Friday, September 4, 2009

Meanings, Maps and Territories Part Three

Don't like this reality? Get your own! Physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, among many others in both the research of physics and parapsychology have noted how deeply connected we are to each other. A person in a completely different room can register a reaction to a person in another room who is given an electic shock on a polygraph. Light flashed in the eyes of a test subject will also register in the ECG (electroencephalograph) chart of another test subject isolated in a different room. A plethysmograph, which measures the blood volume in a person's finger, which in turn is a great indicator of a person's autonomic nervous system functioning can also be helpful in these types of experiments. For instance, when a "sender"in another room reads the name of someone they know off a list of names mostly unknown to them. On pages 143-144 of Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe, he talks about an experiment conducted by Charles Tart, a professor of psychology at the Davis campus of the University of California. Professor Tart (with the help of Profs Slattern and Ho-sorry another lousy joke) wondered what would happen if two people were put into a deep trance and were able to communicate. He thought of this when he began to realize how much scientific research was showing how interconnected our world is.

And-what if these two people had extremely good visualization skills? "Tart found two graduate students, Anne and Bill, who could go into deep trance and were also skilled hynotists in their own right. He had Anne hypnotize Bill and after he was hypnotized, he had Bill hypnotize her in return. Tart's reasoning was that the already powerful rapport that exists between the hypnotist and the subject would be strengthened by using this unusual procedure. He was right. When they opened their eyes in this mutually hypnotic state everything looked gray. However, the grayness quickly gave way to vivid colors and glowing lights, and in a few moments they found themselves on a beach of unearthly beauty. The sand sparkled like diamonds, the sea was filled with enormous frothing bubbles and glistened like champagne, and the shoreline was dotted with translucent crystalline rocks pulsing with internal light. Although Tart could not see what Anne and Bill were seeing, from the way they were talking he quickly realized they were experiencing the same hallucinated reality."

" Of course, this was immediately obvious to Anne and Bill and they set about to explore their newfound worlds, swimming in the ocean and studying the glowing crystalline rocks. Unfortunately for Tart they also stopped talking, or at least they stopped talking from Tart's perspective. When he questioned them about their silence they told him that in their shared dreamworld they were talking, a phenomenon Tart feels involved some kind of paranormal communication between the two. In session after session Anne and Bill continued to construct various realities, and all were as real, available to the five senses, and dimensionally realized, as anything they experienced in their normal waking state. In fact, Tart resolved that the worlds Anne and Bill visited were actually more real than the pale, lunar version of reality with which most of us must be content...Anne and Bill's ocean world is the perfect example of a holographic reality-a three-dimensional construct created out of interconnectedness, sustained by the flow of consciousness, and ultimately as plastic as the thought processes that engendered it."

The realities created by Anne and Bill were more flexible and flowing than our "normal" spacetime. Soemtimes Anne and Bill would forget to "make" their own bodies in these realities and often times appeared to each other as floating faces or heads! On one occasion Bill asked Anne to give him her hand and she reported, "I had to kind of conjure up a hand." Finally from Talbot's book: "How did this experiment in mutual hypnosis end? Sadly the idea that these spectacular visions were somehow real, perhaps more real than everyday reality, so frightened both Anne and Bill that they became increasingly nervous about what they were doing. They eventually stopped their explorations, and one of them, Bill, even gave up hypnosis entirely."

I hope anyone reading this enjoyed yet another exploration of some of the subjects in Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe. I do hope to be online tomorrow and hope everyone is about to-or is having-a beautiful weekend!


Autumnforest said...

This is one of my favorite posts! It's right up my alley. I love this stuff. When my father died, he had an out-of-body experience for four minutes until they were able to revive him. During that time, he said he experienced colors that don't exist and flowers that don't exist. He seriously wanted to return. In fact, he died a few days later. I always wondered about that. Without the limits of human senses and body form, can we experience things we can't experience with the basic physics of our corporeal forms? When we dream at night, I think we prove that with the ability to travel, meet strangers, do tasks, even fly and run faster than is humanly possible. That's only a sample of what our mind can do without a body. Other examples would be things like psychic abilities, remote viewing, astral projection, drug-induced states...It's all so exciting. I can relate to the subjects' feelings about getting too far into the fantasy world. When I was remote viewing regularly, I felt both powerful for seeing things undetected (I focused mainly on the world's most wanted criminals), but I also felt helpless. I could do nothing about anything I saw and, as of yet, there's no one who's going to listen to you when you describe in detail a bad guy's hangout. I do believe people can pass info back and forth. When my son was younger, we'd be waiting in a waiting room somewhere and I'd just practice my psychic skills. He'd open a magazine and look at a picture and I'd be sitting across from him. He'd studying the colors and shapes and all and I'd describe it. He was a great sender, I was a great receiver. It really was shocking! I don't believe the rot about psychic abilities being god-given. They seem to be a function more outside of our bodies than inside, we're just receivers and transmitters, but the real "source" of the info seems to interact between all living things.

Devin said...

Autumnforest-I am so very happy you enjoyed this article -the book is available from scribd as a free ebook-I found a copy at Bookman's in Mesa for seven bucks so bought that too! I think the experiences you describe are fascinating and thanks so much for sharing them here!! I have had only the very smallest touch of what you and others in my "blogpals":) group have-but I believe in these abilities completely-and only wish I could build my own senses up
I agree with -if I am reading you right and I hope I am -about our bodies/brains being a kind of prison or filter that prevents us from seeing reality in toto-total whatever haha:) Like the experiences your father had and sending and receiving images with your son-I think these experiences prove "We" when we are in our bodies experience only one half of one percent of what reality is out there! I hope this reply made some sense-I am still trying to wake up after 7 pm at night from being up till 5 am reading this morning -but at least I was kept awake by myself doing something I enjoy and not the "Noisies" a few doors down or folks trespassing at 3 am in our pool-which to people in this neighborhood may as well have a sign saying "Community Pool-Use at All Hours of the Night Even tho it Closes at 10 pm-and try to wake Devin up if you can!" best to you as always and I very much enjoyed your comment!!