Friday, March 27, 2009

James Broughton: Bridge to the Innermost Forest

Bridge to the Innermost Forest
I could not match the labels where the span held the patch
in its doubling of layers on the cables of starch.
For the cape on the arch of the statuary perch
exuded all question of door and path.

I would cover it with spank or with shield or with glass,
but the multiforming gate that would never fix
kept hedging its formula for the wiry copse.
And the tensity of pitch could never be disguised.

I could not catch and mix the meaning of this glen
where the wiser and the meagre had already lain.
For the capture of the curtain's thistling stone
excluded all answer of lock and hinge.

I would cover it with fear or with plaster or with noose,
but the multiforming gate would admit of no release
nor admire an oasis in the squamous woods.
And the density of ditch could never be surmised.

I rather enjoyed this -I hope anyone stopping by does too! The book that this is from, "Where the Bee Sucks" informs me that Mr. Broughton's 1971 work -Selected Poems, A Long Undressing will remind me of William Blake. I will have to check that out. This book also informs me that he dedicated his Sorrows of Scorpion to Anais Nin, the famous journalist and eroticist (is that even a word? or did I just make one up?:-) who also appeared in Kenneth Anger's 1954 film Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. I am going to check on the release date for Anger's movie-sounds wrong to me-maybe right though-if not I will change it. I hope anyone stopping by has a wonderful and beautiful weekend!!


Autumnforest said...

That has a very soothing cadence and I was reminded of some woods in Oregon that felt forbidden. You always make me pause and think when usually I'm a spastic multitasker. I appreciate that!

Devin said...

I thought it did also Autumn-very much appreciate you stopping by-and I feel the same way about the subjects you post about -they definitely make you stop and think-i am also a multitasker-but I always fail miserably at it:-) best as always!!

wise woman said...

Where are friends when you need them?? - exactly where you need them to be - Devin, somehow this is exactly what I needed - got a bit stuck on an article & decided to switch off, but just decided to drop by here first - poetry is such a wonderful way to say many things at once instead of trying to stretch things out one logical sentence at a time - I feel renewed, refreshed & payful - big thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This is great. Hope you have a great weekend too!

Anonymous said...

I love that phto and the words are inspiring as well.

Devin said...

wise -I am so glad this helped you! poetry often has a great mental effect on me thanks so much for stopping by-best as always!!

Aggie I am glad you enjoyed this also and the image too-it took me forever to decide on one for this post-thanks for stopping by and best as always!!