Friday, November 21, 2008

Robert Frost 1874-1963 : A Great American Poet

This post is a preface to my next post. I chose the words of Robert Frost for very specific reasons to add to my next post. The first being that he is a great poet and lives on in the hearts and minds of many people around the world. The second set of reasons is that he spoke at the inauguration of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Originally he had written a poem called "Dedication" to read, but due to the sun's glare he could not read his words and with quick thinking read "The Gift Outright" which he had written in 1942 and touched many people's hearts that day. Robert Frost had predicted the election of JFK to the presidency in March 1959. He died shortly after midnight on January 29, 1963. I would like all of the folks who come by here and read my blog to think of the reason I chose the specific poem I did for my next post.
Often, I am rightly accused of being overly emotional and I am already getting teary eyed thinking of the next post. I hope people will understand why I chose the poem I did for my John F. Kennedy remembrance post. There are many times I fall into an emotional abyss thinking of our nation going from JFK to the later leaders we have had. John Kennedy was not perfect-none of us are, but I think he was the last President of the United States to always have America's best interests at heart in his decision making. He was a real man and a world class statesman. I was not even born yet during the Camelot years, but I get emotional looking at photos of JFK and Jacqueline and his beautiful family. I always think of the America that might have been, as opposed to the place our nation has become. Two roads- I think we wound up on the wrong one starting right after the despicable cowards and thugs murdered our last great president.


Nina said...

I love The Road Less Traveled. It's a poem that resonates with me and has for many years. When I pick the path already walked upon for whatever reasons, I often end up frustrated and in panic. But when I pick the path of my heart, while there may be a lot of outer resistance, I always feel better about myself for it.

No such thing as being overly emotional! I know that for I am the goddess of emotions. :) To not feel and not feel deeply is to be half asleep.

Oh yeah-I found your blog through piglipstick.

Devin said...

Nina, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you stopping by. I found your comment very thoughtful. and it resonated deeply with me on several levels. Your sentence before your last is a beautiful and truthful thought-I am also glad you found me through piglipstick-I have been reading nolocontenderes blog years now!
The other reason your comment resonated so deeply with me this evening is about picking the path of the heart. For two or three days now I have been banging my head against the wall trying to think of how to set up my next series of posts. Finally, I decided to listen to my own heart and intuition and already the introduction post is flowing. I hope to start this series tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. My blog is kind of all over the place-as I intended it to be-but I don't want to try to cover "everything under the sun" so to speak. The main things I think I will try to cover are my attempts at writing, people and events from ancient to current times, and I would like to have beautiful poetry interwoven between my posts along with a beautiful image to accompany the prose. Thanks again for stopping by MFM! The thirteen blogs I link to are incredible and if my blog does nothing else I hope people will stop by each and every one of them to see the fantastic work these people do! I hope to see you again-be well and have a great week.