Sunday, December 28, 2008

Links I Hope Will Help For Previous Posts

I had intended to add these much earlier and began having connection problems to internet again. Hopefully this will just be a problem that will go away for long times like it did before. If anyone would like to comment on anything please keep doing so-they will get here eventually with a response from me. I will add links into this post as I find them. Here are the first two

I also have a couple of more posts ready to go-one along much more traditional lines of thinking about reincarnation and a wonderful poem about the subject my mom found! I will wait a bit and see if internet connection looks like it is going to be steady, I might have to wait til tomorrow, but will try tonight if I am able. Also going to add some other links that will help me decide on future subjects here at MFM-I hope to be spending a lot of time on my writing-but I have found it is useless to 'catch' my muse, I am working on it tonight in fact but won't post anymore until I have something twice the length as the continuation from Nov 28 post.

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