Monday, January 19, 2009

Reincarnation: A Case of Past Life Recall

In 2004 a Swedish man recalled a previous life in Scotland for a television program about reincarnation produced by Strix Television AB. While under hypnosis in Stockholm, Jesper Bood, then 29, said he had been born John Smith in Dunbar, East Lothian, in 1852. He said he was the son of a blacksmith, also named John Smith and Mary Craig. He became a fisherman when he grew up. Local census and registrar records confirm these names. A later census records a fisherman named John Smith, aged 30 and married to Elizabeth. While hypnotized Bood had called his wife Betsey or Bessie. The family lived in Public Road, Gateside, on what is now the A1 between West Barns and East Linton. The community no longer exists, but records show a blacksmiths forge was operating there at the time.

A local historian, Roy Pugh, who was invited to be a researcher and asviser to the program, was amazed by the penetrating knowledge of Dunbar that Bood had shown. Bood had never been to Scotland before. "I was completely sceptical about the whole idea. But in two days when I walked about Dunbar with this young man, I now know what it means to experience a shiver in the spine and a curious feeling in the hairs on the back of my neck," said Pugh. Bood spoke of it having taken thirty minutes to walk to school, and when descrbing a Dunbar parish church, he said, "It was the first building I saw when I went to school every morning. I know it was close to the sea and that I could see it from my classroom window, it being diagonally opposite from the school." Mr. Pugh said this and other details given by Bood were an accurate description of the church and the former Woodbrush school, which was demolished after it closed in the 1950s. Mr. Bood also described in great detail, the site of a former fisherman's tavern in Lamer Street, which had a green sign hanging from the door. The site Bood had identified indeed once was known as the Jersey Arms, a well known fisherman's hang-out. The image is of the Street in Dunbar where the Jersey Arms used to be, it is now called the Creel restaurant. This case leaves me with some questions, both pro and con. I think a lot of it boils down to how trustworthy the information gained from hypnosis is and also if Mr. Bood could not have come by this information any other way-I am not trying to question his integrity. I just wanted to add this post as a continuing investigation of reincarnation. Personally, I find myself very much wanting to believe Mr. Bood's story while under hypnosis. How about you? The source for this article was the Fortean Times magazine, July 2004 edition. I am anxious to start the next series, but have come across more reincarnation type stories that I think I should do first-it will probably not be a lengthy post-or two at the most. Peace and be well to anyone stopping by!


at67gr said...

Hebrews 9:27
It is committed once for man to die and after this the judgment.

Re-incarnation is a deception by familiar spirits. These are spirits that are assigned to a person. They have some knowledge of a persons life. They reveal this information to the quiet mind. That is why God asks you to mediate on His word the word of God. That is why empty mind meditation is an invitation to Satanic forces.

Devin said...

Hi at67gr! I do not agree with your thinking-but that is one of the reasons I started this blog-to get differing opinions-You are always welcome to comment here. I am also not saying that I know what the story is either! best to you!

Anadæ said...

Yeesh... how're these Churchians continuing to comment on blogs that ain't got nothin' t'do with the blogger's original intent? Contrary to their belief, meditation helps to sweep away the cobwebs, not set yourself up for possession be discarnates.

Hey Devin, hey. Didja see Autumnforest's recent reincarnation blog from just this past Friday? She entitled it, "Reincarnation is Not What We Think", and you should comment there, here:

I'd like to see whatcha have to say yourself. Good writing here, Devs, so please, please keep up the good work & I'll continue to add my pointers where I'm conversant enough to. Best ~ Anadæ ( :-)}

Devin said...

Anadae-I so love it when people I consider friends as I do you stop by-just got done emailing another treasured friend from the blogosphere-autumnforest has a great blog! i did not see the post-i have to get off puter for a bit -but if the dreaded 'net connection beast'NCB for short is not back I will take a look at it for sure! I really appreciate you giving me all these leads-you have been a huge help-both for encouragement and for knowledge! You are welcome here anytime Anadae-and I hope you continue to stop by! cant wait to see autumns new post-also i hope if peoples comments do not appear in a timelike fashion that they will still comment-all it means is that i am being stalked by the NCB! best to you as always and hope to chat soon!

Nina said...

hey devin!
this reminds me of something i saw on television about a young boy who, at age 3, began talking about to his mom and dady about his former life as a military pilot who died during WWII (I believe). he gave specific details, all of which turned out to be true. amazing story! his father was a complete sceptic at first, but in time he became a believer.

what's the ncb?

peace and good health 2 ya's! :)

Devin said...

Nina-thanks so much for that story-in the mounds of paperwork and magazines i have it is in there-I have been trying to find it as that would be a perfect one for this series which will be ongoing! i hope i can find it-the NCB is the 'net connection beast' fortunately it seems to have tamed itself tonight-i have a long post to do now and sure hope it stays! then i want to check out autumnforests new post that Anadae told me about-if time allows I will be over at your place-I think the title of your newest post is very interesting:-)best as always!

Anonymous said...

Curioser and curioser!

Devin said...

Thanks again so much for stopping by Aggie! I am really hoping people enjoy the next short series-it has a Belmez tie-in so I am happy to start it-all the best!