Monday, February 2, 2009

Terry Robinson: Was It An Angel?

We went to live in Malahide
In a chalet by the sea
The roof had many a hole in it
But we had many a pot, you see
The summer was at its pleasant best
The sand was soft and gold
Oh how I loved that untamed beach
Where the birds sang joyous songs
Each morning to the beach I'd run
When all my tasks were done
With a hop and a skip and a jump
The water and I were one
As I stood looking out to sea
A voice quite startled me
From nowhere it seemed to come
Yet it changed my destiny
A voice so soft and tender
Spoke these few words to me
'Young man would you like to float?'
was the challenge he flung at me
I shyly replied with a nod of my head
And a quivering 'Thank you Sir, I would'
He guided me gently to float with ease
Then like a gust of wind was gone
But he left behind a happy boy
Who shall never ever forget
Not only twice did he save my life
But saved another as well


Anonymous said...

I like this.

Devin said...

I do too Aggie -a great friend of mines father wrote this-so I was very happy to post it for both reasons-thanks so much for stopping by and best to you always!

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Devin
I have often thought (but never thought to say) that you are a wizard at finding images to fit your posts - they always seems to 'shine' on your site & always 'fit' so well.

Thanks you for posting this it was lovely.

Devin said...

wise so very happy you could stop by!! it is wonderful having my two favorite NZ ladies commenting on the same post! thanks for the images comment-i do not know if i can take credit for all of them-especially this one-an inner voice or intuition seemed to guide me in the choice for this post-I also love the images you have at your blog-hope you are having a splendid day!

Michael Skaggs said...

WOW! Did you write this Dev???

Great stuff!!

Be well bro.

[word verify = flybe]

Devin said...

Michael-I am so glad you enjoyed this as I did-but I did not write it-in fact it was a mutual friend of ours whose father wrote the book that this poem is in and he wrote the poem as well as some other really nice poems in it- (think wisely for identity of this person:-) I have really enjoyed this book as it has led me to realize how much in my life i have sleepwalked through it-trying to take as few risks as possible-it really has changed my thinking-I agree with Terry-I think everyone should write their own life story-whether just for themselves or to share with others-I am so glad Terry Robinson decided to share his life story-I am also glad I caught your and Aggies comments before turning in before my 'offline' day starts-where i hope i can get my own creativity going and originality-especially in regards to writing-best to you as always Michael and thanks for all of your hard work at THA!

Devin said...

thanks for the word veri also-I always look at those too!