Monday, December 21, 2009

William Keens: For Caroline

At day's end, swans
Like ciphers on a green page,
Swimming in tributaries of shade.

From a lifetime's distance.

This may seem small, pathetic-
the secret genetic
Code of wild mustard,
Paroxysms of dogwood in an overgrown glade.

In such fields we see

Only fields of possibility,
Room to breathe, the pure oxygen
Of love's early years.

Now we are here, arrived together,

Oblique as light
Over the swaying weedheads,
Deep into the deepening day.

"Stone" another poem by William Keens was put up here at MFM on 2 December. Many people told me how much they loved that poem-and I certainly did too. Mr. Keens is near to publishing a limited edition of 26 poems. "For Caroline" -which I also loved and think many will too is the first in the collection. Mr. Keens was kind enough to give us a preview here at MFM. I am looking forward to ordering the collection as soon as it comes out! I will let people who read this blog know as soon as it is published. Thanks again Willam Keens-and best of luck with your new collection-if "For Caroline" is representative of the poetry in it -I am sure it will be a huge success! I felt honored for you to stop by and comment and leave "For Caroline" for us to enjoy-all the best!


Autumnforest said...

Very nice. The last post to read for the evening and that was a nice note to end the day with. Happy dreams.

Devin said...

Autumnforest-thanks so much for stopping by!! and I am so happy you enjoyed this-when you get a chance check out his "Stone" poem too-beautiful work!!
I was also contemplating calling it a night and was glad to see your comment-all the best to you and happy dreams also!!

Ricardo said...

You always know how to pick the the good poems Devin.

Devin said...

Hey Ricardo-So happy to see you here-as you can tell -no bedtime yet:-)
I am very glad you saw this -as you enjoyed "Stone" so much!!
I think it is great to get so many commnents from people here and who just know about this blog -that give so many kudos to living poets and writers-you are going to think I am crazier than you probably already do-but I feel "guided" to put the poetry here that I do-so in a way i feel i can't even take credit for that small aspect of this!
There are so many people put together commenters -and non-commenters who just loved "Stone" as I did-and I also loved this one.
Many many people also enjoyed Stephen Morrissey's "Reincarnation" poem under the 1 January 2009 entry of poetry i believe-and I appreciate Stephen and William not having any problems with me putting their work here (my mother found Stephen's "Reincarnation" poem on another site-and I say this because Stephen would generally like his work kept copyrighted to his blog or books etcetera-so it was very nice of him to let me leave "Reincarnation" on MFM as of course I would have taken it down if he would have wanted me to)

I very much look forward to ordering William Keens and Stephen Morrissey's poetry when I get my benefits-hopefully in March or April-along with a host of other authors/poets on my bloglist-Benji (benjibopper)is another with published work, Jackson Bliss (Water and Soul)Jeff Wells (Rigorous Intuition) -Leon Basin (I Write)-I know Autumnforest's (Ghost Hunting Theories) "The Thicket" will be published-and soon I believe -somehow I just "know" and of course I wrote down the woman's name that you interviewed on your blog-in fact let me make sure I have the name right-Lucia Corpri-the "Gloria Damasco" crime fiction novels? Ivan (Ivan at Creative Writing)Christopher Knowles (The Secret Sun) -I know I may be missing people here-I will get a complete list!!

There are also other men and women who write beautifully that I need to see if they have published work Jon (A Blade of Grass) and Echo (Elvas World) -David Caddy and Monique from Middle Ditch?

The reason I hope people who stop by here will help me to complete my list-and if they themselves write-tell me what they think their best work is if it is published -is that I would like to help these authors/poets by ordering their work or donating to their blogs if they are not published yet-when I get my benefits
at least I hope to be able to do this even if for just one time after paying my parents what I owe them for keeping me and Clementina with a roof over our heads the last year and a half+!!!!
I certainly hope the initial payment is large enough that I can do this -and even if just for the first time-order a bunch of books -from people who blog that I link to or that in William Keens case just have lovely work-and then if possible I would like to go further if possible and make a gift of one of these books to the small core group of people who have commented (past and present) here!!
but of course I shouldn't say anything yet as I have no clue what the "big" (backdated) installment will be-and if it will cover the "basics" of what I owe -I am hoping it does-and I hope I have helped in some small way -perhaps very small indeed! every living author/poet I have mentioned here or at "Dev's Questions"

all the best to you my friend -and I also think you would make a wonderful writer -as you already are on your blog!!

Bill said...

Friends & colleagues - check out my newest project where all can participate: www.poetryark.orh. Spread the word!

Devin said...

Bill-thanks so much for letting us know here at MFM-I will try to work the web address somewhere in the front of the page for the blog-maybe the great links section-i hope you are doing beautifully-and thanks again for stopping by-all the best to you!!