Tuesday, February 3, 2009

UFO Mysteries: Passport To Magonia

Before starting the series I want to begin on Thursday or Friday, I have found some information in Jacques Vallee's book, Passport To Magonia, that I think will help with understanding the next series, although it is not about UFOs. The information I would like to post is from pages 11 to 14 in the book and I will try to get it here as fast as possible. I do not think it will be that much. I think Passport as with his other books will help us understand this bizarre yet beautifully mysterious phenomenon better. Starting with page 11 Vallee states, " Plutarch even had a complete theory on the nature of these beings: He thinks it would be absurd that there should be no mean between the two extremes of an immortal and a mortal being; that there cannot be in nature so vast a flaw, without some intermedial kind of life, partaking of them both. As, therefore, we find the intercourse between the soul and the body to be made by animal spirits, so between divinity and humanity there is a species of daemons." This part from Vallee's wonderful book is from A.H. Clough's, Introduction to Plutarch's "Lives." Continuing on: " It is not surprising, then, to find that the "Philosophers" disagreed with Agobard on the nature of the three men and the woman who were captured by the mob in Lyons: In vain does a Philosopher bring to light the falsity of the chimeras people have fabricated, and present manifest proofs to the contrary. No matter what his experience, nor how sound his argument and reasoning, let but a man with a doctor's hood come along and write them down as false-experience and demonstration count for naught and it is henceforward beyond the power of Truth to reestablish her empire. People would rather believe in a doctor's hood than in their own eyes. There has been in your native France a memorable proof of this popular mania.

The famous Cabalist Zedechias, in the reign of your Pepin, took it into his head to convince the world that the Elements are inhabited by these peoples whose nature I have just described to you. The expedient of which he bethought himself was to advise the Sylphs to show themselves in the Air to everybody: They did so sumptuously. These beings were seen in the Air in human form, sometimes in battle array marching in good order, halting under arms, or encamped beneath magnificent tents. Sometimes on wonderfully constructed aerial ships, whose flying squadrons roved at the will of the Zephyrs.

What happened? Do you suppose that ignorant age would so much as reason as to the nature of these marvellous spectacles? The people straightaway believed that sorcerers had taken possession of the Air for the purpose of raising tempests and bringing hail upon their crops. The learned theologians and jurists were soon of the same opinion as the masses. The Emperor believed it as well; and the ridiculous chimera went so far that the wise Charlegmagne, and after him Louis the Debonair, imposed grievous penalties upon all these supposed Tyrants of the Air. You may see an account of this in the first chapter of the Capitularies of these two Emperors.

The Sylphs seeing the populace, the pedants and even the crowned heads thus alarmed against them, determined to dissipate the bad opinion people had of their innocent fleet by carrying off men from every locality and showing them their beautiful women, their Republic and their manner of government, and then setting them down again in divers parts of the world. They carried out their plan. The people who saw these men descending came running from every direction, convinced beforehand that they were sorcerers who had separated from their companions in order to come and scatter poisons on the fruit and in the springs. Carried away by the frenzy with which such fancies inspired them, they hurried those innocents off to the torture. The great number of them who were put to death by fire and water throughout the kingdom is incredible.

One day, among other instances, it chanced at Lyons that three men and a woman were seen descending from these aerial ships. The entire city gathered about them, crying out that they were magicians and were sent by Grimaldus, Duke of Beneventum, Charlegmagne's enemy, to destroy the French harvests." The rest of this quote from A.H. Clough's work from Jacques Vallee's book is in the fifth paragraph of my 18 January Airship Mysteries Part Five post. Vallee goes on to say, "Such stories were so well established during the Middle Ages that the problem of communicating with the Elementals became a major preoccupation of the hermentics and an important part of their philosophy. Paracelsus wrote an entire book on the nature of these beings, but he took great pains to warn the reader of the dangers of an association with them: I do not want to say here, because of the ills which might befall those who would try it, through which compact one associates with these beings, thanks to which compact they appear to us and speak to us. And in a treatise entitled "Why These Beings Appear to Us", he presented the following ingenious theory: Everything God creates manifests itself to Man sooner or later. Sometimes God confronts him with the devil and the spirits in order to convince him of their existence. From the top of Heaven, he also sends the angels, his servants. Thus these beings appear to us, not in order to stay among us or become allied to us, but in order for us to become able to understand them. These apparitions are scarce, to tell the truth. But why should it be otherwise? Is it not enough for one of us to see an Angel, in order for all of us to believe in the other Angels? I hope to have the next part of this here very soon, especially as I think this information from Vallee's work is a great primer for the next series, so hopefully it will be posted sometime tomorrow before my 'offline' time starts between late Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday. Peace and be well to anyone stopping by!


IQXS said...

Thank you for the post!

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Devin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by IQXS-and you are welcome!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating stories that tweak at the imagination for sure.

Michael Skaggs said...

Interesting! So, is he referencing "Etheric beings" or are these manifestations considered "other worldly beings"? It interesting to read this after reading Wise' recent Underworld/Death post(s). Makes me think perhaps the Earth is referenced as the Underworld itself while the realm of Air [where these beings exist] permeate the "as above" Heavens? Or is the great void of space with the stars the true "Heavens" and we are trapped between the Underworld and Heavens?

Great stuff Devin, looking forward to more!

Be well bro.

Devin said...

Aggie and Michael thank you both so very much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Aggie the writings of Jacques Vallee and some others who write about paranormal type things really excite my imagination-especially when the everyday mundane world is getting me down-best to you as always!

Michael thanks so much for commenting-loved your new post-that has been a fantastic series! I believe Vallee was referencing other-worldly beings-but at the same time these entities can 'share our world' so to speak-in a way maybe we also share a lot of theirs without realizing it a lot of the time-especially if you look at the universe as a 'super-dimensional hologram' similar to what people like Richard Feynman, David Bohm, Michael Talbot, Fred Alan Wolf and others have done-I agree with you about the thinking with wise womans latest post-it has really made me ponder the 'human realm' -In Passport to Magonia these air beings-the 'sylphs' were supposed to be a higher order of being than mankind-but still subject to some of the same things like birth and death-I think anyone who has enjoyed me quoting Vallees work will also enjoy the next series that i hope to start on thurs or friday-altho like i say it isnt UFOs-but does concern other worldly beings-Thanks again so very much Aggie and Michael for stopping by this evening/morning all the best to both of you!

Nina said...

this is the second reference i've seen about these Sylph beings/entities in the past year. at first i was sceptical, but now, well, who knows. supposedly folks around the world call on them to help clean up our skies, most particularly when chemtrails are laid. i've seen photographs people have sent that they claim are Sylphs (found at educate-yourself.org--a rather interesting site). i've tried a few times to call on them when i've seen these trails but to no avail yet.

what's real, what isn't and who defines it all. endless possibilities.

X. Dell said...

To me it sounds like sentient entities existing beyond the baryon field. I can't seem to find any information about Passport. When did he write it? Before 2002?

Devin said...

Nina and Xdell -so great to see you both! X-I believe-at other puter now so not at home-but i think Passport went way back to 1970-fantastic book though-thanks also for your info Nina-I hope to reply to the rest of comments from home this afternoon-best to you both as always!

Devin said...

Just wanted to say thanks again Nina and Xdell for your comments-both of your comments are causing me to think some more-i think 'beyond the baryon' field is a very interesting way of putting things-it reminds me of the 'dark matter' of modern astrophysics and things of that nature-Passport was Published in 1969-from the library i have the 1993 updated edition by Contemporary Books-best as always to both of you!

Christopher Knowles said...

Excellent Devin- thanks for posting this!

Devin said...

Christopher-thanks so very much for stopping by! I love your blog and appreciate you commenting here-best to you as always!