Friday, January 2, 2009

My Favorite Monsters Ponders Geopolitics In 2009

Still working on my reincarnation story-I hope to have it here very soon-possibly tonight or early am if nothing technical prevents. Sometimes if I am stuck with something it helps me to work on other things. I think this very short post would be a good one as some of the things in it will also relate to the study of how empires rise and fall in the future. I am so hoping 2009 will be a year of love and peace between nations. If we do not learn to work together and at least learn to coexist with each other, surely we will all die together. I actually think if all of the nationalist bullshit was stripped off the layers of people's psyche that it would be incredibly easy for nations-even the ones that are usually at each other's throats to not only get along-but to come to love each other as sisters and brothers on this puny but immensely beautiful and mysterious little blue world we inhabit as we sail through interstellar space on our journey of 250 million years that it takes us to make one orbit around our majestic Milky Way galaxy.

One thing that really gets me down is that I see so many incredible opportunities for nations to work together on common goals that would benefit all people in the world. But what I see happening in reality is hatred getting piled on top of hatred and in the competition for natural resources and hegemony over other weaker nations I think the so called 'major powers' of the world both economically and geopolitically are dropping the ball at every turn. Here are a few flashpoints of danger I see-these are just a few. I will not even touch on Israel and Palestine as it is being covered so well on other blogs, Cruel Virgin and Unloaded to name a few fantastic blogs that have touched on this.

1) The India and Pakistan crisis. This could indeed turn into a nightmare of biblical proportions as both nations are nuclear armed and Pakistan is unstable politically. I think the other nations that are meddling in Pakistan's internal affairs-the United States being one of them are not helping matters at all and making the situation more dangerous.

2) Russia and the problems it is facing economically will certainly not be welcome additions to the intense competition to secure resources and its spot on the global stage. Here again the United States is not helping matters, along with some of its allies it seems to me that the US has done everything in its power to make Russia feel threatened and a less than equal partner on the world stage. I am not going to get into the legitimacy of either the Russian or American governments at this point. I am simply pointing out that when you are dealing with crises and supposedly trying to solve them-it does not help things one bit if you are constantly trying to destabilize and weaken the power of another nuclear armed nation as the US is trying to do to Russia. Flashpoints here would include the Georgia/Ossetia region-this one is rather obvious of course as it has already happened. What I think really happened in this crisis was that the US goaded Russia into action, just to see how far it would go to stop meddling in its affairs. I also think the Georgia-Ossetia crisis had everything to do with the oil pipelines coming from the former Central Asian Soviet nations and nothing to do with the 'human rights' concerns. Russia, from the research I have done is in a position to shut off vital oil and natural gas resources-not only to Ukraine, but to western Europe as well-dangerous games being played here-games where I can only see losers and no winners. I like it when people who blog dig back deep into history for ideas and stories-three blogs-these are not the only ones, but ones I really enjoy visiting that have done this recently are The X Spot-not only with its current fascinating series about the Manson Family crimes but with many other topics as well. too long in this place with not only wise woman's current post about the questions surrounding the death of actor Pete Duel in 1971, but other wonderful posts she has done about events in the past also. Michael at The Hidden Agendas has been digging deep into the past about topics as diverse as the eugenics movement and the 'counter culture' movement of the past and the manipulation of these by the Powers That Be. Here I would also like to add a little snippet of a belief that I have long held from the past. I think the military-industrial complex (MIC) caused Francis Gary Powers plane to be intentionally shot down over Soviet territory in 1960 to cause the detente building at the time between the USSR and the US to completely fall apart. I think this led to President Eisenhower's warnings about the power of the MIC in his farewell address of 17 January 1961. I will also always believe that the MIC played a role-maybe the major role in JFK's vicious and sadistic murder. I think JFK did not want to keep messing with Vietnam, Cuba and other nations. He, along with Nikita Khruschev wanted to be able to see their children and grandchildren grow up in a peaceful world.

3) This leads to thoughts of the alliance between Brazil, Russia, India and China. The BRIC alliance. Would these nations ever have felt the need to form this anti-western alliance if the western world was more statesmanlike and less competitive? Are the United States and some of its allies in 2009 about to have a BRIC thrown at their glass houses?

4) China-a country that along with Russia has never ceased to interest me; especially in regards to its 'real' position on foreign affairs. Sometimes I wonder if China is playing a very intelligent game of playing the United States and Russia off-against each other-ever so subtlely. What will happen with China and Taiwan in the coming years? This will be very interesting to see because China views Taiwan as a renegade province and Taiwan of course views itself as independent.

What about China and Tibet also? I think China is holding onto Tibet for its mineral wealth and perhaps future lebensraum or living space for the Chinese people. China has held onto Tibet at great cost to its image internationally, so it is very important for some reason.

These are but a few of the global flashpoints I can see getting worse if the powerful nations of the world do not start putting individual human life and dignity above international power and prestige. Hopefully these nations I have mentioned and others will take the right road towards solving both domestic and foreign problems in 2009. I also want to digress here for a little more thinking about the importance of one person that comes to power in a government. Many conspiracy folks say that one person really does not matter and that everything is pretty cut and dried as far as decisions on 'where' and 'how' power will be used and which nations will benefit and which will suffer. I differ with some of these views and think that at times one person can make a difference. I have already mentioned JFK, Eisenhower and Nikita Khruschev as leaders who really wanted to live in a peaceful world. Eisenhower warned us. JFK was murdered for his efforts to bring the MIC and others who did not want peace under control. Khruschev was overthrown in a palace revolution in 1964 by the more war-like troika of Leonid Brezhnev, Alexei Kosygin and Nikolai Podgorny. Here I would like to name and give links to two Chinese 'what if' leaders that came to bad ends when they challenged power for power's sake. Lin Biao, whose plane was thought to have been shot down by the Chinese military in September 1971 in a failed attempt to oust the blood-soaked Chairman Mao and the Gang of Four which included Mao's wife. Also Zhao Ziyang, who was ousted from power in China in 1989 because he sympathized with the Chinese students, peasants and people who wanted more democracy. What if either of these leaders had made it to the top and been able to carry out reforms, as Gorbachev tried to do in the USSR. just some food for thought. I put this information in here because it will also be important when I begin examining the rise and fall of empires. I think there are a lot of 'what ifs' and accidents in history that need to be taken into account when thinking about major subjects. Here are some links for all of this information. , , , ,

The eagle, bear and dragon. Three 'totems' to think about as we head into the new year. For anyone going to the links, take time to notice what I think is a bit of silliness in the entry of a world leader about Medvedev's cat, Dorofey, fighting with Gorbachev's unamed moggy. Hehe-who puts this stuff in there. For synchromystic friends -if the wiki info is correct about Medvedev and I think it is because I have heard this before. The name Medved means 'bear' in Russian and the Russian surname Medvedev means 'bear's son'. I think this is interesting to think about because the bear is Russia's animal totem so to speak. Hope to be back very soon with my reincarnation story-apologize for the delay. Peace and be well to anyone stopping by!

Note to anyone reading this post -I have tried four times now to correct the unnecessary spacing in the post-especially the ridiculous amount of space at the end and it is not letting me. I thought that when I added the above BRIC alliance leaders picture it would fill in that space, but obviously that didn't work-so I am just going to leave well enough alone before I make it worse!


Nina said...

i love your idealism. i flip flop from being apathetic to hopeful.

i vascillate on the idea that one person can make a difference--a lasting difference. i believe there is an agenda to create a global empire with the U.S. at the forefront and any political entity, whether it be individual or as a whole, that would stop this process will face danger or outright death.

do you wonder about the idea of thought and creation, as in we can alter this process by our thoughts. then back it up with peaceful noncompliance towards certain governmental agenda's we find to be contrary to peace and freedom.

i don't know. even with an agenda, future scenarios are only as limited as our actions and thoughts and so perhaps, yes, with that in mind, one person can make a difference.

i believe it is important for people to slowly turn away from government and instead to one another, starting with our own neighborhoods and communities. build peace from within. and encourage military personnel to cease carrying out political agendas.

i could write so much more on this. hope (both in thought and in action) is something to keep going, no matter what.

p.s.-i read through your story continuation below. very easy and interesting read. i sense the character's lonliness. i used to visit the phoenix area at times when i was in school/college. had friends in the area. i remember one bar in mesa--minder binders i think??? oh lord did i ever have a good time that night. that was back in the day when i could tolerate more than 1 drink.

Devin said...

Nina as always so wonderful to see you here I was just about to search for some info about another topic and caught your comment-I could not agree more-at times when I am hopeful I tell myself I am fooling myself-but I do believe thoughts create energies-in my view of reality the pinball creates the machine and not the other way round-the human predicament is for people to wake up to this. So glad you are enjoying writing! I very much remember minder/binders-although i cant remember when i was there but am sure i was at some point in my life-i hope to have more of my writing here very soon-but will not post again til tomorrow afternoon(hopefully) as i am tired tonight and that post will be about my reincarnation type experience. Thanks again for stopping by-best to you as always and I love your thoughts and your blog!

Devin said...

I just had to add-people do need to turn to one another instead of governments to help them! I think most govts of the nations especially the powerful nations are creating more problems than they solve. Thanks again for your great and thoughtful comment!

wise woman said...

Hi Devin
Many wonderings :)

Hope you are well & thanks for the nod. LOL I thought you might be having trouble with the spacing.
Will try & explain - you need to go to Edit HTML-at the end of each paragragh you probably have something like < p> - delete those, also any other spaces there until it looks like how you want it to look - every time you press the enter key it seems to add to your article, but often doesn't show on the 'Compose' page - just play around with it & you'll learn, that's what I did.

All the best to you

Devin said...

wise I just left a comment at your place-we musta missed each other by a matter of minutes-thanks so much for adivice-I realy appreciate it and it is good to have here where I can always see it-I have learned a lot by just playing around with the edit buttons-etc-it did finally close the space with the BRIC picture-the first times I posted there was almost enough space for another article between pic and where it says posted by Devin and then comments. Best to you as always and thanks so much for stopping by-I did check the other comment sections-nothing yet-definitely not surprising as one would have to at least be a certain age to even remember!