Tuesday, May 10, 2011


...and up/down, forward/back, here/there, past/future, me/you, them/us...

It seems odd to me that in an age where everything seems to have fragmented into a million conflicting pieces (the 20th and 21st centuries) was also the age that science discovered what the philosphers of antiquity already knew: that the Cosmos is one eternal and unbroken whole.

I would like to quote from Ken Wilber's No Boundary,pp.34-35, to begin what I hope will be some continuing information on this blog about the nature of reality, the transpersonal realms including the Imaginal, and the nature of spacetime as it is perceived in these various places: But the 17th century scientists didn't just resurrect the meta-boundary of number and measurement and then sophisticate it. They went one step further and produced (or rather, perfected) an entirely new boundary of their own. Incredible as it seems, they came up with a boundary on the meta-boundary. They introduced the meta-meta-boundary, better known as algebra.

Put simply, the first boundary produces a class. The meta-boundary produces a class of classes, called number. The third or meta-meta-boundary produces a class of classes of classes, called the variable. The variable is best known as that which is represented in formulas as "x," "y," or "z." And this variable works like this: just as a number can represent any thing, a variable can represent any number. Just as five can refer to any five things, "x" can refer to any number over a given range.

By using algebra, the early scientists could proceed not only to number and measure the elements, but also to search out abstract relations between those measurements, which could be expressed in theories, laws, and principles. And these laws seemed, in some sense, to "govern" or "control" all things and events marked off with the very first type of boundaries. The early scientists produced laws by the dozens: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Force is equal to mass times the acceleration of the en-forced body." The amount of work done on a body equals the force times the distance."

This new type of boundary, the meta-meta boundary, brought new knowledge, and, of course, explosive new technological and political power. Europe was rocked with an intellectual revolution the likes of which mankind had never seen. Just imagine: Adam could name the planets; Pythagoras could count them; but Newton could tell you how much they weighed.

Notice, then: this entire process of formulating scientific laws was based on three general types of boundaries, each building on its predecessor and each being more abstract and generalized. First, you draw a classifying boundary, so as to recognize different things and events. Second, you search among your classified elements for ones that can be measured. This meta-boundary allows you to shift quality to quantity, classes to classes of classes, elements to measurements. Third, you search for relationships between the numbers and measurements of the second step until you can invent an algebraic formula embracing them all. This meta-meta-boundary converts measurements to conclusions, numbers to principles. Each step, each new boundary, brings you a more generalized knowledge, and hence more power.

With this information from Ken Wilber, I think we can begin to see how scientists felt an ever-increasing need to break the world down into its constituent parts--indeed just to 'break' the world as one would 'break' a horse. The thing was, humanity wasn't becoming more civilized or moral in pace with these incredibly huge advances. Many tragedies happened because of this and continue to happen because of this. I wonder sometimes what the world would be like today if mankind didn't have such a strong urge to classify and 'break' things down into their individual components? I also wonder if the descriptions brought back to us from those who have had experiences with 'the other side'-or at least the denizens of these strange places-from UFO contact, to encounters with gnomes or nature-spirits, to entheogenic/meditative experiences etc. I wonder if these people are telling us of a world or level of reality that isn't so broken down? Or maybe more-so?(heaven help us if that is the case!) The image is of the 'radio active' galaxy Centaurus A. Thanks for your awesome comments and peace to anyone stopping by!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Bockscar Children

I was in third or fourth grade. when one of the best teachers I ever had the joy of knowing, Ms Hungerford, read this book to our class. I think this is probably when my obsession with reading and everything that comes with it started.

Here is a bit from Dennis Stillings about the theology of the atom bomb-I will explain why I am connecting these two disparate points of the line of my personal reality after it: The Trinity test was scheduled for 4:00 a.m. Monday, July 16, 1945, near Alamagordo, N.M., on the bleak desert plain known as the Journada del Muerto-the Journey of Death. On Sunday the 15th, toward mid-afternoon, thunder was heard. Wind and rain collapsed tents in the base camp, ten miles from ground zero. Mist enveloped the test tower, and storms were reported heading for it. Rumors were circulating about the possibility of the Bomb setting the atmosphere on fire. At 2:30 a.m. the storm reached ground zero and knocked out the principle searchlight, leaving the test area in pitch darkness. With the very tiniest tendency towards superstition, one might suspect that something miraculous was in the air. An ancient reader of signs and portents would have cancelled the whole operation on the basis of such events, clearly announcing the birth of forces hitherto unknown on earth. Participants noted a zombie-like alteration of consciousness at this point, as though ruled by a force demanding that they continue. Oppenheimer himself evinced this state quite clearly. The test was rescheduled for 5:30 a.m. Oppenheimer waited for the hour of the Trinity test, his face "white and lifeless" thinking, "I must remain conscious."

At the time of the explosion, 5:29:45 a.m., July 16, 1945, William L. Laurence of the New York Times, prone on his belly, thought of the Lord's command, "Let there be light!"...Kwiatkowsky, another of the Los Alamose self-admitted "science slaves," remarked, "I am sure that at the end of the world, in the last millisecond of the earth's existence, the last human will see what we saw."

Thus the Bomb imagery encompasses the light of the beginning and the fire at the end of the world. This "Death Light" represented one aspect of the Bomb phenomenon "where theoretical calculations had been off by a big factor. Much more light was produced than anticipated."

Again that was from "Theology of the Atom Bomb" by Dennis Stillings.
I have read an enormous amount of material in the last few weeks that makes me wonder if some of humanity's inventions change the very nature of time and the fabric of reality itself even. Things must have seemed rather spooky indeed to even the most hard-boiled scientists on that morning at the Trinity site. Of course, it could have been just a normal little 'ole storm combined with the enormity of what was about to be undertaken that produced some 'intense' psychological effects.

Two ideas came to mind when I read of the Trinity test. One-entertain for just a moment, that somehow, someone was trying to send a message back
in time and it didn't quite get through so all that happened was the 'storm' at the site. The reason for the 'message' would have been that people in the future were trying to avert the catastrophe of the Bomb ever being used--ever! Two- perhaps the 'supernatural' feeling at the site was a 'real' Super-natural feeling that implanted both in the physical reality at the site and in the very minds of the scientists as they were about to initiate for lack of a better word a "God Sequence" of events that ultimately leads to transcendence of three-dimensional physical reality for any species in the Universe that reaches the "nuclear" level.

Or-is the Bomb still the ultimate question mark of this day and age? A 'cipher-Buddha' posing a question for the world collective-the world Soviet if you will. Do you want to live or don't you? Lately I have been having some feelings-don't know if they mean anything or not -but when I have them they do indeed have a soul-reaching level of meaning for me.

Some of them seem to be intuitions hopefully 'Rigorous' Intuitions (wink) about subjects I have always been fascinated by-the biggy of these- the very nature of reality itself. Many times these feelings seem to be about a small, but significant fractal part of reality. Out of the 'blue' the other day, while looking over some old and new articles and my own notes, about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I remembered the sweetness of Ms H reading the tale of "The Boxcar Children" to us and how rapt/wrapped/en'raptured' up several of us kids had become as she expertly (she was one of these people that could turn the smallest thing into a song) told us the tale of a story told long ago. A lightning-flash shudder went through me when I thought of the name of the plane that dropped the last (and hopefully truly last -like in forever!) atom bomb (the "Fat Man") used in anger-"Bockscar." This was a pun on the nickname of the B-29 itself and the commander Captain Frederick C. Bock (although he wasn't on the Nagasaki mission itself) of the plane. It hit me right in the gut with a flood of meanings and associations- We Really Are The Bockscar Children! Even the 'nose art' of the airplane (this wasn't on at the time of the Nagasaki mission) suggests another flood of associations to me -one of them strangely enough being the 'LoGo' of a recent PreziDent-very recent actually! How about you? More to come! Links Bockscar Boxcar Children Trinity Dennis Stillings Tooth Marks Apple

Funny Or Die: Presidential Reunion

Sometimes I find that if I don't laugh I want to cry. Considering all that has gone on the last 30 or so years (and actually quite a bit longer if you are a conspiracy researcher), I have to 'change' the channel at times-and many times that means comedy. I 'hope' you can get some laughs out of this video starring Mr H and C himself! Dana Carvey has never been one of my favorite comedians, but I have always enjoyed his interpretation of 41! So go get some 'Malaise' Potato Chips and a cigar-don't worry about the cost -just put it on your 28% credit card!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Found It GreggerMan!

I need to go through my pics and delete some-or I need glasses!. This was in there all the time-didn't know if you had it or not-but thought it might make a nice addition if you didn't! I don't remember where I got it but I really like it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Sort of Revelation

First off, I would like to wonder out loud now that OBL is dead (LOL) are the PTB preparing some newfangled 'meme' to keep the fear circulating throughout society like a diseased form of some new Tsunami of Terror. Don't fall for it if they do! The OBL thing this eve was yet another Dark Ritual brought to you by the Dark Ones. MayDay, MaYDaY O great Beltane Feast!

But here is what I wanted to actually post - the OBL stuff just happened as I was thinking about it. I think one of the greatest barriers to TRUE growth and spiritual change is FEAR-or- False Evidence Appearing Real. And I feel I have some true knowledge of this and I am not just posting stuff out of a book or something. In fact, I think it is the biggest 'rod' that the PTB use to control us-IOW-we are more 'Rod Acknowledgers' than 'Carrot Eaters'-although the visions of MaaTerial ThINGs also -obviously-greases the wheel that keeps our FAllen version or REALm of RealITY going. Hopefully we will soon grow a Pair and a Hare and become TRUE Cosmic Rabbits in the Year of the Rabbit and start making our own OZs and WEalds!!
Someone told me Tuesday Weld would gno something about this!!

OK --back to FEAR--those of us who have lived in FEAR of a great many things most of our lives --and here we are almost at the 'GONG/OOHHM MANI PADMI HUM' part ;-) --we have also inVESTed a lot in our various fears and terrors--almost as if we had a fucking bank account where we were savin up for something!! Well -you gno what?? -I think an equally large part of letting shitty stuff go where shitty stuff should go and the difficulty of it arises from the inVESTment factor. An inVESTment that no good inVESTitTURE can ever come from.

My advice -advice I am trying to live right now -find ways to start letting it GO-and make this THE priority in your life -I am not being hypocritical with this -and have started certain spiritual practices in EARNest the last 2-3 days (prayer, deep meditation-and THANKing the Creator of ALL of US for my LIFE-and I intend to add to these practices including FASTing which I don't recommend for everyone -but 24 hour fasts have helped me in the past) and intend to keep amping it up until I am a better person--notice I didn't say PURRfect as no one ever will be!
And I also hope to post stuff here and there about it with regards to this journey I am departing on.

Here/Hear are some things I need help/advice for. I need to undergo EGO DEATH--I gno -haha --just the smALL shIT right??? I NEED to LEGGO mY Eggo! If anyone stumbles by here that knows anything about this can you help me? I am in the Phoenix Metro area/arena. Even thought of doing a "Please Help" type of add on CL-don't know how that would work:-)!

OK-thats enuf for now -I will post this bit by Richard Grossinger from Waiting for the Martian Express (who is becoming a much-loved research source-I can't believe some of the stuff he was coming up with in the mid-70s up to late 80s when this book was published!) From pg 131: The validity of the metaphysical processes generating shamanic jaguars and condors is not affected by the existence of animal ones, and in fact there is an important synchronistic connection between the two that lies at the heart of a universe seamlessly producing creatures through flesh and archetype both. That was from 1987. Happy Beltane Everyone!