Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jeff Wells and Rigorous Intuition

I will also do posts about the bloggers I follow-there are many. I thought Jeff at Rigorous Intuition-address deserved a post about his blog. Calling Rigourous Intuition a conspiracy blog would be insulting in a way. This blog and the discussion forum that comes with it cover an incredibly wide array of topics. Everything from conspiracy discussion, geopolitics, world finance, philosophy, literature, spirituality, music, movies, paranormal and fortean topics; really everything from the profane to the sacred is talked about over there. There are also wonderful images posted at that place. I love the images Jeff comes up with to accompany his posts-they are fascinating in themselves.

I began reading Rigorous Intuition in 2004 and it is my favorite place on the internet. Jeff Wells has a way of taking his readers to places that are pretty scary and wild, but after he takes you there you always end up thinking about them for a long time. I also love the way Jeff presents his information and ideas. He lets you know which ones are just plain facts, however terrifying and unreal they may seem, and which ones are speculation. When Jeff posts he always has valuable links in the post and wonderful quotes. I never would have opened my eyes and mind to the realities of deep state politics had it not been for his blog and discussion forum. Every now and then Jeff does a wonderful post about the paranormal and the fortean, these have been some of my favorite posts-although with someone like Mr.Wells it is very hard to pick favorites.
Many people who post on the disussion forum at his site are some of the most unique, intelligent and interesting people I have ever met (though it be in digi-space) whether you agree with their points of view or not.
Jeff has also authored two books one of which is on its way to me and I am just salivating to get my hands on and one of which I have read called Anxious Gravity. Anxious Gravity is a wonderful book and is available through Amazon and other places-a right and proper review of this book is coming on my site-highly recommended by yours truly and over the course of my life I have read thousands of fiction and non-fiction books. I will also be doing posts about other wonderful books I have read here. How important is Rigorous Intuitition to me-the only way I can put it is that being unemployed and having almost no income to speak of I try to donate to the site when I can. I was receiving SSI benefits for awhile but was cut off and I now have a lawyer for my case-so you betcha, I am pretty poor (money wise). My admiration for Jeff and his wonderful blog are very, very high. Thanks again Jeff for all of your hard work!

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