Monday, December 1, 2008

Get Your Information Here!- Aiwazzsaying Blog

One of the themes in my life that seems to repeat constantly is missing what is right in front of my face. When I started MFM, I can't believe that I forgot to link to the aiwazzsaying blog. This blog has an incredible amount and variety of free downloadable ebooks and other material. I think I have downloaded 20 ebooks through this site from the time I became aware of its existence. Really you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not check out the site and see the great variety of information there-everything from the esoteric, paranormal, politics and deep state politics. You can get to the site easily from my page. Great, simply great variety there -something for everyone-especially if you are like me and have a wide range of interests. Like I always say please check out every site that I link to! This site is fantastic-I have enjoyed every one of the ebooks I have downloaded and haven't had a chance to read all of them and there is still more over there that I just haven't had a chance to download yet-but I will soon.

On another note for my site -unless health or connection problems occur-I hope to have something new at MFM every other day in December if not every day. I have finished the next three posts about Hadrian and Antinous. I do not want to do them consecutively,but I hope to have the next one here by December 2nd and the other 2 very soon after that. I am working on a small set of posts (prob 2) about a fascinating paranormal story that involves-well won't give it away yet-I wish it could be longer-just don't have enough info. I also want to keep on doing posts about poetry from the ancient to the modern and will revisit some of the favorites people have liked and always introduce new ones. I also hope to have much more posts about my own writing and hopefully quite a bit lengthier than the 2 examples I have now-the future ones following the same 2 different stories-one very true to my life and one kind of a fictionalized account. I also want to start getting into paranormal topics in December. I am going to try to leave politics and conspiracy alone this month unless I can find a guest writer for MFM.
Peace and best wishes to you all- I am hoping this month will be a joyful one for anyone who reads me and the authors of the blogs I link to and their readers-My view of a joyful December not being that of the massive capitalist/consumption and over eating and drinking binges that happen during the holidays. My view of a joyful holiday season is a search for truth and beauty in this world that we all share-and a search for understanding also-the other blogs I link to will be much better at telling anyone who reads my blog about the truth and understanding part-where I hope to come in is bringing some of the beauty and mystery of the world-as the folks I link to do also!

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