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The Fascinating Life of Bulgarian Prophetess "Auntie Vanga"

Vangelia Gushterova was born on 31 January 1911 and died on 11 August 1996. She was a blind peasant/clairvoyant, and was venerated throughout Bulgaria as "Aunt" or "Granny" Vanga. She was born in neighboring Macedonia and is generally thought to have gained her powers after she lost her sight in a windstorm when she was 12 years old-although some place the start of her abililities earlier. During World War II Vanga's reputation as a seeress increased greatly when Bulgaria's King Boris III paid her a visit. On 10 May 1942 Vanga married Dimitar Gushterov, who had come to her to find out about his brother's killers but he promised not to extract revenge. Her husband eventually died of alcoholism in 1962. Vanga claimed that her extraordinary powers were bestowed upon her by invisible creatures. She wasn't able to explain much about them including their origin. She said that the creatures gave her information about people, which she was then able to convey because time and space were just an illusion. According to Vanga, the life of everyone standing in front of her was like a film from birth to death. H0wever, changing "what is written on the generation" was beyond her powers.

Most of Vanga's predictions concerned "normal" people's lives. She is thought to have hidden some extremely sad or hurtful information at times because it not only made her sad but she didn't think the man or woman could bear it. Vanga is known to have been rude to people whom she considered bad or sinful. The guilty person's actions were usually exposed by her in detail before she sent the "evil" person away. This aspect of her personality becomes very interesting in light of some of the company she advised or predicted for. Among these people are Soviet reformer and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, Russian nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Bulgarian Communist Pary General Secretary Todor Zhivkov. It is Zhivkov I will focus on briefly. Todor Zhivkov ruled Bulgaria from March 1954 to November 10, 1989-his rule ended the day after the Berlin Wall came down. He was by far ( except for Hungarian Communist Party boss Janos Kadar, who came to power with the aid of Soviet tanks in 1956 and left politics in 1988) the longest serving communist bloc leader. Todor Zhivkov was known to change his political views on a dime which could have explained his longevity. Zhivkov survived the Stalinist years, the Sino-Soviet split, Khrushchev's overthrow in 1964, an attempted coup in 1965, his daughter Lyudmila's death in 1981 (of which there is some speculation about. Lyudmila may have been being groomed by her father to take over power in the same communist "dynasty" manner of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in North Korea. However it is believed by some historians that she ran afoul of the Soviet leadership because she promoted Bulgarian nationalism too strongly at the expense of communist solidarity. Bulgaria was always viewed by many as being the most loyal Soviet satellite state.) and the post Brezhnev years. Zhivkov instituted a "phony" glasnost/perestroika after Gorbachev came to power.

Zhivkov was always something of an enigma. He is thought to have personally ordered the death of at least one Bulgarian dissident, Georgi Markov, who was living in England in 1978. The death of Markov was rather James "Bondish." He was stabbed with an umbrella by a man at London's Waterloo station. The tip of the umbrella was made to inject him with the poison "ricin"-a very deadly poison in minute doses-into his body. Georgi Markov died soon afterwards. At home, however, as opposed to unpopular communist leaders such as Romania's Nicolae Ceaucescu, Czechoslovakia's Gustav Husak, and East Germany's Erich Honecker to name a few-many Bulgarian's thought of him fondly and called him by the nickname "Tato" which means "Dad" or "Pop." When Zhivkov passed away in 1998 there was real grief expressed by some Bulgarians at his funeral, although the commnist era was long past. Vangelia Gushterova appeared on Bulgarian State TV with Zhivkov and other high party officials. Some say that she even gathered information psychically for the Bulgarian secret service-the Derzhavna Sigurnost to gain the trust of her visitors.

Here is a thought I had while thinking of Vanga's apparent cooperation with people who were perhaps not the nicest in the world. Perhaps she simply knew she was "trapped" when certain officials came to call. It seems that Vanga did not have a great (or any) belief in changing the course of events (timelines) anyway. So when she was "courted" by Zhivkov or others she told them what she felt she "had" to. After all, whatever knowledge she imparted to Zhivkov didn't save him from falling from power, facing a possible prison sentence (not followed through on due to Zhivkov's age) and allowing him to flee Bulgaria with his wealth while it was still possible. This is of course just theorizing by yours truly. I had another thought as I was typing this although this is in the "weak" category due to Vanga's apparent belief many or all events couldn't be changed. Maybe Vanga foresaw a Bulgarian version of Ceaucescu? With this theory she cooperated with Zhivkov to keep Bulgaria going from the frying pan into the fire.

Here is a list of predictions by Vanga. I have included them all. There are some like the "Kursk" that people swear to and some that are debated but I thought it best to include all of them in case anyone wants to do their own research into this fascinating woman-I am going to continue my research and hope to update this post every now and then. I have been aware a long time about Vanga and finally it seemed the "right" time to do an article-however short on her life. Her predictions include: World War II, the coming to power of the communists in Bulgaria in 1944, the date of Stalin's death, the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 (in which Bulgarian troops participated), an earthquake in Bulgaria which came to pass in 1985, the Chernobyl disaster, the break-up of the Soviet Union and Boris Yeltsin's electoral victory to become Russia's first freely elected president.

Vanga's after death predictions include the sinking of the Russian submarine "Kursk" that took 118 lives on 12 August 2000, Veselin Topalov's (Bulgarian chess grandmaster) victories in competitions-including one in Sofia in 2009 that cleared his way to become the challenger for the World Chess Championship, the date of her own death and lastly a chilling prediction. Vanga predicted that World War III would begin on November 2010 and last until October 2014. The war will start with conventional weapons, move to nuclear and finally chemical weapons. Let us hope like hell the last one doesn't happen! I was also struck while reading some of her supposed predictions that like Nostradamus, some are very nationalistic and relate to Bulgaria only. Nostradamus was known to be a loyal Frenchman first and many of his predictions relate to France only. There was a famous Nostradamus quatrain about "three brothers" which many commentators automatically took to be the Kennedy brothers-but makes much more sense as a "French" prediction in regards to the monarchy. I am merely conveying this information. I am still studying Vanga, Cayce, Nostradamus and others who claimed to see the future. It is up to each of you to decide what is right and wrong. The only "Vanga" prediction that we have to go by for accuracy is the most horrifying one about WWIII-and I will personally be very happy if that doesn't happen!

The reason I think Auntie Vanga's case is so interesting is that I know her relationship to Todor Zhivkov is "true" to a large extent in that she was sought out by him. Now the reason for this simply could have been Zhivkov trying to have the blessing of a "national treasure" and so on-even to promote tourism to Bulgaria! I am continuuing in my quest to see if she met with Gorbachev and others-and again if this turns out to be true it could be for other reasons. Vanga's house in Petrich in Bulgaria was made into a museum as per her wish after her death. Here are the links HERE and HERE and HERE . The top image is of Vanga during one of her "seeings" and the next is of her house in Petrich. Peace and be well to anyone stopping by! "Kursk" LINK


Autumnforest said...

Amazing post! Interesting, isn't it? I do agree that time is not like we think it is. We see seconds ticking by and then minutes, hours, and a day. Soon, you're looking back at the past week, but the interesting thing is that you're in the "now" when you look back at the past, and yet there's no reason why you can't be in the "now" and look into the future. People bugged me for years to read the future, and although some events I can foresee on the timeline of life as inevitable, much of it is very fluid. I have a cousin who is deaf and blind and when we were kids and visited her, it took most of us days before we understood her language (she hadn't heard her own voice since she was a small child and she was in her 20s then). I could figure her out right away without any preliminaries. What was so interesting was that she was sweet and docile and kind and loved to brush our hair and play music for us (even though she could only feel the piano's resonance), but every now and then she would be extremely hard on my "bad" sister if she came near. We never understood it, but our cousin, lacking other senses, had developed the sense that my sister was not good and she had no time for bad people, no way to protect against them. She was like a small dog with no real ability to hurt you, barking and growling incessantly to intimidate. Without any superficiality of someone who can see and hear, she didn't care what people thought of her or how they tried to impress her, she sensed the real person underneath. She was right, too, my sister would have pickpocketed her bedroom if she got in there (she was a rebel and a hippie, what can I say?) I love the concept of someone who can't see being a seer. They're less distracted by the busy-ness of life. When I do psychic testing online, I always score better if I don't look at the pictures but choose blindly. Heightened senses in the absence of the regular senses would make for a great psychic. In fact, I'm working on a post about the autonomic system ruling psychic abilities.

Devin said...

Thanks so much for your great comment Autumnforest! That is fascinating about your cousin and the "bad" sister. I do believe that most people who look into the paranormal think at least some parts of the future are fluid and can be changed. I also agree with the thinking but not necessarily everything that men like George Gurdjieff and PD Ouspensky did among others as to how automatic (and predictable) some human behaviors are. PD Ouspensky was particularly struck when he saw a van loaded with crutches before WW1 started -and a kind of revelation hit him about human nature as obviously these crutches and other supplies were not used yet -but would be shortly! Many times I think I would like to see the future-but when i really sit down and think about it maybe it is better this way:) best to you as always and thanks for your fantastic comment!!

Alex Robinson said...

Hiya Devin
That was most interesting, although like you I am not enamoured of the last prediction.

I was wondering about that - looking at time & space as an illusion & looking at the increasing awareness of these times, I'm wondering if 2012 represents a time when the illusion will have it's weakest hold. I recall that abductees always report being shown grim endings for the world - always there is this fear based scenario. Perhaps those who gave her this info are of that ilk - dunno just wondering as I desire a world of freedom & it's very hard to work towards it when doom looms closely overhead.
As with the Dee info we do not have any resume's of the providers personality.

I think perhaps 'fate is set' when our minds are closed &we run on automatic pilot, but I have a feeling that when we grasp the steering wheel we are able to change direction.

I hope all that made sense :)
& I hope your day is a beautiful one. xx

Michael Skaggs said...

This was great bro, I really enjoyed this! Love the unheard of stories about people I never knew about!

Great work.

Devin said...

Hi Alex -thanks so much for stopping by! That is interesting to connect the information Vanga received from the creatures to the abducteee phenomenon -the WWIII prediction does sound like what many abductees report. I am reading a very interesting book right now by partrick harpur that talks about the similarities of reports from the "daimonic" world-it has been great so far not finished yet. as far as 2012 goes-along with the WWIII stuff I am in a wait and see mode-I would give anything if there were to be an uplifting of consciousness in 2012 and the space/time illusion ripped away-best to you as always!!

Michael-thanks so much for your comment-I did this story for that exact reason-I did not feel that many people who visit my site would be aware of "Auntie Vanga" -I was not myself until I saw a bit the Fortean Times magazine did when her "Kursk" prophecy apparently came to pass -and from then on was hooked on getting more information -hopefully this article will have a follow up someday-best to you as always!!

Justin Russell said...

Some more information I wasn't aware of Dev. Thanks! Its great to come here and absorb brand new gnosis.
Time and space being an illusion, a construct of human perception, I definitely agree with.

I can't type any more now as I've had three glasses of wine and the page reads squiffy. Heh!

Devin said...

He he -Justin your comment made me smile!! I cant type very much either-but i wish it was from three glasses of wine- i just did 17 pages of handwritten notes on a future (hopefully soon) subject for this blog and my hands and eyes are killin me from looking at computer screen and writing in notebook - best to you as always and thanks so much for stopping by!!

nolocontendere said...

Supposed time travelor John Titor's timeline fits well with her prediction about world war, although I'd suggest world war has already begun, it just hasn't gotten to the missiles with nukes stage.

Devin said...

nolocontendre-I cant thank you enough for reminding me about the Titor information! I read a bit about him in 2004-06 and thought much of the info was interesting-but decided a hoax-but perhaps a hoax by someone in the know-which could be very valuable. You are correct as always that his timetable fits more with Vanga's than any other I have seen-but it didnt even occur to me! I agree with your other thoughts also-it is going to take an out and out miracle to get us out of the situation that this ole world is coming to. Hey -I would appreciate your input very much as you are so into politics for a short series i am going to do at my other blog-Dev's Questions -i hope to start working on it right now pretty much-the first post anyway-best to you and the Mrs as always!!

Ned said...

Hi all!
It is really very sad to read such predictions as for WW III,though I never heard Vanga made that prediction.
What I believe is that if we, the humans,continue to interfere in
the Nature so badly one day the Earth will simply shake and trow us away.

Devin said...

Ned-thanks so much for stopping by MFM!!
I love getting comments on the "older" articles because it so rarely happens -I certainly agree with your last sentence!
In regards to her WWIII prediction that was a "new" one for me too when I did this article -and like I say I am delighted that one didn't happen -or yet anyway!
I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season Ned-and have a wonderful 2010!!