Monday, April 18, 2011

Cycloptic Encyclopedia! Able Archer

What things/events should I include in my encylcopedia of the good and bad in the world past, present and future? Topics can include just about anything-conspiracy, politics, philosophy, paranormal, fortean and ontology-just to name a few!


X. Dell said...

It's going to take me a bit of time to go through all the new posts, but this one is a perfect example of why espionage should be included in high school and college curricula. Understanding cold-war paranoia is part of the history of the 20th century.

The documentary brought up a number of interesting points--the mutual confusion of both USSR and US spy networks, and understandings immediately brought to mind the Gehlen network, as that was precisely what Reinhard worked so hard to create: confusion.

Alarmingly, I found the American and British responses not very credible--dismissive, jingoistic, etc.--that I wonder (just a little) if ABLE ARCHER was more a trial run than an innocent war game. Think of it this way. You provoke the enemy into an aggressive posture, so you can more easily see his weekness.

Devin said...

hi my friend!!
please don't ever (you or anyone else) read any posts or anything that don't interest you --I am delighted of course to get any comments --yours are wonderful especially because you think on such a deep level about whatever subject is posted -and as i said i apppreciate all of them from you and everyone else!!
i just want to make sure that just because i visit a friends blog and comment on most or all of their posts -they dont-in tandem-or whatever have to feel obligated to do the same for me --
i think of comments anymore with a lot of freedom wrt mfm and the others *unless i start work on devs ?s again*
because i know i am all over the place wiht regard to subject matter!!
and yes thhis was one of the most fascinating docs i had seen in a long time-my parents originally 'taped' it for me a couple of years ago-tho i know 'taped' isnt the correct terminology anymore-haha im always stuck at least 5 years -or more behind the times with tech stuff

I think we are very much thinking along the same lines with your comment in your third para --I was fucking astonished that Americans were/are like "O my God -why were the Russians so scared of us?"
I mean shit -when you call a nation an "Evil Empire" and say shit even jokingly about 'outlawing Russia, bombing begins in 15 minutes' of course you are gonna have some scared and probably extremely angry Russians!!

I am actually appalled and in disbelief -still after all these years-of course now we are just continuing Empire America or whatever we are trying to do by many other (and the same) techniques
that 'cowboy' shit wrt international affairs always made me want to vomit!!
also- as far as Evil Empires go- Americans need to look in the fucking mirror for that one - pot/kettle kinda stuff
all the best in the world to you my friend!!
O and yes- i find your last paragraph more than possible--terrifying eh?????!!!!!