Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cycloptic Encyclopedia! BCCI

This is a biggy and will probably come up in some other posts.
I need a link with some more information to this HUGE scandal and the 'tentacles' it clasped around the globe!
Haha my alphabetization is already off- sigh- nobuddy's purrfect!


X. Dell said...

There's some good stuff over on Dave Emory's site. And if you scroll down his WFMU audio archives to For the Record to episode 531, an interview with Lucy Komisar, you might find something of interest.

Devin said...

thanks so much Xdell!!
will go there asap
i got sidetracked with some other things and then my back went out earlier today so kinda 'out of it' (more so than usual;-) this eve
all the best to you my friend!!