Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John Dee & Edward Kelley & the Spirit World: Pt 7

I have always thought that some of the most fascinating thoughts on world history are the conspiratorial, esoteric-ummm things not being quite as they seem. This idea is just one that I hope to touch on in this series. These ideas can be as simple as things we know happened: for instance the conspiracy to kill Hitler-I should also mention here the absolute 100 percent reality of the Holocaust-for there are some numbskulls out there that don't think the Holocaust was the real series of atrocities that it was-or even existed at all! Uh yeah-Zyklon B and "The Final Solution" were simply code words for a new form of roach control! Oh and the walking skeletons you see in photographs taken in concentration camps after the Nazi regime fell-they were just extras-kinda like what you find in Hollywood!. I have always found people coming from this angle to be haters of Jewish folk. They will deny it under all sorts of refutations and folderall-but trust me on just this one thing if anything-people that deny the Holocaust happened hate Jewish people. That is one reason I refuse to visit certain sites on the net even though they may have a great database of other subjects.

In fact Professor Pan did a great expose of one of them and I will try to come back with a link to his article. The deaths of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy have long been proven in my mind to be what Jeff Wells at Rigorous Intuition calls "acts of state." Jeff also touches on the anti-Jewish contagion that unfortunately infects some in the field of conspiracy research in his book, Rigorous Intuition. From here I will skip over the many events from the latter part of the twentieth century through the years of our new century-everthing from other assassinations-including Pope John Paul 1 (oh yes-yet another series inspired by Rigorous Intuition might be in the works here if my neighbors don't whack my own bad self before then!), Pan Am 103, the Oklahoma City bombing and of course the biggest bugger of them all-September 11, 2001. There are some out there who would suggest that the money masters of the capitalist West bankrolled both the foundation of Nazi Germany and the nascent Soviet Union. These ideas are what I call the BIG conspiracy theories-and you know what? I think the people that have done research like this just might be onto something. But I digress-as usual:) What I am trying to get at, using too many words is that sometimes our history books may not tell us the whole story. And with John Dee-maybe just maybe a person who rates a footnote in most serious studies of history, was perhaps a much more important individual than given credit for.

Now I would like to plug another book! The lovely author Jane Dunn who has written a biography of Mary Shelley, a study of the relationship between Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell, and also a groundbreaking work on the life of Antonia White authored a beautiful 2004 book called Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals and Queens. Jane Dunn is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Like Rigorous Intuition, the music of Linda Matos and other books, poetry and works of art that I have shouted out here and those I hope to in the future I would feel absolutely secure in offering a refund to readers of my blog who purchased the book and found it wanting. I actually hope to be able to do this with these things if my financial situation ever turns around. Of course one must qualify certain things. I would suggest buying this book iff (iff=if and only iff if I remember geometry and college algebra right!): You have an interest in women in power, feminism, Elizabethan England, Mary Queen of Scots, international relations of the time period, customs, how men and women related to each other then. I also very much enjoyed how Jane Dunn breathed so much life into the people and timeframe she talks about in the book and also the powerful emotions she portrays with an expert skill. Jane Dunn-you get the My Favorite Monsters seal of approval (as if you care:). If you were a man I could offer to do certain things for you-or should I say iff and only iff you were a man! Sorry folks-you know how bad insomnia worsens my already horrid sense of humor! I do have one thing I could offer if you so fancied. I could dress up as Peter Cottontail and chase you around with an egg beater as I sing my version of I think I'm Going Out of My Head by Little Anthony and the Imperials! And of course if you do not wish me to do this you (which I am just assuming on a hunch:) you could just let me quote from your book!

So here goes from pages 27 to 29 in Jane Dunn's Elizabeth and Mary: "Court Life had revived within the month. Having been secluded for so long, careful to be seen as modest, scholarly and not overly ambitious, Elizabeth now joined her courtiers, feasting and dancing into the early morning. Her physical vitality reminded the older ones present of her father when a young man, but unlike him, her energy and physical fitness lasted well into late middle-age when she could still hunt and dance her noblemen to a standstill. Elizabeth began that Christmas to exhibit something of her capacity for epic enjoyment. In another dispatch, Schifanoya was rather disapproving: "The Court is held at Westminster, and they are intent on amusing themselves and on dancing till after midnight," he sniffily reported to the Mantuan ambassador at the court of Philip II in Brussels. A month later he was deploring "the levities and unusual licentiousness at Elizabeth's court, refusing to detail the profanities acted out on the feast of the Epiphany, traditionally Twelfth Night, when mummers dressed up as crows wearing the habits of cardinals, or as asses in bishops' regalia and wolves in abbots' clothing. While the court and the young queen greeted this ribaldry with wild laughter, our devout Italian observer was not amused at the wider implications as to Elizabeth's intentions towards the true religion: "I will consign it in silence."

"The timing of the coronation was of crucial moment. With the implicit threat from the French with Mary Queen of Scots' claim to the English throne in their pocket, and the obdurate insistence of two popes that Elizabeth was illegitimate, it seemed politic to claim her crown as soon as possible. By then it was well-established law, "that the crown once worn quite taketh away all Defects whatsoever. But these new Elizabethans had a complicated relationship with the supernatural. A teeming spirit world coexisted with the material, and divination, astrology, alchemy and other esoteric beliefs flourished as part of the natural sciences. Nostradamus was closely consulted for his prophecies (Catherine de Medici, the mother-in-law of Mary Queen of Scots, was a particularly fervent devotee). According to the seer, 1559 was an inauspicious year: to anyone who could read or was susceptible to tavern gossip there was not much better to be hoped for than "divers calamities, weepings and mournings" and "civil sedition" which would sweep the land. It was not the best omen for the beginning of the reign of another woman and it added to the atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty."

" Lord Robert Dudley was entrusted with a mission to seek out Dr. John Dee, a remarkable and learned man, who was to become Elizabeth's own consultant philosopher and who numbered astrology amongst his many accomplishments. Unlike Nostradamus with his mysticism, Dr. Dee was known for his more scientific approach to divination by mapping the positions of the planets. His task was to draw up a horoscope of the most auspicious day and time for Elizabeth's cornonation, the formal birth of her reign. Apparently the best astrological augury pointed to 15 January 1559, with Jupiter, the chief god of the planetary system, positioned satisfactorily in Aquarius, to signfiy a universality to this Jovian power and Mars, the planet of war and assertive action, placed in indomitable Scorpio. The date of greatest promise was what the Queen accepted."

"The Christmas of 1558 was even busier than usual as everyone prepared for the coronation, working "day and night both on holidays and week days." There was such a run on crimson silk and cloth of gold and of silver that any sale of it was embargoed until Elizabeth had made her choice for herself and her household. Her noblemen and women were determined to cut a dash and make their mark. With a new reign there was much insecurity and jostling for position and preferment. This was the greatest opportunity for dressing up and showing off, parading one's wealth and influence to which one aspired. It was a chance to catch the royal eye."

There is a bit more to go with the Dee information from Jane Dunn's book. I hope I didn't quote directly from her book too much. I don't want to be in violation of any copyright laws or rules . I have enjoyed this book so much and thought the information in these pages was very pertinent to this series that I quoted more from the book directly than I realized at first. I asked someone who I thought would be very in the know about copyrights when I started the blog-and their answer was as long as you give credit to the author you should be fine-but I have noticed some differences in the way copyrights are worded and such. Perhaps there is a website that will tell about them or or an agency I can call or email to be on the extra-safe side. Again everything in quotes, except earlier where noted is from Jane Dunn's Elizabeth & Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens on pages 27 and 28. I will put the rest that is left-not sure how much in my own words and hope to get it here very soon. And of course the article I have planned all along is in the works-and it may not even be the end of the series. The image is The Armada Portrait of Elizabeth 1. The name of the picture is one of any three surviving versions of an allegorical panel depicting Elizabeth surrounded by symbols of imperial majesty against a backdrop of the Spanish Armada. I also hope to come back with the link to the Professor Pan article I mentioned before logging off for the evening. Peace and best wishes to anyone stopping by! The link to the Professor Pan article -actually a series here The articles Professor Pan has posted is about Jeff Rense. There are many other subjects on his site also besides this.


Justin Russell said...

Hey Devin, nice continuation in the series. Let me know if you want any extras for the series, I have a few books on Dee. You can sqizz a couple of them here via Google Books (they may amount to less than half of the text but there may be something interesting there):

John Dee: The World of an Elizabethan Magus By Peter J. French

The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age By Frances Amelia Yates

Unfortunately it looks like Yates' book has hardly anything except the cover, intro, and contents, but you can see how much is on Dee and the Faerie Queene there.

I agree with you about the rather obvious hate and bigotry present today as regards the Jews, but with a caveat. To be anti-Zionist and to be anti-Jew are seperate things. Zionism and the current state of Israel have conducted some ferocious atrocities against the Palestinians and deserve extreme condemnation. However it is an immensely complicated situation and really does represent death & death rivalry in truly Biblical terms.
But there is so much fiery and perstulant hatred directed towards the Jews and the Jewish religion throughout history, and it echoes with ferocity still to this day. Where I see so much sheer hatred I have to take a step back. There's enough in the world as it is and the Zionists don't have the monopoly on atrocities conducted in the world today. The Western world is doing that spectacularly well as it is within the lands of Biblical lore right now. Genocidal progroms in Africa, death squads in South America, a whole continuum of wars, battles, and skirmishes that have plagued this century already in excess. Just nine years in.

There is a hell of a lot of virulent bigotry against Jews masquerading as strident anti-Zionism in the conspiracy community these days, and I'm very wary of it. But the fact is that the U.S. is married at the hip to Israel and the Zionists and not one word can be uttered in the press without the accusation of anti-semite being bandied about. The ultimate deterrent. Its a meaningless term in any case as regards Jews, if you were to see them as an actual race they would be just a part of the semitic race itself comprising the Arabs too.

A few researchers whose work I use (and many aspects I admire) like Michael A. Hoffman and the now deceased James Shelby Downard are (or were in Downard's case) proclaimed anti-Zionists who run right through in practice to being anti-Jew. Well, Downard pretty much broadcast his hatred for Jews. And other races who were not white too. There is a very interesting little exchange between Hoffman and someone called Sam at Hoffman's latest blog post called Talmudic Zionists soak female reporter in spit. Go to this first comment from Sam here and follow the comments down. Interesting exchange.

The situation is complex though, but there is far too much of the extreme rigtht-wing, often fascistic element driving the "Jews rule the world" theory. The Jews, or the Zionists to be specific play a bloody big I'm sure, but how much exactly I'm not sure.

Justin Russell said...

Its highly ironic that a book written by Ashkenazi Jew Athurh Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe - The Khazar Empire and its Heritage was a book intended to mitigate what the author felt was lingering, and malignant, "anti-semitism," and it is now being touted by neo-Nazis, neo-fascists, and white supremacists across the board as a kind of standard bearer for their bigotry and hatred.

Sorry to have unloaded so much waffle here but I felt the need. The issue of Zionism is something I would like to say is totally distinct from the practising Jews and Judaism but its not so simple I think. But there's just to much hate in the world eh?

X. Dell said...

(1) Imagine that. Millions of bulemic extras.

(2) Shelley's Frankenstein is one of my all-time favorite fiction books. I read it for the first time in 2002. Wasn't anything like I expected. Part sci-fi, part horror, part legal thriller, part adventure story, it has everything.

It also touches upon the esoteric subjects as well (what I like to call arcana). She mentions secret societies as the protectors of humanities from unseen forces that mankind can't understand (foreshadowing of Victor's experiment). It's even set (initially) at the University of Ingolstadt, Adam Weishaupt's old stomping grounds.

(3) Interesting book recommendations. A couple of them are going to the back of my reading list (very, very long reading list).

(4) Your point about the Elizabethan view of spirituality is well taken. First of all, it really does explain much of Dees relationship to the sovereign. But in a way, what "scientific" or systematic approaches he might have had to the subject of astrology really highlight what intellectual thought was between the dawn of humanistic thinking and the Enlightenment.

Autumnforest said...

I need to get back and read the other ones before I read this one...can't wait! I'll be done with work this afternoon and able to read. I saw this video online and thought of Clementina. I thought you'd get a real laugh out of it, it's really quite amazing. Keep watching for about a minute before the cat really starts her musical foray.

Autumnforest said...

I like this Dr. Dee character. It always intrigues me to find out historical characters enjoyed the insights of more talented seers and astrologists. Whether there's any efficacy in the practice, it does make the political figure stop and consider how one action, one timing can change the course o their life and their country.

Alex Robinson said...

Greetings to my favourite american monster :)
This was great Devin, I really appreciated getting the esoteric feel of those days gone by, it helps me in getting the feel of another bygone era I'm looking at - the importance placed on things outside of the realm of 'normalcy' in olden times is very different t0 our modern scientific views & it's so easy to use those kind of eyes to look at the past, which methinks is a mistake.

Looking forward to whatever else you have to reveal & thanks for all your hard work, I know typing is a real chore for you my friend.

Best to you always

Devin said...

Justin thanks so very much for your interest in this series and links! Depending on how long this goes I might definitely like the other information later-I really enjoyed reading the rest of your comment also! I did not realize that about Downard--of course all I have ever read is different people's views on his work on King Kill-you definitely caught the drift of what i was trying to say=all nations and peoples have committed atrocities-well maybe some have done a great job of minding their own business-and I certainly wasn't trying to excuse the horrors of Gaza-just the fact that some folks saying all of the evil in the world emanates from one source-whether it be people nation religion is absurd -greatly enjoyed your comments and best as always to you!! ps I agree about the hate in the world-I think a lot of it is created intentionally to "divide and conquer" by our overlords, I am very disappointed in Obama and should have seen it coming -but I was shocked both pre and post election about the things people were saying in regards to his race.

Xdell I can't tell you how much I appreciate your interest in this series! I am glad to here about adding to your reading list-mine is like a mile long too-I never dreamed I would be this poor and so many of the books I would like to get are unavailable at libraries. Very interesting information on Weishaupt and Shelley-you always manage to bring so much information that is new to me! Thanks again so much for stopping by and I am enjoying Ganesh so much -i plan to get caught up on it tonight -best to you as always!!

Autumnforest thanks so very much for your comments today-really appreciate them and thanks so much for the link also-I will try to get to all of your comments here tonight-best to you as always!! O and Clementina says thanks also:)
and I am glad you are enjoying this series!

Alex thanks so very much for stopping by and your interest in this series! I wasn't sure at first how much interest there would be in it but am delighted by the people who are taking an interest in it! Yes typing is a "monster" of a chore for me-ironically I type so much better on days I am exhausted from insomnia as you know-so on days when I sleep good the previous night it seems I cant hit the right letter for anything-best to you as always also my friend and I can't wait for your new article!!

Justin Russell said...

Hey Devin, yes, I agree with you. There's far too much of the hardline "all the evil in the world comes from the Jews" in the conspiracy community today.
Anyways, look forward to the next post.

Take care!

Devin said...

Justin thanks so much for stopping by again! If there is a continuation to this series after the future article I have planned-hopefully the article after tonights -it is thanks to you! best to you as always!!