Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Funny Or Die: Presidential Reunion

Sometimes I find that if I don't laugh I want to cry. Considering all that has gone on the last 30 or so years (and actually quite a bit longer if you are a conspiracy researcher), I have to 'change' the channel at times-and many times that means comedy. I 'hope' you can get some laughs out of this video starring Mr H and C himself! Dana Carvey has never been one of my favorite comedians, but I have always enjoyed his interpretation of 41! So go get some 'Malaise' Potato Chips and a cigar-don't worry about the cost -just put it on your 28% credit card!


DarkStar888 said...

Yes this video is very humorus. I like your style. This is the first time to your blog and a great one at that. I'll be back for more reading. Thank you sharing your research & thoughts. Take care.


Devin said...

Hey DS888!!
great to hear from you and thanks for this comment and the one above ---very much appreciate it ---and I hope you are doing great!!

Michael said...

HI Dev, so glad to see you posting again! This is a fabulous article, nothing much to add except "keep posting, please!"

Devin said...

Hi Michael --so great to see you at MFM and I always appreciate your comments and indeed I hope to keep posting this time instead of having these huge timeframes with nothing in between
all the best to you my friend!!