Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teresita Basa: The Dead Do Talk

A trial in January 1979 sent a ripple of paranormal headlines through the newspapers and media of the time. The defense in this court case wanted it dismissed on the grounds that almost all of the evidence had been provided by a--ghost. The defense in the case also implied that ghosts were untrustworthy! The jury in this particular trial admitted it was hopelessly deadlocked. The outcome of a retrial of this case a month later was much different and this part I will talk about later. The two trials involved the murder of a Filipino nurse, Teresita Basa, at the age of forty-eight on 21 February 1977. Teresita was stabbed to death in her Evanston, Illinois apartment. Forensic evidence indicated that she had let a man into her apartment, and that at first he had choked her to the point of unconsciousness and then stripped her and stabbed her between the ribs. The force of the stab wound was so strong that it went completely through her. To confuse anyone who might investigate the man had left Teresita in a position that would suggest a rape had occurred. The man then set a mattress with Teresita's corpse on it afire in hopes of burning up all of the evidence. However, thankfully (although it did nothing for the poor victim)-the fire did not take hold and comparitively little damage was done to the crime scene.

Two weeks after her death, at the Edgewater Hospital where Teresita Basa had worked, one of her co-workers said to another, "Teresita must be turning in her grave. Too bad she can't tell the police who did it." The other former co-worker of Teresita's , a respiratory therapist named Remy Chua, also a Filipino, said in reply, "She can come to me in a dream. I'm not afraid." However, later in the day, as Remy Chua was taking a nap, after a long shift in the locker room she awoke to see Teresita Basa standing in front of her. She ran from the locker room in panic. After this incident, Remy Chua began to have dreams about Teresita's murder. In these dreams she also recognized the man who had committed the crime. One day after this series of dreams, as she lay on her bed, a voice spoke through her mouth in the language of her native land, Tagalog. The voice said, "I am Teresita Basa. I want you to call the police." Remy Chua's husband heard the words, although Remy herself remembered nothing about it after she came out of her trance-like state. The couple decided to do nothing about it.

Once again, two weeks later, 'Teresita' came back and spoke through Remy Chua. This time she named her killer-'Allan'. This was very interesting because 'Allan' was also the man Remy had recognized when she first started dreaming about Teresita's murder. Allan Showery worked as an orderly at the same hospital Remy and Teresita had worked at. A few days later 'Teresita' spoke through Remy again and gave the full name of the murderer as Allan Showery, and said he had stolen some jewellery and given it to his girlfriend. While in the trance state, 'Teresita' through Remy Chua gave the telephone number of someone who could identify the jewellery. She claimed that 'Al' had come to fix her television and killed her. Finally, the Chuas called the police. The police were anything but convinced and it was several days before they questioned Showery. Showery admitted promising to repair Teresita's television, but claimed he had forgotten to do it. However, when the police questioned Showery's girlfriend, Yanka and asked her if he had given her jewellery, she showed them an antique ring that he had given her as 'a belated Christmas present.' After this the police called the number that Remy Chua had spoken in her trance. This number belonged to one of Teresita's cousins and two of her cousins came to the police station and identified the ring as Teresita's. In addition they identified other pieces of jewellery that had belonged to Teresita.

I think this is a very interesting paranormal case and hope to have the conclusion here Thursday evening-along with questions for anyone who reads the posts and would like to comment. This case in particular caused me to wonder about quite a few things about the postmortem state. Thanks again so very much for everyone's thoughtful, thought provoking and intelligent comments!


Anonymous said...

How very interesting. I hope they got an arrest eventually. I sometimes think those killed so unfairly would have "outrage" energy that would carry information back into our world.

Nina said...

yes they do. in january of 2002 (i think that was the year) i had a similar experience with the laci peterson case. i think i already mentioned it here awhile back. i had a dream of how she was killed (which turned out to be on the spot given the information i learned once the trial was underway and such). i awoke and wanted confirmation of the experience. thinking that would come in the form of a dream i let it go. a few weeks later, i awoke at 3am to use the restroom. while in there, i felt a strong presence enter the house. i worked up my courage, walked out into the living room and there she sat--clear as day--dripping wet too (to validate yes her body had ended up in a body of water)--smiling a big smile while i stood frozen with fear before running back to bed.

today i think, he (her husband) killed her? no way. you can never kill that life force. you just stop the body from working. and her life force was huge.

fascinating stuff. i sent what i received to the modesto police dept. (without any expectation of course) and was quite pissed though once the trial was over to read where they said a lot of people claiming or coming across as being psychic sent in information--none which proved to be true or helpful. i was like "bullshit". everything i sent was spot on accurate, even down to the point where i said her body would eventually wash ashore. crazy for our supposed religious culture to think we go on in spirit and yet that spirit somehow lacks the ability to communicate with us further? please!

looking forward to reading more of this devin!

Mike and Julie said...

I can't wait to read the conclusion to this story. I'm wondering if Remy had psychic abilities that she wasn't aware of? I wonder if this is why Teresita's spirit came to her for help in finding her killer? I find the whole thing just fasinating.....Jules

Devin said...

Aggie, Nina and Mike& Julie-thanks so very much for stopping by and commenting! As long as I have connection I hope to post conclusion quite soon-maybe even after answering comments here-and then i can get caught up on other peoples blogs-I cant tell you all how much I appreciate thoughts and comments-very fascinating story of your own Nina-best to all of you!ps Nina-I believe you did mention it here but not in that detail-either way i certainly do not mind hearing it again even if you did-and I am sure others dont either-the way my memory (short term) is getting I can always use a refresher!! All the best to all of you!