Monday, April 18, 2011

Cycloptic Encyclopedia! Anton Antipov

Nothing I ever attempt to do would be complete without a gorgeous looking man or twenty of them! Anton is my absolute favorite 'monster'! Thanks Skeetchman for the Absolutely Awesome Anton video!


foam said...

handsome, healthy looking young lad. i think i'm old enough to be his mama... :)
i loved the choice of music ...

i hope you are feeling better?

Devin said...

hiya foamy!!
I know -haha -i am almost -well -if i were straight and did it when i was 18 -i could bis dad -
thanks for askign yes i am feeling better-hope you are doing great my friend --best to you!!

X. Dell said...

Oh, Foam, you're old enough to be anyone's mama.

(ducks retractable stick)

I guess this isn't a post I'm gonna have much to comment on, although I do agree that he does look healthy.

Devin said...

hey you two-no fightin on my blog-OK!! wink
i always appreciate your calm sense of humor and demeanor X!!
atb to you!!