Friday, April 29, 2011

Poseidon's or Shiva's Trident? A Strange Dream!

Normally I don't remember my dreams at all-and if I do they are so non-sensical and mish-mashed they don't make any sense. But last night I had the most bizarre dream I have had in a King's Age (as they say-or used to anyway). I wonder if anyone could help me interpret this.
In the dream I was in a large group of people who were running (and screaming)from something. At first I had the sense that I was trying to see what the hell it was-but I kept on getting carried along in the flow of people. A bit later I got a look at what it was that was chasing us.
And what else would it be but a giant radio atenna (sarcasm/wtf!).
It was stooping down and picking up those unfortunate to get caught with its two 'hands'-then it used its 'hands' to place the victims on the 'middle pillar' or head if you will-to electrocute them and then tossed them aside!

My reaction at this point was to break down in hysterical laughter and I started saying "This is what we are running from!?" I said this to a really hunky, great-looking dude dressed like a Biblical prophet. He kept trying to tell me "WE'VE GOTTA KEEP GOING! DONT STOP NOW OR YOU WILL SURELY DIE!" And when he said this I just broke down into more hysterical laughter. Unfortunately-or fortunately rather??!! the dream ended here with me on the ground rolling in hysterics, apparently not at all impressed with our antenna-like pursuer-even though I had seen it electrocute people in the dream! I definitely had the feeling I had been laughing out-loud while I was dreaming and the right side of my body even hurt a bit upon waking up.

OK-Here is where things get strangerer! This antenna-tower in my dream had a very unique appearance. In fact-I was 'sure' it wouldn't be something even remotely in 'reality.' But when I got up today, I thought what the hell? I thought of doing web searches like "odd looking antenna towers" etc. I had just begun to search and I got a call from a friend. I explained the dream to him and what the three-pronged pursuer looked like. He said, "Thats a bizarre dream-but it almost sounds like the Mt.Sutro antenna you are talking about." He further explained that this is a famous San Francisco landmark and well-known. He visits San Francisco on "business" a lot.

Well I looked up the Mt Sutro Tower and what do ya know? That was the one from my dream! I could 'swear' on a stack of Bibles or something -anything that I had never seen this tower in my life until the dream. But who knows? Our brains work in weird ways-it just doesnt seem like something I would have forgotten. And what of the odd synch (perhaps) of getting a call from the one and only person I know who would know about the tower the very next day? I have never been to San Francisco.

The three-pronged atructure of the tower reminds me a lot of a Trident for some reason. I am trying to put a link in and it isn't letting me-AARRGH! I will come back in a bit and try again and add any more thoughts. Here is what San Francisco writer Herb Caen said about the tower which had a rough and unwelcome debut in the city: "I keep waiting for it to stalk down the hill and attack the Golden Gate Bridge." LOL! -it says my link is in-why isnt it publishing?
Sutro Press Coverage


Michael said...

Amazing. I was totally feeling the trident last week. You're dream occurred on the 29th, the beginning of the mediated mega ritual with the "wedding of the princess bride". Ending with the death of Obama Sin Laden, or the sacrificial goat. I had an equally strange dream that night that is not fit for public consumption but email me for details if you want.

Your destructive trident is a media tower, so we can easily see the masses compelled to flee in terror by the power of the media. Even "the Saints", represented by your hunky prophet, are taken in by the show.

Like you, I wonder what is the next terror to be inflicted on us through the media. But like your dream self says, it pays to keep a sense of humor through it all!

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

Hi Michael!!
It should have occurred to me about the timeframe I had this dream in -and I think your analysis of the dream is quite profound and probably correct!!
especially with regard to the media tower --OBL was indeed the sacrificial goat during this time
and one priceless thing I have learned from you and my other blogfriends is that one cannot ever lose their sense of humor --I went thru a kind of 'alex jones' -even tho I have never liked the guy --but his 'fear' state he seems to put people in --consciousness wise anyway--and I realized recently that I had to lose that constant fear of certain events (many of which hopefully will never even happen!!
and try to get myself to a higher
'learning' state of consciousness as opposed to fear and loathing!!
thanks so much for stopping by and cant wait to hear about the dream!!

X. Dell said...

Michael has an interesting take.

I would see some of this imagery as archetypical. Often, crowds represent how we adapt to, or fit into society. This is a society run amuck. You're carried along with it. Know one can articulate an answer. But you want to know.

Depending on what made you laugh might have something to do with what you're thinking. For example, if you're laughing because the guy in the prophet garb--good looking though he might be--is utterly ridiculous (e.g., he sounds like W.C. Fields), then it might say something of how you view authority. If you're laughing at the absurdity of running from an evil tower, then that might mean something else.

Also, towers, height--something superior. That it's a media tower might indicate a feeling that whatever is said in the public sphere must be valid--even if dangerous or predatory. Also, it could indicate that a message is in the air.

As for the tower itself, you could have seen it as a flurry of images awhile back, and not have had a very conscious glimpse of it. But unconsciously...