Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Paranormal & Fortean : Reincarnation Part Six

Some thoughts to finalize what I thought would be a one-post idea. The ideas and theorizing I am doing borrow, as I have said before, from an enormous variety of people, religions, philosophies and some ideas in science. I do not consider the ideas I am trying to develop the last word on anything. As always I welcome any comments and criticism that people may have, I enjoyed tremendously getting the great number of intelligent, thoughtful and caring comments last night. I felt I just had to come back and put these final thoughts about the etheric body, life force and the soul here. I watched with delight as my cat began some exploring of her own while I was working on the ideas for this set of posts. I actually think she is a bit upset with me now for being up all night :-). While I was writing down some thoughts I watched as her hind end disappeared into a cardboard box. That caused me to think-isn't that what this post or posts is really all about? What causes her feline need to go exploring? Materialist science would tell me that it is simply instinctual curiosity -nothing more that caused Clementina to literally almost pry her way into the box. I am sorry-as an animal lover I have witnessed too many delightful, funny and awe-inspiring things dogs, cats and many other creatures have done to feel that there is no life-force or soul in those little heads of theirs.

Along with this line of thinking how many have heard of a medical miracle where someone who was supposed to die in a matter of weeks or months managed to pull at something both beyond them and inside them to survive. I wonder if they are somehow drawing energy from the template and foundation of the life force itself-the etheric body. Modern science itself tells us that within a year 98 percent of the atoms in our bodies will be completely replaced by new atoms and every seven years each one of us is literally by this time made of 'new' material. I have no doubt that there are scientific theories that explain why we are continually rebuilt into the same form against the forces of entropy. On an intuitional level I feel that the reason this happens is that energy from the foundation, the all sustaining life force of the etheric body is constantly renewing our physical bodies with energy from beyond the physical realm.

I think this is quite enough theorizing to look at for a bit. I will definitely break up the series the next time I post with something new and different. I hope that anyone stopping by or passing through has a wonderful holiday season and is getting ready to have a beautiful and awe-inspiring 2009!


at67gr said...

Hebrews 9

27And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

28So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

Devin said...

We might not agree at67gr-with some or a lot of things-but that is what I started this site for-to get differing viewpoints and opinions. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

On another note to anyone who reads this blog-I have spent most of the day in bed-curled up in pain-i thought of posting something that i might not have anything new up-but you just can't predict the future-for all i know i might finally start feeling better-or anything-the only reason I am even up right now is because I was in bed so long it threw my back out-so even tho the room is spinning I will have to find a way to at least sit for awhile! Peace and best to all of you-and I hope everyone stopping by had a better day than I did! Missed terribly not seeing my immediate family today-they are the only thing that keeps me going!

X. Dell said...

As the French say, "The wit of the staircase."

I remember having this discussion in my graduate psychology seminar where we discussed the concept of negative reinforcement. My professor, an unabashed behaviorist (whom I admired to no end), chided me for arguing in defense of, for lack of a better term, the Ur-individual, the existence of something original in all of us. Just as when I thought I would win my argument, she laid me low with one crushing sentence: "Who taught Baby Albert to fear the white bunny rabbit?

I didn't have an answer then, but weeks later, I came up with, what to me, seemed a more important question: "Who taught Baby Albert to fear the gong/bell?"

That's the wit of the staircase for you. You find the perfect response to counter a near-perfect one, but always way to late.

Still, I have little doubt that we exist not only as ourselves, but within the psyches of others. Putting it crudely, I would guess that we are about 90% of the world around us, and 10% autonomous individuals, a small amount to be sure, but one that keeps us as seeing ourselves as individuals.

Devin said...

X-as always absolutely delighted to see you here! It is so nice to have a friend comment when you are feeling down and sick! My back feels like it is on fire-aaaaarrrgh! If I am up for a bit and it certainly looks like I will be I will go over to your place and tell you something 'eerie' about the wit of the staircase-you may already be aware of the story-best as always to you and i hope you are having a wonderful holiday-in the last hours at least i have been able to keep food down but i still feel sick as s^%$

Devin said...

Had to come back to the 90 percent world and 10 percent autonomous-brilliant-percentage wise over a large group and that is probably it! thanks again for stopping by!