Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Interesting "Timeslip" Case!

I always wanted to do something here about "timeslips"-cases where people believe they see an event from the past or the future happening before their eyes. Sometimes they describe the eerie "Oz" feeling coming over them as this is happening. This case is directly from "The Anomalist" blog from a 12 November entry entitled "A Scottish Spinster at the Battle of Nechtansmere" from CFI blogs. The "Anomalist" is a wonderful site and it is listed on the "great links" part of my blog.

"Mike Dash recounts a fascinating "timeslip" case, in which a witness apparently travels back through time to witness some event in the past at first hand. (my note: timeslips can happen in the other direction-the future-but are reported much less often in that manner. For instance a man had a vision in a near death experience of a house. In this house were a couple of things that were not around during the time of his NDE. One of these was something that was in a wall that he couldn't explain. Later in his life the man realized he had seen his own future house! The thing or device that he had no reference for was a central air unit for the house).

"In this instance, the witness who was at a cocktail party in the town of Brechin (Scotland) on January 2, 1950, came to believe she had experienced the aftermath of the Battle of Nechtansmere, which took place on May 20, 685 in Scotland. In the dark and bad weather, the 55-year-old woman skidded her car into a ditch. Upon continuing her journey on foot she saw groups of lights moving in the distance which, as she walked on, gradually resolved themselves into a shadowy group of figures carrying flaming torches. As the figures approached, she said, "they were obviously looking for their own dead...the one I was watching, the nearest one, would bend down and turn a body over, and if he didn't like the look of it, he just turned it back on its face and went onto the next one..." She then goes on to provide the specifics of the fight, its precise location, and the Pictish dress and equipment of the day, all of which she knew nothing of before the incident." Battle of Nechtansmere information Here

Perhaps I should have posted more gryphon information. I just didn't want to get anyone "burned out" on mythical creatures-including myself-even though I think it is fascinating learning and studying works about them. I thought this would break up the series a bit, and am truly interested in "timeslips" as I am with most things fortean and paranormal. I have a book by the wonderful researcher Jenny Randles called Time Storms about this subject, and can maybe post information from cases in her book here in the future. Thanks again for your wonderful comments and best to anyone stopping by! I couldn't sleep tonight once again due to back pain this time so I was like -what the hell? see if you can find something appropriately weird and wonderful to post about!


Autumnforest said...

Exciting!! I love this subject. In fact, I'm just finishing up a post on time travel. How bizarre--do you think we slipped into each other's time periods??? I like the concept of spontaneous views into other time periods. Not quite like the movie "Somewhere in Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve, but just glimmers. I've felt that in ghost hunting experiences a lot, where you feel as if you just caught a glimpse of something dressing in old-time clothing, can get a flash of the furnishings that were once in the building, or hear music from another time. It makes me wonder how much of hauntings could be explained by these sort of occurrences. It's kind of like gliding up against another time period and sliding along it and catching on it for a moment to see or smell or hear something from it. I remember one time visiting San Francisco and I loved the place and had a strange feeling as we turned a corner that I'd see a particular park and certain old buildings and a light rail system. None of it was there when we turned the corner, but the hillside, the smells, everything about it felt like it was supposed to be there. Years later, I visited Portland for my first time. As we turned a corner and went up a hillside with the same feel in the air, same scents, I saw the park and the buildings. I was like "I've been here! I know this!!" I had predicted in San Francisco a scene and conditions I would see in Portland in the future by nothing more than humidity and scent and a hillside to prompt my future memory... (shivers)

Devin said...

This is a very thought-provoking subject Autumnforest-I am surprised i havent done more with it-there are just so many subjects out there it is hard to know which are the best and most interesting to do -I really enjoyed your comment greatly -it sounds like you may have had some types of flashback or timeslip experiences yourself-that is extremely interesting about your San Francisco and Portland experiences-thanks so much for talking about them here in comments!! best as always to you and i will check our you time travel post today-I do notice an awful lot of synchronicities with what people are working on -maybe we had some sort of psychic connection or did slip into each others timestream -thats a very cool thought right there!!

X. Dell said...

Hmmm. I just wrote a timeslip story in hopes of future publication. Talk about synchronicity (or any other Police album, if you care to).

Could it be that she came across a bunch of Battle of Nechtansmere re-enactors?

Devin said...

Haha -thanks for reminding me about the Police Xdell!! In all of our communications I am ignorant as to your age -and when that "synchroncity" song came out -83? -84? was it? it was a hit with me -I do so enjoy these synchs between friends that blog -it seems to me anyway that some of them are completely uncanny- I don't mean to go all "woo-woo" on you-but there have been some things that have really blown my mind since i have been blogging when i see the work someone else is doing -and perhaps had a thought the previous day about the same thing-your series about Lennon/Chapman brought back a time when I was 15 that I had totally forgotten about with some friends -great memories -altho very sad about Lennon's death -the memories involved a couple of songs on the last album "Double Fantasy"?
thanks again for your super fantastic comments -it means a lot to me that someone of your caliber bothers to come over here and comment!!! best as always!!
oh haha -i loved that "wrapped around your finger" song by them "caught between the scylla and carybdis" "i have only come here seeking knowledge-things they would not teach me of in college" good stuff:-)

Devin said...

duhhh-I meant to say good luck and i am hoping that your "timeslip" work gets published very quickly!!
from the quality of your writing at Xspot i can't imagine it not being xcellent -thanks again for stopping by!!!