Monday, November 9, 2009

Gryphons! Background Notes

In his 2006 book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Daniel Pinchbeck talks about a subject that might be useful here for this series. At first glance one might think what do the "Grays" of ufology and Gryphons have to do with each other? Hopefully this will illuminate that question. From pages 142-144 of 2012: "The Grays are analagous to bacteria, but operating on the level of the psyche. Earthly bacteria derives energy from breaking down complex organic compounds that they take in from the enviorment. The visitors seem to be entities that sustain themselves from the negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety, emanated by the human nervous system and energy body. Just as earthly bacteria play a crucial role in the global eco-system, we may eventually understand that our infraterrestrial intruders occupy a necessary niche in the ecosystem of consciousness, is it develops or decays."

"Are the visitors "real" or "imaginary"? They are both, and they are neither. Like quantum phenomenon, they do not exist or not exist, they also do not exist and not exist, nor do they both not exist and not exist. According to Dzogchen, a tradition of teachings and practices linked to Tibetan Buddhism, ultimately there are no entities. Any entity only possesses relative reality, including ourselves. Overcoming dualism is essential to Dzogchen, as Chogyal Namkai Norbu writes in Dzogchen: The Self-Perfected State: "Duality is the real root of our suffering and all of our conflicts. All our concepts and beliefs, no matter how profound they may seem, are like nets which trap us in dualism. Where we discover our limits we have to try to overcome them, untying ourselves from whatever type of religious, political, or social conviction may condition us. We have to abandon such concepts as "enlightenment," "the nature of the mind," and so on, until we no longer neglect to integrate our knowledge with our actual existence."

"Entities who manifest in other forms of conciousness, such as the Grays, are, at the same time, separate from us and aspects of our psyche. We are the ground for their manifestation, and it is only by attaining a nondual perspective that we can understand them."

"Reality, according to Eastern mysticism, is maya, illusion-a tonal tapestry, or spectrum of vibrations called, in the Mayan tradition, tlalticpac, the dream-world of Earth. There is, according to Dzogchen, neither being nor nonbeing. However, there may be an infinite number of relatively real entities, possessing varying forms of conciousness. Overcoming dualism, we can recognize such beings as fractal shards or autonomous archetypes of our own psyche, as well as self-directed entities undergoing their own forms of evolution."

"From a nondualistic perspective, it makes sense that some encounters with the Grays are neutral or positive. Betty Andreasson, a woman whose accounts of abductions were published in the 1980s, described a classical mystical vision in which they Grays showed her a giant golden phoenix that was consumed by a flame. In her descriptions, and many others, the intruders reveal an ambivalent polarity. Monsters produced by "the sleep of reason," they have a necessary part to play in the evolution of human consciousness-the process of psychic transmutation that alchemists called the "Great Work."

"Connected to our technological development, the Grays embody a malignant, supersensible element lurking beneath our fascination with mechanization, revealing the irrational basis of our constricted rationality. They also have lessons to teach us. As the critic Lewis Mumford noted, "Our capacity to go beyond the machine rests on our power to assimilate the machine. Until we have absorbed the lessons of objectivity, impersonality, neutrality, the lessons of the mechanical realm, we cannot go further in our development toward the more richly organic, the more profoundly human." Like transhumanist zombies, the Grays embody the reductive perspective that sees everything-matter, genes, human souls-as resources to be used for the purposes of control and domination. In this way the visitors serve as a warning, as well as an innoculation against a nightmarish fate we can recognize, and reject, in the time that remains to us."

"...According to occult tradition, humanity has a responsibility to all of the elemental beings, those other forms of consciousness that express themselves through the natural world. We are supposed to learn to work with the elementals and, also, alleviate their suffering-it is clear from the abduction accounts that the visitors are suffering...They are intelligent and sentient, hence aware of their exiled status. Unable to escape their de-souled condition,they desire to draw humans into their lower world, sustaining their half-lives on our subtle energies. They appear to be utilizing their dream-world technologies in a serious and desperate attempt to find a way out of the cul-de-sac."

I wanted to include this bit from Daniel Pinchbeck's book not only because it is one of the best explanations or theories about the "Grays" that I have ever read (I would be very interested to know what you think)-not necessarily all of our "visitors" by a long-shot. But I also thought this part of his book goes a long way towards explaining the thinking about how something (including us) can be real and not real, or have a relative reality.

These paragraphs from 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl explained in a lucid way not only what and why the "Grays" may be doing here when they visit us-but also gave a wonderful overview of how to look at the "imaginal realm" -the "real" and "unreal" at the same time world, where not only the Grays may come from, but perhaps Gryphons, Dragons, Garudas, Elves, Gnomes, Bigfoot, etcetera-and maybe just maybe this is the realm where our so called "myths" spring from and perhaps we humans ourselves! I say our "so called myths" because one thing I am starting to realize is that it seems that so many "myths" are being played out in our so called "real world" {:-)>{ in "real time" right before our "real eyes"! All the best to anyone stopping by and I hope to have the main "Gryphon" article here in a couple of days. Thanks again for your wonderful comments and links!


Autumnforest said...

Wow---you have picked a great subject. I admit that probably the greatest example of duality and symbolism for humans exists in religion. Just look at how man can live his life in the "real" world and yet believe fully that there is a parallel "higher world" and that we transfer from one to another. It makes me laugh when religious people turn their noses up at the concept of aliens or UFOs. Hello??? What do you think a deity and a heaven and a hell and a Devil are??? So, I'm humored by concepts that either "this is all there is" (the atheist stand) and "all this leads to heaven" (the believers stand). Someone needs to start a new belief system that "it all exists together." Go Dev--make it so!

Devin said...

Autumnforest-thanks for your nice and well thought out as always comment!!
I remember doing a paper in high school that supported the belief of life on other planets and the inevitable backlash from religion-if I remember right i found a great quote from a religious fellow to use Dr Theodor Hesburgh? i think-paraphrashing he said something like "Why not an infinite number of creatures in God's universe to worship and enjoy his infinite creation?" -I always loved that quote -its messed up how i said it but rang so true when i read it !!
I am also very humored at times by people that say "this is all there is" i try to tell them just on the basis of physical reality how much do you think we see? i mean humans are supposed to be so great but we can't hear as good as a dog-see in beyond the tiny range of frequencies of human vision etc.
So thanks so much for your commnent indeed-we are definitely on the same wavelength with this!!
all the best to you my friend!!

Autumnforest said...

Most definitely! I always say that too--we have limited knowledge and limited senses, so we could be living amongst all kinds of intelligence we can't perceive. I love that idea. Perhaps they can't perceive us either. When I was on my last ghost hunt using the KII meter, that's one of the things I asked. "Have you ever been human?" The answer was chilling--no. "Can you see us?" answer "Yes" Are you a male or female "No" "No"

Devin said...

One of these days -haha if I am ever more mobile than I am right now which is kinda doubtful -hey maybe we can put me in a wheelchair:-) I would love to go ghost hunting with you and your friends some day!!
that is truly "hella" scary to say the least!! it wouldn't surprise me if all sorts of things our little brains can't comprehend are out there -literally right in front of our noses-and some of these "long-leggity beasties" might not be the kind we would want to see! all the best in the world to you my friend and sorry i left a book length comment at your place -I can't wait to see what your next article will be about!!

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Devin
Thanks for that unusual viewpoint - yet another way of seeing. Am not sure what I feel about this but it has expanded my choice options!

I hope you are very well & that your neighboors are behaving thems'elves :) xx

Devin said...

Hiya Alex so happy to be of service! haha this wasn't my favorite work of Pinchbeck's i liked Breaking open the head much better -but I thought this information fit this series perfectly and loved what it said about the "grays" anyway
I hope you are having a beautiful evening my friend it is almost 2 am here and i am wide awake haha-neighbors are being good but my insomnia is cycling again
so i am probably not making much sense-not that i ever doxx

Twisted Branch said...

Wow, what an amazingly perceptive insight you have elaborated on my friend. I read and enjoyed the book. You really have a knack for connecting all the dots. I have personal expirience with all of the mentioned phenomena. I have recognized for a long time the connection between these terrifying beings and the inner transformation that they trigger. Most people cannot view phenomena from a non-dual perspective, leaving them stranded in the realm of misunderstanding. If they cannot label these creatures in conventional terms they are forced to deny their existence. At the same time people who suffer through these traumatic encounters cling to the other extreme view, forcing themselves to view these beings as independently enduring entities capable of manipulating the physical realm.
In my own experience I have found that as my own fear and ignorance has faded so have my encounters with these creatures. Once the bacteria purged me of my disease of delusion they moved on to the next infected entity.
Anyways, thank you for your intellegent perspective.

Devin said...

Twisted Branch -thanks so very much for stopping by MFM!! I really appreciate your kind comment-I really dont deserve too much credit for dot-connecting though-i have had a knack -since i was a young one- for knowing who the smart people are and trying to read/understand/follow/-and of course even question them
but little that comes to my brain is of original content!!
all the best to you my friend and I agreed with your comment and am glad you are familiar with the book-did you read Breaking Open The Head? man that book was something else -along with Rigorous Intuition it is probably the only non-fiction book I have read well over four times through
take care and be well!!