Friday, September 11, 2009

Simply the Best!

"Better than all the rest":) I know how about if I give it a rest! I just got done reading Jeff's new article at Rigorous Intuition, and I think it was beautiful and thought-provoking to say the least. Who else can talk about Joe Stalin, Jane Goodall, HP Lovecraft, Betelegeuse (the star not the movie:), The Beatles, the Kennedys, Barack Obama, Pee Wee Herman, George W. Bush, Heinrich Himmler, Adolph Eichmann, Walter Evans-Wentz and Barry Manilow at the same time? Here is just a small sample of Jeff's latest article and it is by no means even close to being what the article is about in its totality. The rise of fascism in Europe (and elsewhere;) has been on my mind a lot lately and then I read this from Jeff's article: "During a period of pauperization, the people with a little who have been told all their lives that they have a lot and now risk losing even that are thus most inclined to learn the Horst Wessel song...And Glenn Beck is mobilizing the Freikorps." Believe me-there is something in Jeff's latest article for everyone-no kidding! I may work on an article for this blog tonight but I will put it below this. I am not sure I have time now. This will be my future shout-out post for other people I am way behind on thanking for their hard work also. I hope everyone will read the articles I link to in this post. Not because my opinion is important or anything like that-just to say thanks to friends in blogland for a job well done. Alex Robinson and Autumnforest are next up! Link to Jeff's article HERE.

For a wonderful new take on "Mothman" -along with an enormous host of other paranormal goodies check out Autumnforest's "Ghost Hunting Theories" Her Mothman -An Interdimensional Rebel? HERE

More interdimensional and other type fun from "family" (and I don't mean the Manson Family:) member and long-time friend Michael at Gosporn HERE Just checked links. If you want to read Michael's article just click on "Gosporn" where it says the blog doesn't exist and you will get to the right page!

And yet one more for today. An incident (a very good one) happened to my mom and I today that just goes to show how stupid racist thought or any kind of bigotry is. I was going to do a "lone" short post about it today-but saw Cruel Virgin's article HERE and thought I would just tell it here with a link to CV's article because I think she is on the money with things I have been noticing lately! We went to a discount book store with three bags of used books. I don't know how long we were in there but it had to have been at least 45 minutes to an hour. We were given about $3.75 for all three bags-o well you can try -eh?:) My mom realized she didn't have her car keys. She frantically searched in her handbag and then checked her door. Well it was unlocked. I was thinking this was a good thing because we had all the books in the trunk before we went in the store and I thought perhaps she had just dropped the keys in there. I had her open the trunk with the inside switch. Once again disappointment reigned-especially after what I thought was going to be a very lucky day for us (it did turn out lucky) we never-at least in the time she has been running me around on errands-have left the doors unlocked. Of course- no keys in the trunk after "getting lucky" so to speak. My mom had me stay with the car and the few books we had been able to purchase and ran back inside the bookstore thinking she mislaid the keys at the checkout. All this time I was getting more nervous-My dad's back has been out for about four days now. I knew he couldn't drive to get us out of the mess and indeed can barely walk (please say a prayer or think a get well thought for him!)

I could tell my mom wasn't having any luck with the keys in the store as we were parked very close and she would have been right back had she left them at the checkout. It may have only been five to ten minutes since we got outside the store-obviously wasn't timing it. All of a sudden a four-by-four truck pulled up close to me- still searching rather stupidly in the trunk-like the keys were going to turn up in the spare tire space-maybe I was thinking the "Good Folk" or the "Pixies" were having another go at me-only this time with my beautiful stylin' mother! The man in the truck was not white-caucasian-that is all that's important to say for this article. He looked at me and held his hand out the window and asked, "Did you lose something?" Well turns out this gentleman-who happened to NOT BE WHITE/CAUCASIAN had seen the keys glinting in the sun near mom's car. Instead of just leaving the keys to fate or turning them into one of the stores at the strip mall he obviously must have circled around for a time-I do not know how long. I was so happy at the turn of events I could only say "Thank you so very much! You have just made two people very happy!." I shook his hand and he drove off and waved. Before the truck pulled up I was thinking we were going to be more than a few hours in a bit of a bind on what was an important day to get some things done. I also realized that had I seen the keys-sure I would have stopped and turned them into the nearest store-but I know I wouldn't have circled around the parking lot waiting for the owners to return. This gentleman's going above and beyond has made me realize that there are still very kind people out there who care about their fellow human beings. Because of his example now I will also go out of my way the next time the opportunity comes up to do something nice for someone.

Wouldn't you know it? Mom was heading towards good ole US 60 and we saw a car that had these bumper stickers: the words "Confederate Heritage" with a Confederate Flag. "Socialism is Slavery" with an image of President Obama. A decal that had a white arm and hand with "43" on it -handing a baton-presumably dropped (didn't get a real good look at this one) by a black arm and hand with "44" on it. An image of President James Madison with his famous "If tyranny ever comes to this country, it will be from within" on it. With this one I instantly thought "Where the fig were these people when ahem "43" got the "UN" Patriot -Act passed that essentially eviscerates our Constitution the next time a "National Emergency" comes around. I guess it is OK if WHITE people are strangling what is left of this nation and its laws-but back to the end of the bus should anyone else give it a shot! The whole issue with the color of our president's skin and not (oh how they try though!) his politics is so out of hand I am really in disbelief-but my disbelief is very stupid-should have expected it! Sadly-on this 8th anniversary of that horrible day-I am thinking if we can't get along like decent human beings to each other-ya know what I think? Instead of having a shooting war this time that each state should have a referendum on staying in the union. Screw that majority of states has to approve stuff and voted on in congress blah blah blah-the states that want out are free to get out-immediately. I do know only one thing perhaps-the world would be a much much better place if there were more "Non-White" guy (or gal!) with the keys in it!

Sorry to go on and on about such a simple event. I am just so angry at the outright racial hatred I see right now it makes me sick to my stomach. PS-and no I am not voting for Obama the next time 'round, assuming there is one. I just thought that maybe we had advanced a bit beyond 1863 by now. Hope to have everyone I communicate with in blogland here or in yet a third shout out post. I am not going in a particular order or anything. Love you all and have a wonderful weekend! There may be a new post below this from a book I "re-found" today during the "Mom and Devin Adventure Show" not sure yet. All the best!


Alex Robinson said...

Hiya Devin
Very nice of you to take the time to give others an ethusiastic shout out.
Will certainly take a look in the direction you are pointing. As to your previous article, that's a great book isn't it - not one that you forget!

I hope you are having a splendid day my friend

Autumnforest said...

Thanks--can't wait to read it.

Devin said...

Thanks so much Alex-I thought Jeff's article was wonderful-in fact if I can ever wake up tonight I am going to read it again! I also agree about Holographic Universe that is a great book!!

Autumnforest -I have no doubt you will enjoy the article as much as I did! The article was quite sad/melancholy in some places in regards to mankind's place in the future and other things-but you know what I tend to agree with Mr Wells about this-our world aint exactly Norman Rockwell or Mr Rogers Neighborhood to say the least!!

best to the both of you and thanks so much for commenting!!

Middle Ditch said...

I will check it out when I have the time. You're okay?

Devin said...

Yes MD just fine-having an awful time with fatigue lately-but it will go away soon -hopefully:) havent been online as much-The article is fanstastic-I hope you and the whole crew over there get a chance to check it out-even Farmer Drake:) best to you as always!!

Justin Russell said...

Yea, Wells is a gifted writer for sure. Good article. He really seems to get some people's goats eh? The comments section is always so damn feisty there.
Stay well Dev!

Devin said...

No doubt indeed Justin! thanks again for stopping by-and I hope you have a great weekend-all the best!!

Julie said...

Great post Devin. Loved the story about you and your Mother. I like it when you make it personal. Hope you are feeling better, even with the crazy weather we seem to be having.

Devin said...

Julie thanks so much for stopping by!! I am doing better once again-it see-saws all the time. I am glad you enjoyed the story. It is so funny when it happened-or right afterwards I had intended to do a bit here about it-because of all the hatred I see right now-and had more or less forgotten until I read Cruel's article. best to you as always!!