Sunday, March 29, 2009

Like Sands Through the Hourglass-So Are....

Well today is my 44rth birthday. If I have done the calculations right at about 10:50 this morning I will have lived 16,071 days and made 44 revolutions along with about 6 billion people give or take a few- around the sun. So much has changed during my short time here-yet in a way so much has stayed the same-and in many cases this is unfortunate. I do have to live like there is a better tomorrow around the corner for all of us-and enjoy the small, magical mysteries and moments in life. Thanks so much for all of the kind and thoughtful people who comment here-I was going to do a post the other day that I've finally done the impossible-creating a blog where the comments are better than the blog itself!:-) I have so enjoyed and hope to continue to enjoy communicating with people on their blogs also! I am a bit stuck about where to go next with this blog. There is a big paranormal case that I think people would enjoy that I have thought of doing. The only problem with this is that if I start on it -I will again have less and less time to work on the novel I am trying to write-although it seems to me that this is hardly coming along like I wanted it anyway-and no matter how I try it seems that creativity can't be rushed. I read an excellent novel about a week ago -the author of that book was at the ripe old age of 26! How-oh how do people do it?? Well enough about this for now-I am going to post a poem by Terry Robinson from his book called A Walk with an Irishman that I hope people will enjoy-I know I did. It is called God's Gift to Me. Peace and be well to anyone stopping by!

To live each day with hope and joy
I must always be on my toes
And each new friend I chance to meet
is an enlightenment to behold
Each sunrise and each sunset
sends heaven's comforters to me
While around the willow banks
the wind echoes to me its call.
The travel bug that drives me on
rash dreamer that I am
Lays my suffering past to rest
as I triumphantly march on.


aferrismoon said...

Happy day.

Michael said...

Happy Birthday, Devin, hugs from Michael and Varen.

Anadæ Effro said...

Well happy birthday, Devin, and may this new beginning of a new solar return for you bring much health, wealth, happiness, and enlightenment. Is that a peony? Gorgeous photo. Here, get your own natal chart, gratis, from this online e-astrological services provider here, home of the free natal chart. Devin, they're so good, it's as if they've sent invisible spies out to track our lives & report back to us! And nice poem, that.

Happy, happy birthday again,
Anad' Effro (+;-)}

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Devin....have yourself a great day.....Danny Nunez is in the post x

Mike and Julie said...

Happy Birthday. You share a birthday with my blog buddy Mike. He is a just a mere 24 years old. Love the poem and hope you have a wonderful day.

nolocontendere said...

Happy Birthday, young fellow!

wise woman said...

Many & splendid happy returns to you Devin. Loved your beautiful picture & choice of poem.

Word veri: bilownes which makes me think of 'billows' & 'blown' - both wild & windy words that seem to fit your rose

Hope you had a truly great day

Autumnforest said...

I love when you include poetry. Your paranormal case sounds intriguing, but I've learned with editing my novel lately that I wasn't taking it seriously. At the end of the day, when all the work and chores were done, I sat down with my laptop to edit and kept getting distracted by TV nearby or my husband and son asking questions and stuff, or just plane brain freeze from being exhausted. I had to make it more of a priority now. I still hold my workout above my editing, but my editing is higher than cleaning the dishes, so it got bumped up. I would like to see you finish your novel. Maybe your blog could be little bits of truth you heard on TV or read in the paper and we could comment on. Or perhaps throwing ideas at us about your novel. Or you could continue along the likes of poetry that reflects current happenings. You always give a new insight to the world that's refreshing. We do enjoy hearing your viewpoint--you're quite an interesting person.

Devin said...

Hey all thanks so very much for the bday wishes!! best to all of you also:-)hope to be back l8tr today-gotta run right now all the best!!

Michael Skaggs said...

Hey my friend, hope your big day was a momentous one!

Sorry it's bee-lated, but you know me, I am always late to the party!

Thanks for sharing the inspiring poem!

Be well bro!

Nina said...

why a very happy (day late) birthday to you, devin! : )

now i have that days of our lives song stuck in my

Devin said...

Thanks again all-meant to come back and say hi to each one of you when i had more time-it was indeed a great day aferrismoon-and I hope you are doing great! Michael thanks much for your comment and hugs to you and Varen also! Anadae -as always thanks so much for commenting and your links-really appreciate it-hugs!! steveo-thanks so much -I love your blog and Danny Nunez is always a great gift idea:-)hugs!! Julie -thanks as always for commenting and I love your blog-tell Mike I said happy bday to him also -off the top of my head the only other two famous people who we share a bday with are Aretha Franklin and the tenth president John Tyler-will look up to make sure-hugs!! nolocontendre thanks so very much for stopping by and thanks also for your incredibly informative blog over the years -I hope you and the Mrs are doing great!! wise-as always so enjoy your comments and friendship -I hope you are having a beautiful day also-hugs:-)Autumnforest-with all you have going i dont see how you and others-especially those raising kids and jobs do such a good job on your blogs -much less get the time to write!! I so enjoy your blog it is fascinating -I will tell you and others what the case is-The Mothman Case in W Va in the mid -60s-I just do not know if I can come up with any new interesting material or angle on it -I think your suggestion is great in the meantime! I keep on looking for books on sale at the libraries etc about the paranormal to help with this blog-the Tempe library has a fantastic selection of used books from ten cents to a dollar-but unfortunately havent been able to find any good ones at all on the paranormal-best to you as always!!
Michael thanks so much for stopping by and birthday wishes! no problem at all with belated-most of mine are always late too-hugs!!
Nina thanks so much for stopping by-sorry to get that song stuck in your head-its funny -it wasn't in mine until about an hour after I did the post-now I can't get it our of my mind:-)hugs!!

X. Dell said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I missed it.

1965 was indeed fascinating. I have very fond memories of it. You've just given me another reason to like that year.

Devin said...

Xdell-no problems with belated at all nine times out of ten all my birthday wishes are belated!! I consider you a great friend and am glad that is another reason for you to like '65!! I still remember this line from a Martin Scorcese movie -i think?? "Miss Beehive 65"-haha -best as always to you!!