes (purely as an exercise of the imagination--honestly) have wondered something along the lines that you're considering here. Think of it this way. Our species took over 250,000 years to reach a population of a billion, which we did in the 1920s. Because population increases exponentially, we now have six billion people (and counting) on the planet. Suppose there are only so many "souls" in existence, or so many "souls" to go around. Then exponential population growth would produce more humans than the souls could handle. Thus, there would be a lot of empty bodies, so to speak.

One of the things that makes me think otherwise, though, is that sometimes, a person's profundity isn't anywhere close to the surface. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the humanity within.

Of course, the people who really impress me as shallow or soulless are those who make me wonder if they suffer from sociopathy.

Devin said...

Great thoughts as always X-i was over at your place earlier this eve/morn-tried to lay down to no avail-one of the thoughts i have seen on souls-a couple actually-the first occurred in some UFO cases where the contactee was told-there indeed were only so many souls to go round-aligning nicely with your thinking/thoughts-another maybe you have heard this to-most prob you have is that in arguments about reincarnation in the modern age it was suggested that reincarnation was either false-because the pop.explosion would mean there were too many new bodies for souls-or that there were a lot of brand new souls-so to speak-but I read a paper a long time ago suggesting that since the dawn of homo sap-that there have indeed been about 10 billion souls living during this timeframe collectively-as each successive generation is replaced-I am not mathematically skilled enough to test this-I do believe that humanity is much older than advertised(various evidence) and from OOPARTS-(archaeology) that maybe there have even been cycles of civiliztions before? intriguing as all get out to me-I love these mysteries and do not think they can be put in neat boxes that the human mind so adores. Best to you and your family as always and again thanks so much for stopping and commenting!:-)

Devin said...

hehe-I meant to say i appreciate your humor also-there may be a story (short)personal about Diego and mines failed attempts to train each other:-) thanks again so much for commenting-very funny! oh-forgot to ask but I am sure you have seen this-have you checked out David Caddys site? I was floored what a talented writer and essayist-i love middle ditch also!

X. Dell said...

Going a bit farther off the deep end, one could speculate that reincarnation is sequentially indifferent to time. In other words, a sould could leave one body born in, say, 1950, and then go back in what we would consider time to enter the body of someone born in 1949.

Devin said...

X-that is some fascinating speculation-and you know how much I do not mind that here-in fact I can speculate all day-the things that interest me most in life are the unknown questions-the ones that probably will never be answered-best to you as always and thanks for stopping by and commenting-I hope you are getting some 'down time'!