Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Bockscar Children

I was in third or fourth grade. when one of the best teachers I ever had the joy of knowing, Ms Hungerford, read this book to our class. I think this is probably when my obsession with reading and everything that comes with it started.

Here is a bit from Dennis Stillings about the theology of the atom bomb-I will explain why I am connecting these two disparate points of the line of my personal reality after it: The Trinity test was scheduled for 4:00 a.m. Monday, July 16, 1945, near Alamagordo, N.M., on the bleak desert plain known as the Journada del Muerto-the Journey of Death. On Sunday the 15th, toward mid-afternoon, thunder was heard. Wind and rain collapsed tents in the base camp, ten miles from ground zero. Mist enveloped the test tower, and storms were reported heading for it. Rumors were circulating about the possibility of the Bomb setting the atmosphere on fire. At 2:30 a.m. the storm reached ground zero and knocked out the principle searchlight, leaving the test area in pitch darkness. With the very tiniest tendency towards superstition, one might suspect that something miraculous was in the air. An ancient reader of signs and portents would have cancelled the whole operation on the basis of such events, clearly announcing the birth of forces hitherto unknown on earth. Participants noted a zombie-like alteration of consciousness at this point, as though ruled by a force demanding that they continue. Oppenheimer himself evinced this state quite clearly. The test was rescheduled for 5:30 a.m. Oppenheimer waited for the hour of the Trinity test, his face "white and lifeless" thinking, "I must remain conscious."

At the time of the explosion, 5:29:45 a.m., July 16, 1945, William L. Laurence of the New York Times, prone on his belly, thought of the Lord's command, "Let there be light!"...Kwiatkowsky, another of the Los Alamose self-admitted "science slaves," remarked, "I am sure that at the end of the world, in the last millisecond of the earth's existence, the last human will see what we saw."

Thus the Bomb imagery encompasses the light of the beginning and the fire at the end of the world. This "Death Light" represented one aspect of the Bomb phenomenon "where theoretical calculations had been off by a big factor. Much more light was produced than anticipated."

Again that was from "Theology of the Atom Bomb" by Dennis Stillings.
I have read an enormous amount of material in the last few weeks that makes me wonder if some of humanity's inventions change the very nature of time and the fabric of reality itself even. Things must have seemed rather spooky indeed to even the most hard-boiled scientists on that morning at the Trinity site. Of course, it could have been just a normal little 'ole storm combined with the enormity of what was about to be undertaken that produced some 'intense' psychological effects.

Two ideas came to mind when I read of the Trinity test. One-entertain for just a moment, that somehow, someone was trying to send a message back
in time and it didn't quite get through so all that happened was the 'storm' at the site. The reason for the 'message' would have been that people in the future were trying to avert the catastrophe of the Bomb ever being used--ever! Two- perhaps the 'supernatural' feeling at the site was a 'real' Super-natural feeling that implanted both in the physical reality at the site and in the very minds of the scientists as they were about to initiate for lack of a better word a "God Sequence" of events that ultimately leads to transcendence of three-dimensional physical reality for any species in the Universe that reaches the "nuclear" level.

Or-is the Bomb still the ultimate question mark of this day and age? A 'cipher-Buddha' posing a question for the world collective-the world Soviet if you will. Do you want to live or don't you? Lately I have been having some feelings-don't know if they mean anything or not -but when I have them they do indeed have a soul-reaching level of meaning for me.

Some of them seem to be intuitions hopefully 'Rigorous' Intuitions (wink) about subjects I have always been fascinated by-the biggy of these- the very nature of reality itself. Many times these feelings seem to be about a small, but significant fractal part of reality. Out of the 'blue' the other day, while looking over some old and new articles and my own notes, about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I remembered the sweetness of Ms H reading the tale of "The Boxcar Children" to us and how rapt/wrapped/en'raptured' up several of us kids had become as she expertly (she was one of these people that could turn the smallest thing into a song) told us the tale of a story told long ago. A lightning-flash shudder went through me when I thought of the name of the plane that dropped the last (and hopefully truly last -like in forever!) atom bomb (the "Fat Man") used in anger-"Bockscar." This was a pun on the nickname of the B-29 itself and the commander Captain Frederick C. Bock (although he wasn't on the Nagasaki mission itself) of the plane. It hit me right in the gut with a flood of meanings and associations- We Really Are The Bockscar Children! Even the 'nose art' of the airplane (this wasn't on at the time of the Nagasaki mission) suggests another flood of associations to me -one of them strangely enough being the 'LoGo' of a recent PreziDent-very recent actually! How about you? More to come! Links Bockscar Boxcar Children Trinity Dennis Stillings Tooth Marks Apple


DarkStar888 said...

Good thoughts here and a nice post. Here are some words on the topic from the IlluminatiMatrix that you may find interesting.


"The atomic bombs dropped on Japan during WWII were built in the shape of a torpedo. The FAT MAN BOMB was yellow in colour, suggesting YELLOWSTONE, and was the 2nd bomb dropped on Nagasaki. The colour and shape of this bomb relate very much to the street symbols of Washington DC, with the PENTAGON PENTAGRAM inverted to form the Baphomet Sacrifice Goat, which is then situated above Yellowstone, which coincides with the White House as shown in the charts above on this page. Once again, keep in mind, that the leaders of the land have not the foggiest notion of the luciferian agenda that they’re perpetuating, or the demise of their own nation and the manipulation of Reality. … but that seems to be the way it’s always been within this illusory timetable.

This is the subliminal used to suggest YELLOWSTONE BLOWING. The inverted PENTAGRAM, the Baphomet, crosses through Washington State (symbolic of George Washington), through Idaho State (symbolic of the Statue of Liberty or LADY LIBERTY DIANA), through Montana State (Mount INANNA, a flood goddess), and North Dakota State (symbolic of the North Tower). The horizontal line of the Baphomet follows exactly along the 49th Parallel (7×7, relating to Washington DC 77 W coordinate), and stretches along the length of the border until it meanders off around the Great Lakes."

Image at this link...

Enjoy! DS888

P.S. I have added your site to the blogs I follow on The DarkStar... hope you don't mind.

Devin said...

These are very interesting thoughts to say the least DS!!
I really appreciate you taking the time to leave them --and adding me --I will add you here also --It took me a long time to accept that certain symbols and other things just might be able to move through time --but now as crazy as it sounds i really believe they do --i am not saying any of them do this exactly --but in some ways humanity seems like it is in a goldfish bowl to me and we keep saying and doing certain things that are basically the same 'underneath' everything--but appear to us as new forms --the left wing/right wing dichtomy/paradigm in the usa is an example of this i think---
and i am sure other nations have their own versions of this ---along with many other types of mindforms and symbols
all the best to you!!

X. Dell said...

Interesting connection between "boxcar" and "bocscar."

From the previous post on all things rabit hole, I think I'm beginning to see a pattern in these posts.

If it makes you feel any better, I've had the belief that we can always change our reality since I was a young adult.

I've often said on my own site (or at least I think I have) that there's an empirical world--i.e., the world as it actually is--and then there's reality--our approximation of reality through the prism of limited sensory imputs, intellectual/neurological limitations, and a monocular point of view in a linear construct of time.

Most people--even (or especially) rationalists--always seem to mistake the real for the empirical.

Devin said...

mistaking the real for the empirical is a huge part of the 'human problem' -I think anyway-- as i have gone along in blogging i have tried not to make huge 'overarching' statements as if they were facts or revelations from the Divine -both in my blog and comments -here i was almost tempted to say that previous statement 'IS' the human problem which of course i dont 'KNOW'
thanks so very much for stopping by my friend !!
I will check out Xspot tonight or tomorrow hopefully -and so glad to see you commenting and hopefully much moreso -'posting' again!!
but i know (haha that is one thing i do 'know' :-) that when you dont post or are working on material -you are busy at work etc!!
quite opposite to yours truly who has difficulty gettting out of bed some days:-)