Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paranormal & Fortean : UFO Mysteries

The varieties of experience human beings have had with the occupants/beings of these magical mystery ships are incredible in both their depth and range. Some cases of contact have been downright 'cartoonish' when taken at face value, yet some of the silliest cases -looking at them through the prism of human imagination-have produced some of the most evidence. Everything from scars and other damage to human tissue, unexplained missing time-where the experiencer seems to have 'lost' some hours-days in some cases, radiation traces at the site of contact, and even pancakes-yes there you have it -a farmer was served some extra or ultra -terrestrial flapjacks-although the cakes did not have any unearthly ingredients in them, the case I am thinking of also produced physical trace evidence. I should have got a link for this one-I will come back after the post-if I remember right-the man's name was Joe Simonton.

Sometimes the incidents are horrifying and dehumanizing. Things are done against the will of the contactee/abductee -including anal probes, that I don't even think yours truly would find remotely enjoyable. I tend to prefer any invasion of that area of my person to be made by an organ of human flesh. The credibility of most of these abductees is beyond reproach-they are from all walks of life and have a wide range of interests -actually they are as different as any random sample of folks would be-the one thing they share in common is the psychological damage of being taken and used against their will -This I would think would be a terrifying ordeal to go through. I really admire the courage of these people to come out and share the stories of their ordeals.

Sometimes the contact made can be overwhelmingly positive. The contactees views of their lives and the nature of the universe itself are changed for the better. Some of these people feel that they have a new outlook on life and a mission to change life here on our little world for the better.

There are cases where the person involved seems to be in contact with a universal archetype-positive or negative-the joker/trickster theme is often found in the literature-maybe the gods and deities of ancient times have come back to us in a form changed to suit our modern age.

Then there are varieties of experience that really are on the 'borderlands' and the cases reported seem to overlap into several areas of the paranormal. These are some of the most interesting to me because even though they are classified as a "UFO" experience they include a range of phenomena-from the fabled Men in Black, telepathy, poltergeist type activity, the contactee viewing alternate timelines and events from the past and possible events from the future-especially if it is in regards to humanity not changing its ways-there is a particularly fascinating case from Ruwa, Zimbabwe that I will come back with a link for if at all possible-the Ruwa case happened in 1994 and involved a large group of school children-who many after all these years have not changed their stories one iota. In 1989 as the communist world was collapsing there was also another fascinating case from the Soviet Union that involved young children. There are even UFO cases where the contactee has felt like they have viewed past and future lives of their own. Another type of activity that sometimes goes hand in hand with the Men in Black cases-but not always, has the person or persons involved getting strange phone calls-sometimes in language they can understand, sometimes just jibberish and eerie sounds and metallic noises. In these cases the theme of being warned away from talking about the experience is repeated often. The image is the Rosette Nebula-a stellar nursery in the constellation Monoceros about 5200 light years away.

To anyone passing through or stopping by I hope you have found something here to enjoy-I wanted to do this set of posts because I would like to return to this and other Fortean and Paranormal subjects from time to time, especially once I am through with the Hadrian and Antinous series. These subjects interest me so much because I think they provide clues to just how strange, yet magical and beautiful the universe really is. I hope to be back very soon with more about H/A and other things.
The links-Simonton 'pancake' case

Ruwa, Zimbabwe case-


Michael Skaggs said...

Very interesting [in my best German doctor/mad scientist voice]...

It's tough to tell which stories are made up and which ones are Monarch or MK-Ultra victims and which ones are real. Confusing subject but well worth investigating!

Be well!

Devin said...

Michael-so glad to see you here!
The range of this one subject alone is incredible-much less thinking about all of the various paranormal and fortean subjects out there. Best to you always!-Devin

Middle Ditch said...


I have actually seen one. An UFO that is. In the seventies.

Devin said...

Thanks for stopping by Middle Ditch! I hope you continue to do so-I am kind of all over the place here at MFM-but it is just the way I am. Best to you!-Devin

X. Dell said...

Since I have written earlier about contact, I would be curious to see how you develop this further.

To think of the connection between alien contact and the paranormal has been of interest to University of Connecticut professor (psychology) Kenneth Ring. It's also been a long-time interest of BUFORA (The British UFO Research Association).

X. Dell said...

Monique, I would be interested in reading about what you saw.

Devin said...

I would be also Monique.Dragon years are good ones to be born in!

X-this is what I find so interesting about Fortean and paranormal phenomena-there seems to be so much intertwining between the various subjects-thanks for the reference BTW-I want to get into a lot more of that here-I did not realize H/A would end up being so time consuming-I love to talk about the series of course-but I keep re-reading my posts on it to see if I am giving a good overview as to the characters-originally I thought of it being 6 or 7 posts max-i have just posted 8 this eve and 9 and 10 are almost ready-there is just so much background to give to lead up to what I-others can form their own opinions-think happened on the Nile-there will also be a post or two about A's subsequent deity-I appreciate you stopping by and all of your comments here-An excellent book-I think one of the best -you have probably heard of it about the UFO phenomenon is Dimensions by Jacques Valley-pub in late 80s I think used to have as a paperback now i have it as an ebook. When I start doing more posts about these subjects (hopefully) I will be very up front with readers in saying WTF? as to what is going on-but I want to explore the ultra-terestrial theme much more. Best to you!

Nina said...

Between myself and my spouse, we've seen 12 craft in the sky (myself, 10, he all 12). All have been since 1996, most occuring the past 2 years. I realize this makes us out of the norm. Sometimes I feel a bit like a freak, having seen so many when most folks have never seen one and of those who have seen something, most see 1, perhaps 2.

We've seen massive triangular shaped crafts, a couple of the typical disc shape crafts (one which seemed to be watching us--putting on a show just for us--once we focused in on it, it stopped and hovered, then began to almost dance before finally taking off again then stopping/hovering before blipping out completely) made the hair on my neck stand up and not in a good way.

One was unusual. I saw it during the day (the only daytime encounter). It looked like a cigar with a fin on the end. Happened on a Sunday morning during the summer. It came out of the north and was flying completely silent at a very fast speed. That's the only time I attempted to take a picture as I have no camera that takes night-time photos. Well, one claims to but really doesn't. Anyway, all that came out was a white splotch (cheap digi). At first we thought perhaps it was the space shuttle, but after looking online we discovered it was not in our vicinity at the time.

Who knows what to think in terms of are these intelligent beings with a benevolent or malevolent intent. I've read a mix of both. I think it's rather naive to think they're all "good" or all "bad". Sort of like our species is. You have your good and your not-so-good. Whatever it is, there is a lot going on in the cosmos and we're not being informed about it. Certainly there is enough info. to convince me that some people have been taken and continue to be taken.

Devin said...

Nina-I was delighted by your comment and find your experiences fascinating. Never, never, never feel unusual or embarassed to talk about this at MFM! This is one of the major reasons I started this blog and if you ever want to come back with any more comments about old or new experiences feel absolutely free to do so! If it ever takes me awhile to publish comment do not worry-could just be my health-connection probs etc-I always love getting comments here and I want to pursue this topic here and others in the 'Paranormal' realm in much more detail in the future. Best to you and your family always!