Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Lovecraftian World: Is The Kingdom Opening? Pt.8

In the opening of his 1926 tale The Call of Cthulu Lovecraft wrote: "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little, but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position theirin, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age."

Lovecraft's protagonists are nevertheless driven to this "piecing together," which becomes a primary plot device in many of his works. When such vistas are opened, the mind of the protagonist-investigator is often destroyed. Those who actually encounter "living" manifestations of the incomprehensible are particularly likely to go mad, as in the case of the titular character in The Music of Erich Zann. The story features an insane mute vilola player virtuosos sixth-floor aparment, whose window is the only one high enough to see over a wall on a mysterious disappearing Parisian street-a wall whose other side contains unexplainable horrors. Those characters who attempt to make use of such knowledge are almost invariably doomed. Sometimes their work attracts the attention of malevolent beings; other times evoking the spirit of Frankenstein, they are destroyed by monsters of their own creation.

The death of Howard Phillips Lovecraft on 15 March 1937, caused his writer friends to offer their condoloences in a very big way. The friendships and almost 100,000 letters Lovecraft had formed and sent were well remembered. This initial wave of grief was the beginning of Lovecraft's true fame. Like so many other people involved in the artistic sphere of life, his contributions were only acknowledged posthumously. Weird Tales which had never granted Lovecraft a cover illustration in his life, went into a frenzy of reprinting his old stories and searched for new ones. August Derleth and Donald Wandrei, two of Lovecraft's close friends founded Arkham House to publish his works in book form. The first Arkham House edition, The Outsider and Others, compels prices of $3,000 and higher these days.

One effect of Lovecraft's posthumous fame was the introduction of Lovecraftian lore and concepts into occult practice. The Hollow Earth believers is the unusual starting point that Lovecraft's star in the occult sky took off from. Morris Doreal of the White Temple, referred to a "Yog-Sog-Thoth, as the gateway to the cycle below" in his deciphering of the Emerald Tablets published in 1948. Other occultists found Lovecraft's work through the stories of August Derleth. Derleth not only made his own additions to the "Cthulu Mythos," as they came to be known, but he also transformed Lovecraft's alien, insanely amoral beings into the evil "Great Old Ones" who are opposed by the protective "Elder Gods."

Sorry that is all for the day-we are close to the end of the directly "Lovecraftian" part of this series, as far as the man himself goes. It seems like every other word I type is a typo and I am still not feeling quite myself. Thanks to all of you who are commenting on this series and giving links!

Anadae Effro had sent me a wonderful image that would really go with this series that I tried to save to my pics and post here, but I couldn't do it-going to try to find the image on the net (I am pretty 'puter incompetent-as well as other things!) and if I do will post it for this article. Justin Russell from the wonderful Semioticology blog (BTW-fantastic new article there!) sent me this-( Edit on 14 October: the link Justin provided is excellent but after researching the site for a matter of hours now I thought I had better also say that there are very disturbing images at the site -and I found some extremely emotionally disturbing-I do not have a strong stomach or psyche- but folks may not want to go to this link unless they have an actual interest in the subject -just thought I should do a little "extra" warning in case!) Here is the LINK --in the comments section under article 2 of this series which I consider the most important article in this series, because it is about something which is still happening-every day-around the globe. The material at the link may be hard to look at and I have just barely started going through it myself. It concerns "The Reality of Protected Child Abuse and Snuff Networks" and of course may be extra disturbing to those of you with young children-or any kids at all.

I just have never been the kind of person (although I wish I was many times) who can shut my eyes and mind and pretend things aren't there -real "monsters" -that I wish like hell weren't there! Peace and be well to anyone stopping by! PS-I notice that the site at the link mentions donations. Speaking for myself -I would happily donate to that site, the Rigorous Intuition forum places that speak the "Unattractive Truth"-but I feel Truths that need to be told and also purchase work that my blogfriends have published and other books people have suggested here and there-WHEN not IF-but WHEN- I WIN my disability case! Sorry-goin a little nutso with the bold/italic thingy tonight;-) -We just heard today that the date of the actual hearing on it will be December 17th, 2009-so I will be asking my blogfriends and others to make a "spiritual" donation to me on that day for nice thoughts and victory.

I actually did not want it to come to this. I have struggled with my various struggles starting big time in 2001. That is when the back pain part really took off late that year. I thought I would always be able to work-hold down a job-of some sort for the rest of my life. It wasn't to be-in the summer of 2007 I just couldn't do it anymore-by then I was probably taking 300 Percocets a month to keep my back pain at bay-and this of course is just one of my "three challenges" as I have come to call them. I may do an article here or there about it before and after December 17th-although I do not like talking too much about myself -as I am rather boring! But I would like ideas and thoughts about some issues confronting me -especially one that has gotten quite strong lately of feeling absolutely worthless. Perhaps also if anyone has heard even a crazy-as long as its not illegal way to make a little money that I can physically do. Sorry to go on and on-I do that sometimes and can't stop-all the best to anyone stopping by!


Autumnforest said...

Your worth, Dev, is just in being. Existing in spite of pain, in spite of realizing you have a sense of purpose. You do. It's obvious to everyone who reads you. You're a wellspring of curiosity and knowledge and ever asking questions and questioning the answers. Everyone loves that about you. One thing I know about you by now is that the American ideals do not apply to you, so don't do that to yourself. Don't come to believe that you are what you do for a living. I used to do that when I was a stay at home mom. I felt so guilty that I didn't want to meet new people. They would inevitably ask "what do you do?" I'd have to say "I stay home with my child." It sounded like I was in time out for life. I had no power, no money, no contribution to the world. Boy, I really didn't get it. I was doing the most honorable thing possible. I was ensuring my son was not raised in chaos and not sexually abused and ignored as I had been. I look at him now as an adult and so successful and mentally healthy and happy and I'd easily take all the blank stares and silent responses from partygoers who didn't understand a stay at home mom. I got a job where I could work from home and I stayed steady in my goals. You, Dev, you are steady in your goals. You don't have to produce more than just share your thought process with us all. I would so love to see you write a book. I know you have it in you. It would be a real loss to not share your curious nature with all of us. Okay, enough of lecturing you. When I worked in an ER, a doctor lifted a patient and hurt her neck. She really played it up. I saw her working just fine, but when someone came into the room she suddenly sighed and rubbed her neck. She got off on disability. It's extremely common for people who are caretakers and nurses. It should be a straightforward case if that's the situation. As for making $, I always thought I'd love to buy and sell stuff on ebay if I weren't committed to finishing my novel. I also know that the examiner.com site is always taking on new people to write stuff. I know several people who do it. You can have a very specific specialty like "horror movies" or whatever interests you. You write about 3 articles a week--short ones. You get paid per people who hit the site to read you. One of my friends makes about $200 a month doing it. Since you write anyways, why not? http://www.examiner.com/about_examiner/
You write about your specialty things anyways, it'll just give you cash for it and then you go onto your blog and contact everyone you know and have them bookmark your site and hit it regularly. I do that for my friends who write for it. I'd even advertise on my blog too. See? I've never even met you face-to-face Dev and you've had a huge influence on me. I no longer feel like a closet geek. I'm proud to admit, I'm highly intelligent and highly curious and my interests are varied. Dev made it cool to be so.

p.s. I love the concept from the post about our scattered knowledge and unifying it. What an amazing concept.

Devin said...

Thanks for this beautiful and thoughtful comment Autumnforest!! You really did well by your son-I can tell just from watching the videos (BTW-how did his Ghost Hunting candidate video go-or is there any news yet?) I would definitely tell anyone giving you blank stares as a stay at home mom to eff off to say the least!!
Haha-the second part of your comment reminded me of this waitress who fell (and she did indeed fall-a very minor fall that I witnessed) and acted like she couldnt move the next day-I was suspicous -but I was way down the food chain at the restaurant -and I didnt have any "proof" -until -and this is a one in a million occurrence -my cousin took me out for my 27th bday-yes this was years ago haha-and this waitress and hubby were there and having a blast -she wasnt having any problems moving or anything-she used a cane to come in to say she would be off work awhile-and I watched as she got up two different times without any difficulty -haha when she finally noticed I was there she put on this act that lives in my memory to this day-I didn't mention that I had out and out seen her twice moving without difficulty-I did hate to be a tattletale -but in this case I knew it was fraud-so I told the manager at the restaurant we had worked at-he acted uninterested and I was just there a short time after that so I dont know what happened with the "Case of the Winsome Walking Wounded Waitress" as I came to think of it!

I so very much appreciate your other tips-you really helped me with this comment!!it kind of helps me out also thinking of where to go with this blog and trying to write short fiction again-I gave up a few months back because I just had this awful dry spell-and would have my mom read some of the stuff -and she thought some was fantastic -but once I got kind of on a "roll" so to speak-it crashed both she and I could see it-but I will keep trying and not give up-best to you as always my friend-BTW loved your short story installment at your blog tonight-all the best!!

Justin Russell said...

Consider many spiritual donations sent for the 17th of December Devin. The seventeen meme rears it's head again huh? Lets hope its a good omen.

Autumnforest said...

Oh yeah, I meant to tell you that he didn't make it for the show. Which was just as well because this semester he has art show after art show and then this crazy story I'm going to write about on my blog. I think it'll amaze you. In fact, I'll probably put that up today while I'm thinking of it. Anyways, the Ghost Hunters Academy picked its people but we suspect they weren't the lousy candidates who sent in their tapes that we saw. I think they probably ended up finding actors to do the parts. That's what I suspect. Wouldn't be surprised. They'd probably do better than scared college kids.

Devin said...

Justin-thanks so much for your thoughts-really appreciate them-and I am hoping that the 17 meme is a good omen in this case -best to you as always my friend!!

Autumnforest-thanks so much for the update about your son and I am sorry it took me a bit to get to your comment! That is too bad to say the least -your son came across as a very intelligent and curious -I think you are right in your suspicions and will definitely try to get to your blog today to read your entry about it and the latest-again sorry he wasn't picked!! all the best to you my friend!!

Anadæ Effro said...

If you would, Professor Allred, could you please gander a looksy @ this particular blogticle, here, please? The largely Voudoin albeit Episcopal Bishop Michael Bertiaux is seen thereof having consecrated an Allen Greenfield to the Apostate. Further intriguingly enough, Greenfield has another link there to his green motoring interest, right here.

I only bring this up because Bertiaux's magical œuvre is partly Lovecraftian, despite his deep ties to the Haitian Voudon community. In the (long since defunct) Magickal Childe's 1988 release of his, "The Gnostic Voudon Workbook", a modernday gramarye for the aspiring High Adept, he utilizes not only his succession in the Episcopal Church, but Voudon, Shintoism, the Monastery of the Seven Rays, and Trans-Yuggothian Physics, the latter for application by the interdimensional traveling aspirant. Well, hello, Howard Phillips Lovecraft!

Have yourself a powerfully interdisciplinary weekend, Devin,
A.E. (•8-D}

Devin said...

Anadae -I cant tell you how much i appreciate these amazing links and thoughts u come up with!! I will go to the links right now -very interesting to say the least -regarding "Magikal Childe" -do you know exactly when the place opened-and who was behind getting it started? that is really pretty lazy of me -I should do the research myself -i will check out the links-thanks so much!!

Devin said...

Well Anadae-it looks as if our Mr Greenfield has gone Green! I was particularly interested in the first link you provided because in the "Simon" book that I have it talks about many different things regarding apostolic succession-I may as go all the way with the laziness today with ?'s
does Haitian Voudoun have any similarities to Santeria ? and do you know if either of them preaches/promulgates? human sacrifice in any of their sects?
did you ever hear of a sect in Pontchatoula La (not related to voodoo) ? you are a wealth of knowledge and learning good sir-and i appreciate the Professor-but the only place that would probably cosider me a Prof is "Gilligan's Island" best as always my friend!!

Anadæ Effro said...

Sure thing, man. the Magickal Childe, formerly known as The Warlock Shoppe when it was 1st located in Brooklyn & not NYC, was founded (I don't Gno when) by Herman Slater. His lover, Edmund Buczynski, founded THIS interesting reconstructionist religion, still very active to-day!

Ack! I'm embarrassed to note that I had had the Bertiaux grimoire's title just a tad rearranged; it's title is actually The Voudon Gnostic Workbook. Although, as I said earlier, his isn't the Path I tread, someone else has done a documentary on him, read-about-able at their own blog, HERE.

Over & out for the nonce,
A.E. (•8-D}

Devin said...

Anadae-I can't thank you enough for your help!! I am going to try to put a link or two here for Ponchatoula if you come back over the weekend-thanks again so very much!!

Anadæ Effro said...

Gee willickers, Devin, you're most welcome! As far as Haitian Voudon, Santeria, Brujería, and the Portuguese/Brazilian religion, Candomblé, they each owe a deep allegiance to the Yoruban Orishas, Las Potencias Siete de Africa. As I said, I don't Gno too much about these religions. Heck, my familiarity goes only as far as the 2 Hollywood depictions of them, the Wes Craven classic from '88, The Serpent & the Rainbow & the Mickey Rourke/Lisa Bonet/Robert De Niro/Charlotte Rampling vehicle from a year earlier, 1987's Angel Heart. I hope that this feeble information has boosted the conversation ~ (•8-D}

Devin said...

Hey Anadae-you are always welcome here-thanks for stopping by yet again I saw a film about Santeria-"The Believers" from the 80s also I think -believe it or not i didnt see the wes craven classic-will have to check it out- I did see Angel Heart and read -pretty sure-the book it was based on-always much thanks for your knowledge !!

Devin said...

More Ponchatoula links
R.I. Ponchatoula>

2009 news

Devin said...
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X. Dell said...

(1) My best wishes on your back--and other ailments caused by your condition I understand how frustrating that is not to be able to work, or live like you would have wanted. As a friend, I would say that you have every right to be angry. Still, I hope you can persevere.

(2) I agree with Pogo, somewhat. If there be monsters, my first guess is the monsters be us.

(3) The influence of Lovecraft's writings on occult practices rather amuses me. It reminds me of Hubbard (again) starting Scientology from Dianetics.

Devin said...

Xdell thanks again for yet another wonderful comment -really appreciate your support!!!! I almost wanted to do an "apology" post here for how "down" and "poor me" i have been lately-I am trying to get away from the anger a bit-but in certain instances (one of which i may post about if my energy ever comes back- i do feel that i have every damn right to feel angry) but where i have gone way too far -especially as I have realized since i was a teenager that some people's lives are really a human made "hell on earth"-is that there are millions-perhaps billions on this planet -whose lives are going far far worse than mine -in an odd way I am "Waiting for Godot" in high style here in AZ haha -in my deepest soul I only wish there was some difference i could make in the lives of people who have it worse than me -and be damned if i can think of a way Why??
well a dear friend of mines father-who lives like 20 time zones away has thought of me-and made an enormous positive difference in my life!!! I only wish somehow my words and thoughts could do the same for someone else -God willing-maybe in time
all the best to you my friend!!!

X. Dell said...

Perhaps in time they will. Never underestimate the power of the word and the will.

Devin said...

Thanks so much again Xdell for your friendship and thoughts-I so appreciate them more than you will ever know-I should have seen these comments earlier but was working on another article and missed them -all the best in the world to you my friend!!