Friday, July 2, 2010

Daath: Knowledge

Daath is a most interesting sephirot-not that any are boring! In most mystical systems Daath is not counted as one of the sephirot. This is confusing sometimes because it is on -or perhaps in is a better analogy- the Tree of Life. Instead Daath is said to be a "hidden" sefira. It is all ten sephirot united as one.

However, sometimes Daath is seen to be the First or Crown Sephirah instead of Keter. From this viewpoint, Daath is the reflection (from the perspective of finite creation) of the infinity of Keter.

For this reason Daath is placed on the middle axis of the Tree of Life; directly beneath Keter. It corresponds to the tzelem Elokim (the "image of God embedded in Humanity") and to the cerebellum-the "posterior brain."

Because all ten sephirot in the Tree of Life are united as one in Daath, the three sephirot of the left-hand column of the Tree, that would normally receive and conceal the Divine Light, share and reveal it instead. The sephira are no longer distinguishable from each other.

In a perfect world, the Divine Light would always be shining through its Creation; the Light is indeed there-but not all humans can see it. Whether the Divine Light of Creation is concealed or revealed through Daath does not take place in Daath itself. It only seems that way from the human perspective with Malkuth. The revelation of the Divine Light can only occur in Malkuth (our world).

People who become self-giving like the Light are able to perceive it, and for them the tremendous Knowledge of Daath's light seems "revealed." However, humans who are self-centered can't perceive the Light, and for them its Knowledge seems "hidden."

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Middle Ditch said...

It took me ages to get here Devin. I tried the last two days and it just did not let me.

Death is an interesting subject.

Sometimes I think birth and death are the same. When you are nearly born there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is said that when you die, you also see a light at the end of the tunnel. Could death and birth happen at the same time?

Also I had the most unnerving experience once. So maybe this is not true. BUT when I visited my brother some years back, who's wife had given birth to a baby son two days ago. The baby was put in my arms. I looked down upon his little face and I saw that the baby recognized me and to my astonishment I recognized the baby. I saw my father.

Creepy eh?

Devin said...

Wow -what an awesome comment MD!!
I agree completely that death/life are just two sides of the same coin- if 'we' go anywhere or do anything after death- i wonder if there are some non-physical realms where our life on planet earth looks like a 'living death'??

It is interesting you bring up the 'tunnels' too- I am fascinated by this aspect of the life/death expericence!!

I dont think your experience with your nephew is creepy at all but delightful !! of course i am pretty big on reincarnation too- at least i totally believe that if any of it is true- reincarnation plays some sort of role in our lives- if true- i just hope we don't continue to come back forever!! -uggggghhhhh!!
I will try to get to MD this eve/morn - i have a bit of research to do - and think i am ready to do two more sefira posts - we will see haha!!
the last episode was fantastic as they have all been - thanks so much for stopping by and best to you and the whole cast at Middle Ditch!!

Middle Ditch said...

Not exactly delightful Devin. My father was an evil man. I sometimes still have nightmares about him and the older I get, the stronger the memories become.

I hastily gave that baby back to his mother anyway.

I also believe in reincarnation but am not sure if this is because a total ending wouldn't be so nice.

And than you for that lovely compliment!

Devin said...

Hey MD-YOu are more than welcome for the compliment - you sure deserve it!!!!!!!!!
I am so sorry your father was an evil man- that is scary in and of itself-but all the more scary because of you seeing it in the baby!!!!!!!!!!
all the best to you my friend and i send love and hugs to you and the whole cast at MD- I loved the last episode!!!!!!!!!!