Saturday, February 28, 2009

French Encounters of the Close Kind

1954: Quarouble Nord-Pas-de-Calais. During the intense UFO wave of 1954, Marius Dewilde had a bizarre experience on the night of 10 September. He had gone to calm his barking dog. Mr. Dewilde was shocked when his flashlight illuminated two short creatures with large heads, dressed in what appeared to be 'diving suits.' He lunged at them, but was blinded by a brilliant beam of light, and saw a strange object rising into the air. The image above is a newspaper with an aritists rendering of the encounter and an actual photo of Marius Dewilde.

1965: Valensole, Alpes-de-Haute Provence. Farmer Maurice Masse heard a hissing sound and saw a spherical shaped object, as big as a small car land in his lavender field on the morning of 1 July. Two small humanoids with large heads seemed to be inspecting his plants. As he got closer, one of the beings saw him and pointed a strange object at him. He found himself paralyzed and feeling somewhat tranquilized. After the UFO left marks were found in the field and days later the lavender began to die within 5 to 6 meters from where the UFO landed. The local gendarmerie believed his story and effects from the incident were still felt eight years after wards. The image below is of Maurice Masse standing where the object landed.

1981: Trans-en-Provence, Var. The truth of this case largely stands on the testimony of one witness. On 8 January, Renato Nicolai claimed he saw a metallic, disk shaped object touch down on land below his farm house at dusk. The object quickly left took off and disappeared, leaving behind circular traces on the ground. Plant and soil samples were subjected to a detailed scientific investigation by scientists from GEPAN (Study Group into Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena). GEPAN concluded that a heavy, metal object had impacted on the ground, which had been subjected to intense heat. This has become one of the best 'physical trace' cases in the UFO literature. The image below is an artists rendering of what Renato Nicolai claimed to have observed.

1994: Air France Flight 3532, in flight from Nice to London. On 28 January, shortly after noon, the flight crew of an Air France Airbus saw an reddish-brown object of "immense size" and "constantly changing shape"-to the flight captain it looked "like an enormous lens" and changed shape several times before it disappeared. Ground radar confirmed an unidentified trace crossing Flight 3532's trajectory at the time of the sighting. The GEPAN study concludes: "The case has never been explained to this day and leaves the door open to all possible hypotheses." The image below is an artists rendering of the Air France encounter. As often happens with artists who are unfamiliar with aircraft-the plane is wrong-looks to me like he drew a 727 and it should have been a twin-engined Airbus A319. Of course it is the image of the unidentified object that is most important so I went ahead and posted it.

I hope there are no spacing problems when I post this as there usually are when I try to do multiple images-if so I will try to work them out. I was going to put a 1968 French case in with these, but thought it deserved its own post. I would also like to do a single post about a 1978 case in Australia and a 1980 case in Texas, USA. However, the next series I would like to do is just a short bit of Fortean history that I think will be interesting and different from the things I have done before here, I hope to have it here fairly soon. Peace and be well to anyone stopping by and thanks so very much for your intelligent and thougtful comments!


wise woman said...

Very interesting Devin
I couldn't help thinking what a greater world this would be if we would just let everyone speak their truth without ridicule - it would just open up our minds to the possibilities available & that would have to benefit us all.
Great pics as always!

All the best

Devin said...

No doubt about that wise!! thanks so much for stopping by and commenting -was just trying to clear up spacing issues with html with post and deleted a whole pic as i kept finger on key to long -i tell ya-computer competent i am not! best to you as always !!

Autumnforest said...

I agree with wise woman! I'd like to live in a country that doesn't just say you can be who you are and believe what you believe, but encourages you to share that you're anything but a Christian. About the article, however, it intrigues me. I wonder sometimes if UFOs might be something we have in our technology. Still, it seems a very hard secret to keep. If a celebrity can go off the wagon or start dating someone knew and we know within seconds, why don't week just send our paparazzi to Area 51 and get this thing cleared up once and for all so we can go onto other explanations for what it is. (I have to laugh here, because of the imagery of the paparrazi chasing the EG&G folks trying to catch their plane to Area 51 every day and littering their lawns as they stand out there waiting to catch their morning ride).

Devin said...

thanks so very much for stopping by and commenting Autumnforest! agree with you 100 percent -I would love to know what we have 'really' learned over the years-if anything-best to you as always!

Nina said...

i've been meaning to mention to you that i am reading a very interesting book called UFO Odyssey by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger (UFO investigators). It's very intriguing and includes a lot of history, detailed citings dating back to the late 19th century as well as possible theories as to what it all is and if there are other being's who have been visiting our planet, what do they want. They outline 4 different types of beings with whom people have claimed to have had encounters.

concerning area 51 being covered by the paparrazi (a very funny concept for sure)--security is very tight out there. as far as i am aware, you are not allowed to videotape the area. i once saw a montel williams program on ufo's. they went out to shoot some footage and were approached by military personnel who were very frank in their "put away the camera's" threat. why go to such measures if there is nothing to hide? although wt hey, let's send 'em out there anyway.

X. Dell said...

I'd be kinda curious to look at the UFO politics of nations other than the US. I didn't get a sense of harrassment or threat, as is common with contactee claimants in the States.

Devin said...

Thanks so very much for your comments -both Nina and Xdell! always interested in reading new things and I also find your thought interesting X-because now that i think about it -I have never heard of a Men in Black-or other govt harassment of witnesses in other countries-will definitely have to look into this-one of the reasons i wanted to do a separate post on 1980 Texas case was it made me wonder -if the witnesses are truthful -and I believe they absolutely are -insofar as what they say they saw-they really and truly did 'see' -if our govt could have had involvment in this case-best to both of you as always!