Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tiphereth: Beauty

Tiphareth is the sefira that integrates Chesed (Compassion) and Gevurah (Severity or Overpowering). Without Tiphareth, Chesed and Gevurah would be unable to manifest the flow of the Divine Ray of Creation; there must be balance between the two sefirot in perfect proportion and Tiphareth unites and harmonizes these conflicting forces and creation is birthed by this act.

Tiphareth has a kind of converting energy in relation to the other sefirot between form (Yesod) and force (Keter). When one crosses over the Middle Path via Tiphareth one reverses polarity. This is exactly mirrored by actions in the physical world of three-dimensional reality through the law of conservation of energy and mass; when energy/mass is transmuted a "sacrifice" is necessary for a new form/force to come into being.

Wikipedia: "Tiphareth is unique amongst the Sephirot as it is connected to all the other Sephirot (except Malkuth and Daath) via the subjective paths of the unconscious...Tiphareth is the middle of the Tree. Five Sefirot surround it: above are Chesed at the right (south) and Gevurah at the left (north); and below are Netzach at the right, Hod at the left and Yesod directly below. Together these six comprise a single entity, Zer Anpin, which is the masculine counterpart of the feminine sefira Malkuth. In certain contexts, Tiphareth alone represents all the sefirot of Zer Anpin, so that the entire Tree appears with only five sefirot: Keter, Chokmah, Binah, Tiphareth, and Malkuth."


Alex Robinson said...

Hiya Devin
I'm struggling to get to grips, or should I say deeper understanding, of that second paragraph - this concept of the need for sacrifice - I think you have provided me with some info I have been looking for - will require further mulling, but BIG thanks!!!

Very best to you & the divine Miss Clem :)

Devin said...

HI Alex- so great to see you here!!!!
Hey I saw your second email -dont worry if i dont get to it this am -previous to seeing that i had written one of -if not the-longest email i had ever written to support a friend whose marriage is ending- well the same thing happened as earlier in the night and it wouldnt let me send it -so i just got done sending an "abridged" version to her and it is after 4 am now here-
I think sacrifice here is "good" sacrifice as opposed to the horrible kind that we sometimes talk about in conspiracy/synchro land - meaning "selflessness"
I am overjoyed if I have done anything recently here that has helped you with your research!!!!
and you have my thanks back for your wonderful talk on the radio the other night and many other things -
the divine miss clem says hi right back to ya:-) and of course i send my very bestest regards and hugs to you and yours!!!!
love yaxxoo