Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Lovecraftian World: Is The Kingdom Opening? Pt.1

We live in a world that is one of tremendous beauty and wonder. Unfortunately we also live in a world where some pretty scary and evil things happen. I have often wondered about the question-What is the strangest thing I believe? Here I get a bit lost because over the last five years I have come to believe in some very strange, and probably unbelievable to most people, things. Item #1: I believe our world is some sort of matrix. I do not know the ins and outs of how this matrix is projected-or who might be projecting it. There are several theories here. One is that our world is not only a matrix-it is a computer generated three dimensional "reality" created by some sort of awesomely powerful computer. The word "computer" is probably somewhat misleading in that it might give people the wrong idea of that our world is some sort of program -Earth V 2.0 or something on somebody's laptop.

The number of calculations per second a computer generated reality would have to generate is truly "off the charts" so to speak-if memory serves at least 10 to the 42nd power of calculations per second-that is 10 followed by 42 zeros. I have never cared for this theory much, but I certainly can't discard it. This theory would explain many things in quantum physics that currently can't be explained. The physicists and others who believe in this theory (or at least give some credence to it) usually base their beliefs on that they think if humanity survives into the future long enough; that they will want to do what they call "ancestor simulations" which would be "us" once their technology achieves the appropriate level of computing power.

I tend to go towards the view that the "matrix" aspect of our world is produced by the fact that most human beings don't see the world or reality for what it "really" is-including me-hell I have a hard time operating the damn microwave at times! I believe if we could see our beautiful world and reality for what they really are -we would see a vista that would be infinite in all directions and aspects. A poem by William Blake comes to mind here-and I will try to come back with it for this post as I don't trust my memory to quote it offhand. Here is where the problem comes in-the people who really run the show on earth know how blunted our vision and feelings are. They use this against us at every turn. Here is an instructive quote supposedly given to reporter Ron Susskind by a senior Bush White House aide: "We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality--judiciously as you will--we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors--and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

Item #2: This follows from what I believe about our "matrix" creators from item #1. I think that the men and women who really rule the globe are in touch with some extremely scary extra-dimensional beings. Considering that the men and women who really run the planet hardly have our best interests at heart it comes as no surprise to me that the beings/entities/forces they are in contact with may not only not have our interests at heart, but might even want to see the consciousness of humanity extinguished permanently.

Sometimes when I am depressed with the way things are going here in the USA-the world-and my inability (or hopefully just seeming inability to do fuck-all about it) here is a thought in comic book form that I cheer myself up with: I imagine the dark actors of politics in the United States, the men and women who control them, and their assorted lackeys and despots around the world. I imagine this group of people standing around a pentagram type thing somewhere in the basement of a beautiful castle in a deep forest in old Europe. The work of these folks is pretty much done. The world is depopulated by 90 percent. There are barely any species of the animal kingdom left. The rainforests and many plant species are dead too. A great evil fog hangs over the planet. Picture kind of a "28 Days Later" scenario mixed with "The Night of the Living Dead" and "They Live" for what our world is like. The chants of this group of folks rises and they sacrifice a poor soul or two. These people are really salivating now-they are about to get their "just" reward for a job well done. There will be no one to oppose them now, and for all eternity their bloodlines will rule what is left of earth absolutely.

Now we can see a shape forming in the center of the pentagram. O boy, O boy! The Master is about to pay them a visit. Dr. Henry Kissinger rubs a hard-on through his ceremonial outfit (a rather grotesque thought in itself dontcha think?) he notices that his fellow death cultists are in a similarly aroused state. Jean-Marie Le Pen is about to start rubbing Maggie Thatcher's privates, The "Silver Fox" none other than Barbara "Babs" Bush is getting ready to lower herself over Rush Limbaugh's probing tongue-thanks to the late great comedian Bill Hicks for this thought however disgusting it may be! These folks will have to wait just a little bit for the real fun to start. Maybe dismembering and ritually eating a couple of children just for starters? For the Master is about ready to acknowledge them and reward them for all eternity. The Master-it is rather ugly. It has multiple eyes, tentacles and many opening and shutting mouths about 3 feet wide on the end of some of these tentacles. Hey-its a big fuckin pentagram OK? Thank goodness for our evil elite it is trapped inside the pentagram-eh? The chanting and excitement of our participants at this ritual is really reaching a fever pitch.

The Master's body is no longer shrouded at all now. Funny-it seems like its body doesnt seem to have a fixed three dimensional form at all. One minute it is shaped like one thing and the next another. The same with its various appendages-they seem to flow in and out of an extra dimension and completely new grotesque body parts will take their place. The thing is really indescribably ugly and unfathomably "other."

Suddenly a booming voice -aeons old-echoes along the castle walls. The various heads of state, royalty, their paymasters and their servants look up in reverance. "You have served me well!" the multi-dimensional, multi-tentacled, multi-mouthed monster says, as ichor starts to flood out of the pentagram along the castle basement's stone floors. "Now I am going to reward each and every one of you for your obeisance and duty towards me. These rewards will be personal and suited to the mind and character of each one of you," the great multi-dimensional beast intones. Man it is really huge-its wriggling, writhing undulating mass must stretch 40 feet into the air (big fuckin castle too-it needed a high basement ceiling for just these ceremonies!) Our leaders and their puppeteers are so lucky it can't get out of the pentagram! The Master gestures to a Belgian prince and an American industrialist who have served it particularly well with two of its monstrous, scriggly tentacles with their three foot wide mouths, now salivating a putrid dark foul-smelling liquid. "Wow!" a dark- robed and sexually aroused Dick Cheney thinks-"If these two losers are going to get a special prize just imagine what I am going to get!"

The American and the Belgian approach the Master with their heads bowed. They are ready to receive their portion of the powers and principalities that will be theirs to rule as true emperors. The power they will have will make Stalin's and Hitler's look like that of a down and out door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman in comparison (don't ask me where I got that analogy:-). Well I'll be damned! (or them hopefully), for the beast inside the pentagram swoops down on the two men it has summoned with its grotesque tentacle-mouth things and eats the Belgian prince whole and chews the Amercian industrialist's body so that all that is left of him are the feet-and those are quickly consumed by a second swipe of the probing mouth-tentacle!

WTF!!?? Our unholy death cultists think. This wasn't in the script! A disconcerted and soiled underweared George Herbert Walker Bush says, "Now just a minute Mr!" (with that twerpy-geeky voice of his) "I don't know who pissed in your cornflakes this morning but you are a guest in this castle. All of us here have done your bidding and this is the way you treat us? I mighta made a mistake or two. It wasn't my fault if Hinckley was such a bad shot! But Jesus-my family alone directly participated in or gave you events that almost gave you the keys to the kingdom! BCCI, Franklin-Omaha, the Octopus-BTW Mr. Snappy Jaws-now that we see what you really look like that was an appropriately named scandal heh-heh, the October Surprise, the savings and loan debacles. I thought you of all multi-dimensional beasts would appreciate my little surprise to Saddam with my "go ahead invade Kuwait-we won't do anything" surprise. Not to mention September 11th and the way my son intentionally fucked up Iraq, the American infrastructure, economy and Constitution. Eat all of these other fuckers if you must-but I as the head of my great family demand our place at the table."

"George Herbert Walker Bush," the awful beast says ominously, "what exactly did you think my ultimate plan was all this time? I ask to be worshiped in the bloodiest, most despicable manner your puny minds can contemplate. And believe me they can't contemplate very much. You are about to find out what one of your so-called writers said about "there are things much worse than death". People like you and the others here follow through no matter how inhuman and insane my demands were. You back-stabbed, butchered, lied and committed atrocities all in the name of receiving some great and un-named reward to rule this slaughterhouse you call Earth. Did you think you were serving Mr. Rogers all this time?"

I was building a bridge, and with this statement one of the beast's tentacle-eyes looks at William Jefferson Clinton, who for once seems not be having any problems keeping his sexual arousal under control, but this bridge wasn't to the fucking "twenty-first century" as your lame-ass campaign slogan stated. This bridge was a bridge to your reality-now thanks to all of you traitors to your fellow human beings that bridge is fully operational. All of you before me now are nothing more than skid marks on my many-dimensional underwear. As far as ruling your puny little backwater planet-sorry I ride alone as far as rulership goes. I knew you'd fall for the "pentagram protection" racket-thats been one of my best and most believed lies with up and coming civilizations. My only problem now is deciding which of you to eat next. The nice thing about getting eaten by me is that your consciousness is fully integrated into mine. You all would have been a lot better off in the Christian hell for eternity than what you are about to witness and feel spending "quality time" with me."

The crowd, now terrified starts to run away. They are far too slow. The tentacles of the beast from beyond make quick and bloody work of the fifty odd "worshipers" that are now screaming in horror. There is a kind of justice, for they are experiencing what the terror of their victims felt like when they were the powerful elite of the globe. Only their terror will never end and will get worse as time goes on and the chaos and insanity of their dark Master spreads around what is left of the world, and flows out into the universe beyond.

Sorry for this bit of silliness -or the story silliness anyway. Didn't even know I was going to try to post something tonight much less the "story" that I tried to make up as I went along. I do have some other things about ready to go in this series. Anyone wanting to look at future articles don't worry they won't be anything like this. I got sidetracked as usual. Peace and be well to anyone stopping by!


Alex Robinson said...

Hiya Devin
Very creative writing - I love the caring that lies behind that tale. Some of the images were rather scary - I hadn't thought of Magaret Thatcher for a long time & never like that :)

wv is azoma - which just looks a lot like your 'current' home 'planet'. i hope yoou are having a wonderful day there

Devin said...

Hiya My Forever Friend!! I am so glad that you don't think this little project of mine qualifies me for the loony bin!! I almost turned back on the puter last nite and erased the "story" part of this post haha-sorry to bring Thatcher (or any of the other creepy-crawlies mentioned) back to your memory-I could have given about a 100 more names than I did and what my sometimes 'sick' imagination might have them doing-but I never would have finished-it is a gorgeous day on my home planet :-) and I hope it is on yours!!best to you as always and thanks for stopping by my friend!!

Michael Skaggs said...

That was great, I literally laughed out loud!! Kudos bro!

Good stuff!


Devin said...

Michael -I am so very glad you enjoyed this!! It isn't often my attempts at humor-although this was humor mixed with great seriousness "work" at all much less have people laughing-truly I almost took this example of my ahem-comedic genius down:-) Love ya bro and all the best thanks so stopping by MFM! and the word veri!

Anadæ Effro said...

Of c(o)urse, Devin, bee-Ing the prolific writer that you've become, that 'tis, whenafter you've drawn up the flood gates after a lull in output & we're awash in your feverish I-Mage-In-Ation anew, you would HAVE to mine the rich vein that is Howard Phillips Lovecraft's œuvre. Bravo!

Say, Devs, on a side note, didja Gno that the highly imaginative authoress of supernatural horror fiction, Nancy A. Collins, made ref. to a "fictional" grimoire for members of the Pretender Races to utilize in their Magics? It's call'd The Ægrisomnia. That roughly translates into Dreams fr. the Fever'd Mind. The only other gramarye in literature that it would possibly approximate would be the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred's Necronomicon, except that THAT'S collected formulæ used by offworld & transdimensional races compiled by a human, The Ægrisomnia is compiled by a non-human & is intended for USE by non-humans. Not recommended for Earthlings. End of admonition.

Thus, we come to this, the beginning of yet another superlative series by you of articles sharing a common thread. In this case, the "evidence" that Howard Phillips Lovecraft, otherwise long well known to his adoring fans by the appellate The New England Gent, was far more prescient than most could possibly ever have foreseen.

Fr'instance, the modern magician, Phil Hine, well known to those amongst us who travel amidst more Left Hand Path circles as having been responsible for establishing Chaos Magic as a respectable alternative to White Lighter workings (ye gads, son, I sound like I'm writing for Charmed, don't I?), takes not a little bit of a lead from the weird fiction of HP Lovecraft.

Thank you, Professor Allred, thank you. I'm proud to call you as one of my Family & f(r)iends. And that's really saying a LOT, esp. coming fr. me my(s)elf.

Keeping the Hounds of Tindalos at bay,
Anadæ Effro (•8-D}

Devin said...

Anadae-I enjoy your comments so much!! You are a wealth of information! believe it or not I had heard of phil hine i think-and have read a bit about chaos magic (even tried it myself once-might post about it;-) I will definitely click on the links you gave -I am so glad you are liking what you see here! I am feeling rough today but I am going to try to do at least one article -may not be able to-and I need to work myself up t it haha-thats how lousy a typist I am
thanks so much for stopping by and I so appreciate our friendship!
your friend forever

Justin Russell said...

As they say on teh interwebz, ROFLCOPTER!! That image you've conjured in my mind of Kissinger with a chubby on and the rubbing of the Iron Lady's genitalia will take the rest of my life to scrub from my memory.
Other than that, good show!

Devin said...

Haha-sorry about needing the memory scrub Justin! It always seems like the articles I think of taking down due to embarrassment or some such-that seem to be the most popular -I must be outta "synch" ;-) hey I really loved your new article and am going to try to read more this eve after i try to do an article-don't know if i can get to the whole thing as I am still feeling blah-just that stuffed up foggy feeling you get with a cold
all the best to you Justin and thanks so much!!

Justin Russell said...

I think people vibed with this piece coz you were obviously having fun. Playfulness is contagious! I enjoyed reading it.

Devin said...

I agree Justin! also I can't thank you enough (but with my OCD i will try;-) for that link to the Dutroux/Franklin Omaha horribleness-your link may have given me the direction i will go in after this series-the immediate part of which is almost done-I would like to print that info from the site off somewhere -out of printer ink-perhaps mom will-and do a summation of what is there? The only problem is sometimes my summations are longer than the actual data--if the person running the site has an email I will ask them if it is ok to do this-of course giving credit-best as always and thanks again!

X. Dell said...

(1) You're right. The thought of Kissinger rubbing himself is rather distasteful.

(2) Thatcher and Le Pen were made for each other, don't you think?

(3) It's hard for me to believe that Cheney could get aroused without shooting someone.

(4) The "Matrix" premise really isn't that different from the conventional religious view point. After all, most faiths claim that we are a work of some type of artifice.

(5) I really think that if the elite were on a special wavelength to an other-worldly intelligence, they would probably act quite differently. I know the occult plays some role in this decision, but I'm more inclined to think of it as simply an alternative belief system--a belief system that will allow one to act in ways contrary to Judeo-Christian (and Islamic) concepts of compassion and justice.

(6) I quite agree that we do not know the world as it is. We only know a limited concept of it that is available through our few senses, which themselves are flawed.

Devin said...

Hahahahaha:-) you always make me laugh Xdell-loved item #2 #3 haha-although in a sad real way #3 i think could very well be real-I think even Cheney's friends call him "Darth" if that should give anyone a clue haha!!
and #s 4,5 and 6 are what I have tried to be so on about here and in comments at other blogs-but i think i have largely failed -well your points were all original as they were your comments -but you did them without being overly wordy and making your point -I actually never thought of #4 from that angle and that is interesting -oddly enough (even tho thru my flawed senses i think humankind is in a ghastly mess right now) I am starting to lean in some ways towards the matrix theory (not all the way yet and prob could never decide for sure) because of the simple fact that WE ARE ALIVE (well some of us-of course it is apocalypse every day on this planet for some) in our year of grace 2009!! i never ever thought in my life this year-haha actually any year beyond the eighties more or less would come to be !! we are 26 years beyond my first prediction of nuclear exchange between the US and USSR-and I just can't believe with human evil-destructiveness-and suicidal tendencies-that there are about 7 billion of us now -it could all end tonight-and I would still say we got a reprieve -somehow -someway-from something!! that is just my take -thanks again so very much for stopping by my friend!!-will try to get to X Spot this eve!!