Friday, January 30, 2009

Paranormal & Fortean : EVPs & The Spirit World Part Five

To finish up the EVP series-at least for now-I wanted to give a link to a site that has many examples of EVP on it and tell readers of this blog some thoughts I have had and would also be very happy to get any comments on the subject from other people. It seems to me that there is an extreme amount of variation in this phenomenon as with a lot of paranormal subjects. I do think that the great majority of EVP are pretty useless as far as sources of information and some are even non-sensical, of course on this side, if the EVP is truly emanating from the spirit world or afterlife-we may just not be able to understand the context of the message. However, as I began to dig deeper into the subject I realized that if certain claims are true, there are actually some EVP recordings that have usable and amazing information on them. For example, in one of the previous posts in this series, Konstantin Raudive (also I have heard of other claims of other dead resarchers helping with EVP on 'this side') was helping researchers into this subject after passing away and also from a previous EVP post, 'Doc Mueller', who was not only supposedly helping researchers, but even gave the date, 1981, that the Spiricom device would cease to function.

Other thoughts and questions I have are: In the study of this subject I have done it seems that if taken at face value, in a lot of EVP recordings where communication takes place, it seems that the 'spirits' are communcating with people in this world almost as if the afterlife is just a mirror-image if this one. This thought is really kind of depressing to me! A couple of examples I would give is a recording where a deceased relative could be telling a living member of her family not to waste sugar by putting too much of it on cereal! Some recordings I have heard will have the 'spirit's' voice communicating or making an observation that would almost seem to indicate they still 'live' in the location where the recording is done. In one tape recorded in a mausoleum a live researcher comments how dark and cold it is and a voice on playback can be heard to say "Its always dark and cold in here." I heard this particular recording on the Coast to Coast AM radio show. The group of people that the radio show has on it normally have a lot, or it seems to me anyway a lot of recordings that seem to suggest the after-life, spirit -realm, whatever you want to call it isn't really that different from this one, and I kind of find this disturbing. Perhaps this is because some spirits can't pass on to a higher level and get 'stuck' here. I am just speculating with this.

Another thing I wonder about is if the EVP recordings-at least some of them are generated by living human consciousness as it interacts with the universe. I very much believe our universe is 'alive' on many levels and that maybe there is some truth to religious and philosophical musings on a 'Cosmic Mind'. Could some EVP recordings just be simple static and radio interference that the human mind 'paints' as a voice from the spirit-world, much as people can pick out faces in clouds and that type of thing? I may come back to this series, here and there as with all of the things I get into here. I would be happy to get any comments from readers if they have any thoughts on EVP (or anything else) and I am incredibly appreciative of the thoughtful and intelligent comments I have been getting!
I have a new series that is ready to go and hope that people will enjoy it-as usual I have no clue as to how many posts it will run to. I had already had a thought of doing this series-but it really became strong-as I think it is a serious-but also kind of fun and different. Both online and in meatspace life (also myself) I have been communicating with some people who are feeling down and unsure about the future, not everyone by any means -but enough people where I thought that doing a series that was paranormal-but also not so deadly serious would be great to take my mind off other things and hopefully just maybe, a smile for anyone who stops by to read. I am also thinking about a complete change in the examples of writing that I post. I am more or less writing my life story for 'therapy' in some ways-not that I don't enjoy it. What I am thinking of doing is starting to try to write a short story-possibly in the horror, sci-fi or fantasy genres-maybe even a mix of genres, that hopefully will get my creativity going and hopefully, although I am not holding my breath-be decent enough that I can post parts of here and get people's opinions. Also in the future I am going to have Tuesday be the day of the week that I do any online research I have and most importantly-get caught up on the work that other people do on their blogs and sites. From Tuesday evening until Thursday I am going to be offline-I am intentionally setting aside this time to do other things (hopefully my new story and work on series for the blogs I have) so I will definitely not post anything on Wednesdays and most likely Tuesdays. Again, I can't express how much I appreciate reader's kind, thoughtful and imaginative comments here-peace and be well to anyone stopping by! the link


Prince NaKi said...

nice post again...hello devin, how are you?

Anonymous said...

Taking time out to do other things is so important. Go for it.
Here is hoping that the voices that seem stuck will eventually find their way into the light and move on.

Autumnforest said...

Glad to hear someone contemplating EVP and being open to lots of possibliities. I don't rely on EVPs. It's extremely rare to the extreme that anyone gets an EVP that is so clear that everyone in the room hears exactly the same thing. Getting direct answers to questions is almost impossible on EVP. Admittedly, recorders are receivers and, as such, are vulnerable to pickup from lots of sources including walkies, cell phones, and the like. I wouldn't say a place was haunted because I picked up what sounded like a voice on recording. I'd need to have more sources of proof. And, yes, I do tend to lean towards the idea that people can affect the outcome of recordings by psychic means. I think that's pretty legit and if you watch "Ghost Hunters" and see Grant and Jason getting responses on their KII meter when they converse, you might wonder too if they can affect the device's reactions. A perfectly ideal situation: Set up recorders and cameras in a place with no working electricity, away from roadways and potential cell phones, allow no human beings inside, and let it roll... ghost hunting sans ghost hunters.

Devin said...

Prince NaKi-great to see you here! I am fine and I hope you are doing great also!best as always!

Aggie -I couldn't agree with you more-I do not know if this new idea will lead to anything and it may take some time to find out-but definitely want to try it-thanks so much for stopping by-all the best to you!

Autumnforest-so very glad you saw this post! it is great to hear from someone who does this type of thing-I think your research into this and other things is fascinating-thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here-best to you as always!

wise woman said...

Hi Devin
Love the musings.

I have been wondering if death is a no thing & that we have we been led to believe via so many religions that we progress onto something better to stop us from questioning it - what if we go nowhere or as you suggest just a mirror world.
If we all thought this way there would be a heck of a lot of questioning & seeking to understand. Having been handed an after-death menu (depending on the religion of your choice), so many have opted to settle for a life of cold baked beans & wait for for after life dessert - but what if the after-life dessert is also cold baked beans??

Devin said...

wise I am so happy you could stop by! I keep on thinking to myself-if there is indeed an afterlife-could it be as paltry as this-I mean really dead loved ones looking over our shoulders to make sure we do not use to much sugar on cereal!-best to you as always and I can't wait to read your new post!

Mike and Julie said...

Hi Devin....
I came across your blog and found what you wrote interesting. I like what you had to say about EVPs. We set up a recorder and video camera in a room at the Copper Queen Hotel with strange results. Most of the noices we debunked but there we a couple on voices we just couldn't explain.
Nice job.....Julie

Devin said...

Thanks so very much for stopping by Julie! Also thanks so much for your information about the Copper Queen Hotel-Autumnforest at Ghost Hunting Theories-a blog on my blogroll is probably by far more of an expert on information like this than I am. This phenomena like so many others has always fascinated me-best to both of you!

Mike and Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by our TAGO blog. Mike and I have decided to add another blog
It gives us more opportunity to talk about a long range of subjects. All our newer posts will be on that blog instead of the other.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts......Julie

Devin said...

Thanks so much for letting me know Julie-I will change the link to your new blog hopefully tonight or tomorrow when i am on my computer at home-i cant wait to read more of your work-best to you both as always!