Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gnosticism & The "Real" World Part 8

Once again going to Tobias Churton's Gnostic Philosophy: From Ancient Persia to Modern Times pages 331-332: "After a fruitless divination on March 23, he made the following notes in his "Book of Results": "There is one object to complete the secret of wisdom-or it is in the hieroglyphs [of the stele]. (perhaps or Thoth) GD [Golden Dawn] to be destroyed ie: publish its history & its papers. Nothing needs buying. I made it an absolute condition that I should obtain samhadhi, in the Gods' own interest. My rituals work out well, but I need the transliteration [of the stele]."

"Crowley had the assistant curator of the museum (M. Brugsch Bey) make a transliteration of the stele's inscription into French, which he then transposed into verse. According to Crowley's Confessions, Rose then told her husband to enter the room where the transliteration had been made every day at noon on April 8, 9, and 10 for one hour."

"It is interesting to note at this point that the "Book of Results" and the notebook containing the "Invocation of Hoor" contain notes revealing that a fortnight before Crowley entered the room, he was already thinking about turning the image of the stele into a ritual. He was also making inquiries about the nature and origin of the stele."

"In the Tarot divination of March 23, we find the words and symbols: Mars in Libra=the ritual is of sex; Mars in the house of Venus exciting the jealousy of Saturn or Vulcan. Crowley had been thinking deeply already about how to turn the Horus invocation and its message into a working magical system. He could not fail to see the image of Nuit bending over Hadit, witnessed by Horus, as a sexual image of magical potency. This is especially surprising, for it is usually held that Crowley took no serious interest in sexual magic until after 1913."

"The Invocation of Horus was the key event, proving for Crowley that he had come to the explicit attention of the Secret Chiefs and was thus empowered to create his own magical order."

"The next stage of what came to be called the "Cairo Working" introduced Crowley to someone he had been wanting to meet for some considerable time. Crowley entered the room at noon, as instructed, on the appointed days "to write down what I heard," for an hour each time."

"In these three hours were written the three chapters of the Book of the Law." "The interpretation of the Book of the Law taxed Crowley's mind for the rest of his life, and since he was its authoritative interpreter, it is presumptious for this author to attempt to do any more than examine what Crowley himself believed to be its meaning and import, and to attempt to clarify some of its contents for the interested reader, with due reference to Crowley's work on the subject."

I hope anyone stopping by has a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful and joyous 2010! Thanks again for the great comments!


Middle Ditch said...

As always, an interesting read Devin.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Devin
Funnily enough I came across mention of Crowley's Book of the Law just yesterday, had never heard of it before your articles!

Hope you've been having a very happy family time :)

Anadæ Effro said...

Funnily enough, devin, in 1993, I worked with a Crowleyan & his greeting & goodbye was always, "93 in '93!" Well, so much for worldwide acceptance of the Church of Thelema, ay? LOL! Your gifted talent for writing continues to amaze me, my young friend.

Synchronicity alert? My captcha for this is "stsessis", a slightly altered, phonetic spelling of stasis. A clear reminder I've lots to do before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse BLUE MOON this New Year's. What a Magical way to wrap up aught nine & usher in 2010!

From a less snow-capped Apple Mountain,
Anadæ Effro ~ (•8-D

Ricardo said...

Devin hope you had a wonderful xmas. You always have these series on such interesting topics that don't get their time in the sun. Have you considered doing a book or something?

Devin said...

Middle Ditch, Alex, Anadae and Ricardo-thanks so very much for your lovely comments-and much apologies for not getting to them sooner!
I had a "back-attack" starting Christmas day-and have been offline from my place since the very early am on the 24rth-am doing much better now -and hope starting tomorrow and in the coming days to get back to normal more or less-there might not be anything new here until after the first -don't know yet -if any of you have updated i will try to get by tonight can't promise-but if not this eve -certainly hope for tomorrow!!

I definitely cant wait to hear a new MD episode -and great Crowley synch too alex and timestamp:-)
Anadae as always thanks so much for your thoughts and links-and Ricardo -it is so nice of you to say that -and ironic in a way-dont know if that is the proper word to use because I have always thought you would make a wonderful writer-fiction or non-fiction!! I am trying to write-and I do mean "trying" on my third blog -as I havent updated there since the eighth I am already stuck haha-but maybe someday:-)I am trying to take notes and write down thoughts on what I like about the bloggers I know that write and authors -I figure if it comes to nothing-i tried:-)
I hope you are all having a beautiful season and will all have a beautiful 2010 coming right up in a few days-all the best!!