Thursday, December 4, 2008

Connection Problems at MFM

Dear readers -on occasion I experience net connection problems and have been today-I have more info to post-but will wait to see if connection holds-please keep leaving comments and hopefully this is only temporary-it usually is-if my connection holds I have more information about the Lucia/Iris case to post tonight and a blog to link to and I will respond to comments also-crossing my fingers here! Peace and be well all of you!-Devin

Well now I realize I had the correct spelling of occasion the first time around-geez-sometimes my memory isn't that good-within the last year I have found myself making spelling mistakes I never would have before! The connection has held for a bit-I am going to try-can't promise anything to do a post-it will be short-but if the connection is still holding after that I will do another in the same Iris/Lucia series-thanks again!-Devin
ps I have a large (for me) post in the H/A series ready-but I won't even attempt it tonight -just in case-it will be here soon-hopefully tomorrow!


X. Dell said...

I've had connection problems sice I've been blogging. It's a pain, I know. Keep trying. We'll be here.

Devin said...

X.Dell I am delighted you can continue to stop by every now and then with your busy schedule!
Luckily tonights problems have not lasted for long-I hope you are doing great and as always wish you the best!-Devin