Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Found It GreggerMan!

I need to go through my pics and delete some-or I need glasses!. This was in there all the time-didn't know if you had it or not-but thought it might make a nice addition if you didn't! I don't remember where I got it but I really like it!


X. Dell said...

My eyesight's terrible, but he doesn't look all that attractive to me (what with the snout and everything). I also can't see what he's doing. With my eyes, it looks as though he's vomiting a street lamp.

Devin said...

hahaha and lololol:-) Xdell--one thing i have always and i mean this in a huge way-appreciate your keen sense of humor -and especially love it when you and your blogpals at Xspot get going !!
off the tip of my tongue exchyanges between you and SJ come to mind!!:-)
best to you my friend and thanks so much for stopping by!!(and remember haha-'taste is subjective':-)(am trying right now to think of a Mae Westish or WC Fieldish reply to that one and of course cant do it!!