Sunday, June 21, 2009

Death of the Dollar or Life Support a Bit Longer?

Sorry I have been so lazy lately. I really hate the summertime here in Arizona-I wish I could hibernate from May through September! I found this article and thought it was interesting, as the topic it talks about could have severe ramifications for not only people in the United States but around the world. I know if I was a foreign nation holding a bunch of bucks I would be feeling really uneasy right now. I think it is great that those Chinese folk laughed in our Treasury Secretary's face when he said he believed in a strong dollar-cool stuff Chinese folk-I might even try that Feng Shui crap out and see if it makes my life any better! I do think that for a while-who knows how long-it will be hard to find a replacement for the dollar as the world's reserve currency. I look at the news sometimes and all I can think is god we are so fucked! Like the article states with a degree of humor-or humour to my overseas friends:)-the dollar has been presumed dead more times than the lead singer of The Pogues so handle this information with care. But no one-as Timothy Geithner learned-can say with a straight (or gay-haha-sorry lame humor again) face that the dollar doesn't have its problems. The buck has lost more than a quarter of its value when weighed against a basket of foreign currencies just since 2002. Love you all and hope have had -or a finishing up having a great weekend! Article Here
Another article about Japan abolishing cash to fight deflation-I think throwing cash into "the garbage bin of history" (god I hate to quote the bozo who said that-haha!) has long been a goal of the People That Really Run The World or the PTRRTW as I call them:) all the better to track the movements and desires of The People That Don't Run The World or TPTDRTW as I call them-article Here It is coming quickly-the future-unlike me-I take awhile-sorry more lame humor-what the hell is wrong with me today? All the best!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Buy Buy Love!

Much of the following information comes from Martin Kaufman in a wonderful article he did for Popular Paranoia called "The Manhattan Project to Manufacture the First Yuppies" published in 2002 and edited by Kenn Thomas. In 1984 Newsweek wrote: "much of the energy and optimism and passion of the sixties seems to have been turned inward, on lives, on careers, apartments and dinners." Martin Kaufman writes: "Note the passive verb; been turned suggests it happened by itself, that nothing caused the rebellious sixties spirit to turn inward...Do a little bit of cultural archaeology, however, and you discover that the yuppies were a created phenomenon. The manufacturing process didn't start with Reagan, but all the way back in the days of Ford, even Nixon. Its goal? To transform the anti-materialistic sixties generation back into responsible Americans; i.e., get them to buy on command. Some background: With the pullout from Vietnam and ouster of Nixon, many people in the 70s felt they could really make change happen. The 60s spirit was alive-in 1975 seven bills to legalize marijuana were introduced in the New York legislature. (4) David Rockefeller's elitist Trilateral Commission termed such attempts by the people to influence their government "a crisis of democracy" that had to be dealt with."

How do you like that my fellow Americans? OUR attempts to have a say in what is supposedly OUR government are "a crisis of democracy." If I am not mistaken David Rockefeller (coulda been his bro Nelson-I get the slimy fucks mixed up) also said that the United States "suffered from an excess of democracy in the 1970s." Hey at least the rat bastards kinda tell it like it is anyway -eh?? The illusion that this nation is "of the people by the people, for the people" has never been anything more than a sick joke-and the joke is on us-sadly. Getting back to Martin Kaufman, "On November 10, 1976, the world's most influential newspaper, The New York Times, debuted its Wednesday "Living" section. In the very first issue we find all the tokens and value systems of yuppiedom that would "mysteriously" arise eight years later. Kaufman continues on in his article to give us examples of the names and subject matter of these articles. For the purposes of this post some of the names will be quite sufficient I think. "The Best Pates in New York" by Mimi Sheraton, Craig Claiborne begged us to cook "Volaille au Coulis de Poitreux et de Truffles"-I don't have an effin clue as to what this dish might be-except maybe something with truffles in it-hey private investigator at work here! "Wine Talk" was a section telling people to drink ultra fine and expensive wines and champagne and not as Kaufman writes, "the plebian California stuff but the real champagne from "the valley of the Marne River east of Paris." Kaufman goes on to say, "Mike Wallace pondered his dream to open a restaurant ( a future yuppie cliche). William F. Buckley, Jr. shared veal recipes with a typically yuppie (and typically Buckley) unconcern for the disgraceful torture veal calves undergo."

Let me interject some of my own thoughts about Mr. Buckley if I may. A nice boy wouldn't say this-but then who says I am a nice boy? I am happy Buckley is no longer on this mortal coil and probably rotting in whatever circle of hell slimy fascists go to when they pass on-probably sharing space with Falwell, Franco, the "Gipper", Jesse Helms and a host of other personalities. Unfortunately they'd better save some room! Just in this nation alone people like Ollie North, 41, 43, Kissinger, Zbig, Limbaugh, O'Reilly -well you get the picture are still around-not to mention kind-hearted folks like Le Pen in France and other nations-so save room down there please! Back in the 1980s Mr. Buckley suggested that people with HIV/AIDS be tattooed and interned in camps-kinda reminds you of another time and place eh? Mr. Buckley began the neo-fascist rag (at least in spirit anyway) The National Review in 1955. In a memorable debate on 27 August 1968 in an exchange with the extremely talented novelist/essayist/playright and almost politico -Gore Vidal this exchange occurred involving the debate raging over America's involvement in the Vietnam war: Gore Vidal: "the only pro or crypto-Nazi here is yourself." William F. Buckley: "Now listen, you queer, you stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I'll sock you in the goddamn face and you'll stay plastered."

I hope to post a link to this exchange from you tube. What a typical Amero-fascist maneuver-call Vidal a queer (he is a bisexual man-getting up in years now-but talented and smart-very handsome also in my opinion-not that that has anything to do with anything-I just mentioned that part because I always thought Buckley was an ugly as sin-slack jawed and slack brained phoney) and threatening him with physical violence. I hope the video is as good as it was when I viewed it for you all. For you young folks who may not know who these people are -well I will put it this way -Buckley and his ever so precious mannerisms strike me as about as threatening as one of the Seven Dwarves of Snow White fame-to bad they didn't have a dwarf called Dorky Fascist Bootlicker! Buckley was also a defender of McCarthyism. In McCarthy and His Enemies he stated that " a movement around which men of goodwill and stern morality can close ranks." Uh yeah Bill-if you happen to be an admirer of Adolph Hitler! Well as usual I am getting way off-topic.

Back to Martin Kaufman and the yuppies or rather the creation of them: "In 1977-79, still years before yuppieism, "Living" tackled such important issues as: "The Best of Brie." Late autumn marks...the year's best season for game, truffles, fresh foie gras and especially brie, France's King of Cheese and the Number One status choice in this country as well. We also discovered the wonders of Supreme de Volaille aux Polvons. "The succulence of Caneton Etrange a la Suedois...The "newspaper of record" seemed intent on setting record for sheer single-mindedness of purpose. Their super-salesmanship (and they were selling class consciousness for the would- be nouveau riche more than food), was obsessive, overdone, and showed an appalling lack of gentility and moderation-exactly the characteristics that came to typify the new-money yuppies."

Martin Kaufman goes on a bit later in his article: "By the time 1984 rolled around and the name "yuppie" had been coined, the New York yuppies had been programmed for over a decade and were obedient robots. The Times and New York (magazine) were now joined by innumerable other publications celebrating excess (and the economic system that made it possible). But the 1987 stock market crash found the Times in a reflective mood, noting that the yuppies' "huge incomes and ostentatious consumption, an inclination highlighted in both advertising and news coverage (italics mine; when you create a phenomenon, can you really be said to be 'covering it?)-generated deep resentment...Get it? That distaste many of us felt for status-seeking and egotism was mere jealousy. That disgust at people without consciounces, disguised envy. Post-crash, however, the Times quickly rejoined the party, with gift ideas: For your son: "A yuppie, he likes the new and different, so give him a BMW in milk, dark or white chocolate , $14.75 at Li-lac."

Well I have let Mr. Kaufman tell so much of our tale here why stop now? "What a feat of social engineering. Moving masses of people awar from flower power, and toward materialism, class-consciousness and rightest politics. And making it seem like it all just happened spontaneously, unassisted. In 1977, the first year with both new sections, Times income more than doubled from 1975. It's interesting how the Times' interests and Wall Street's coincide. More interesting still is how the Times' duties as lapdog to the power elite (a role well documented by Noam Chomsky and others) go well beyond just whitewashing U.S. foreign policy and printing corporate PR in the guise of news, all the way to ineventing lifestyles and zeitgeists that bolster elitist values. Thus setting the course not just for educated professionals' lives, but those of the millions who emulate them. And all other societies that emulate the U.S. (or, more accurately, are having U.S. culture forced down their throats). Yes the Times really outdid itself with its "coverage" of the yuppie phenomenon. We thought it was time they received the credit they were due."

Thank you Martin Kaufman! This isn't a typical MFM post-of course what really is typical here? I zig and zag and mix and match so much I bet folks are glad I am not a pilot or bus driver! I just really enjoyed that article and wanted to share some of it here. The parts here are not nearly the whole thing. I found it fascinating -the "cultural achaeology" Mr. Kaufman did to let us know that the yuppies and their admirers didn't arise out of a cultural vacuum. The fact that this social engineering was in the works so long before the actual "yuppies" arrived on the scene interested me a great deal also. In the same article Mr. Kaufman mentions an article by Stanley H. Brown, "People's Capitalism is killing Wall Street", in New York magazine from way back in April of 1970! It does worry me a great deal sometimes about what other goodies the social engineers are thinking of to mold our reality. Thanks again for all of your kind, intelligent and thoughtful comments! I will try to post the You Tube link and some others. Vidal and Buckley in 1968- and Gore Vidal Link

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Was Pixilated or the Grocery List Returns!

Obviously I wasn't sure what to call this post. Pixilated is a nod to author Patrick Harpur who wrote Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld and The Philosophers' Secret Fire: A History of the Imagination. Harpur's mother referred to "Pixilation" as what happens when things go missing such as keys and other items and subsequently turn up-usually in the spot where the person missing the item frantically searched for them earlier. This quote is also from Patrick Harpur, "Indeed, perhaps the purpose of pixilation is to introduce us to the in-between world. It opens a nagging crack in the fabric of our comfortable reality, a crack small enough to ignore or overlook if we wish-as we must, if we are not to plunge into unfathomable depths. Pixilation is analogous to the weak spot on those violent, busy, invulnerable heroes, such as Achilles and Ajax or Sigurd of Norse myth. It is a mixed blessing to be invulnerable, because it also seals you up in your own world and cuts you off from commerce with the Otherworld. Thus, like the little spots of weakness on the hero-the heel or the patch on the shoulder-pixilation is a tiny fault-line symbolising the moment in the midst of our armoured surface, and our invincible egotism, our heroic hurry and certainty, when we are suddenly opened up like wounds to the possibility of death. Death, that is, of the ego and its commonsense life, and the beginning of the deeper, imaginative life of the soul."

After wanting my whole life-or almost my whole life anyway-to have some kind of contact with the mysterious and ineffable it may finally have happened yesterday. Previously I had always wanted to see and have some sort of contact with a ghost or the crew of a UFO-to solve a conspiracy-you name it -just something to take me out of this mundane existence if for only a little while. Hell-in the last few years I probably would have settled for an Elvis sighting or to figure out where Lord Lucan went or even to find out if Anne Coulter is really a woman. Of course with what happened yesterday I think I got the Yugo version instead of the Rolls-Royce version. Here is the story. I have referred various times to being a victim of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD for short. I am very lucky that my symptoms are fairly mild. They do involve a lot of checking on things like seeing if the door is locked, coffee pot off and so on. I think one of the symptoms of this OCD thing with me is always and I mean always to know where I put stuff-things that I will need to use in a short matter of time. I always put my wallet, car keys etc and anything I will need to do or use for the next day in the top drawer of my dresser.

I had been making out a grocery list for a time and was finally ready to go to the store yesterday morning. I ritually put the grocery list on top of my wallet the night before so I would be good to go the next day. As it turned out, I had an awful time sleeping the night of the 31st and woke quite late (noon) on the first. I really wanted to hustle as I had a lot of things to buy and wanted to get it done before the heat of the day really got going. I threw on some clothes and shoved my wallet -along with I thought-the darn grocery list in my pocket-I had seen it right there where I left it the previous night. Wanting to make sure I had everything I did one last check before getting out the door and sure enough-no grocery list. I thought no prob-it must still be in the drawer where I saw it last. Well it wasn't-I must have checked that damn drawer no less than five or six times-thinking perhaps that I was so irritated I was looking right at it and not seeing it. I finally gave up looking for it and made a new list to the best of my memory. I finally got back home with the groceries and put those away -looking once again in the drawer to see if the original list was there-just out of curiosity-it wasn't. Hours and hours later when I was going to bed for the evening I opened the drawer to put my wallet, keys and other stuff in-perish the thought I could ever leave them on a table or a dish like most normal people!

Well whaddya know?? There was the original grocery list in all its glory sticking out like a sore thumb! I would not have been as dumbfounded were it not for the fact that I must have been in that very same drawer almost twenty times before this-both in the search for it and after getting home. I have no explanation for what happened. All I know is that the list absolutely positively 100% certainly wasn't there before and I live alone so unless Clementina the Cat has learned some pretty nifty tricks no one is screwing around with my head. God forbid should that ever happen-it wouldn't take much to make me certifiable at this point in my life.

I will turn once again to Patrick Harpur before closing: "It looks very much as though so-called pixilations are as much the work of the dead as of the fairies. This should not surprise us: the Otherworld is an ambiguous realm, in which the daemonic beings and the dead often overlap. The dead are often seen among the fairies, for instance, in Irish fairy lore; and in Brittany, all the characterisitics of the fairies are attributed to the dead. As Camille Flammarion remarked in Mysterious Psychic Forces (Boston, 1907), the spirit manifestations in seances more often resemble "the prescences of mischievous boys than serious bona fide actions. It is impossible not to notice this...Either it is us who produce these phenomena or it is spirits. But mark this well: these spirits are not necessarily the souls of the dead; for other kinds of spiritual beings may exist, and space may be full of them without our ever knowing anything about it...Do we not find in the ancient literatures, demons, angels, gnomes, goblins, sprites, spectres, elementals, etc? Perhaps these legends are not without some foundation in fact." Harpur goes on to talk of an ashtray that was in his mom's car that he used to borrow and smoke cigarettes in. After he cleaned the ashtray and left it in an area to dry it also vanished into thin air.

Harpur continues: "My mum died suddenly. (Incidentally, her bunch of keys disappeared by pixilation the day before, but returned on the morning of her death. My sister even remarked that some transition must be in the offing). The day after her funeral, I took her car out. I lit a fag. The ashtray was back where it should be, installed in its slot under the dashboard. Did she replace it? Or did those pesky pixies-the ones she quarrelled with all her life but which now, perhaps, were abetting her? Either way, I had to laugh." OK -I would very much be interested to know if something similar to my experience or ones Patrick Harpur talks about has happened to any of you? Something that you are 100% certain of. I have had some "iffy" strange experiences in my life-but this may very well be my first that I am 100% certain of and that I do not have an explanation for. I am sorry it is not exactly awe-inspiring! Oh the pic is of me and our treasured dog -taken sometime in 1981 or 82. I got the idea to put personal pics up here and there from Aggie who I very much hope is feeling a lot better! If you are not bowled over by my movie star good looks-wait till you see what "times winged chariot" did to me later haha-although I am happy to say I am at least normal weight now and have lost the weight of a small child I was carrying around-knock on wood (more OCD superstition for you). Thanks again so very much for your kind, thoughtful and intelligent comments!

Talk about thought provoking and beautiful please go to this link if you have time-it is a long article-but more than worth your time to take a look at -amazing work Christopher! Link

Monday, June 1, 2009

Emily Dickinson & Stephen Crane

Emily Dickinson: The Soul Selects

The soul selects her own society,
Then shuts the door;
On her divine majority
Obtrude no more

Unmoved, she notes the chariots pausing
At her low gate;
Unmoved, an emperor is kneeling

Upon her mat

I've known her from an ample nation
Choose one;
Then close the valves of her attention
Like stone.

Stephen Crane: A Man Said To The Universe

A man said to the universe:
"Sir I exist!"
"However," replied the universe,
"The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation."

Emily Dickinson information- Here
Stephen Crane information- Here