Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strange Angels Part One

There has always been a middle-ground between the yin/yang, yes/no, believer/skeptic debate in the field of paranormal studies (and thankfully so!). This "middle-ground" crowd would explain things like angelic visitations, UFOs, ghostly encounters, near death experiences (NDEs), and the whole host of otherworldly phenomenena by "natural" or "technical explanations. Things like NDEs, UFO encounters and the like would be explained by many in this group to be electromagnetic effects on the temporal lobe of the brain. Sightings of UFOs are usually explained by "Earthlights." Even sightings of ghosts are explained by physical attributes in the enviorment. NDEs are explained as the increasing anoxia in the brain as it starts to "die." I think it is wonderful that there is a group of people-laymen and scientists alike, who try to explain some of the mysteries in our world through "logical" means. I don't believe that everything can be explained away by resorting to scientific reasoning. I do think there is a "magical" aspect to our reality for lack of a better word that will never be "solved" - but that is just me. I would like to fall on the cautious and skeptical side when discussing most paranormal things -even though I know it must seem to many who read my blog that I believe in everything!

I think it would be helpful to look at a case that seems to bridge ufological and faery/elf territory-as so many of them do it seems. Some of these encounters appear to mock our notions of physicality, dimension and space-time. This case is highly unique to say the least maybe sui generis would be a better word for it! We can look at this case through our own eyes-and decide to completely dismiss it-or perhaps think something did indeed happen. We can also look at this case through the eyes of a Mr. Albert Budden who came to the conclusion this this was a case of a woman who had a close encounter with an "Earthlight" in an area of high electromagnetic activity that consequently led to a hallucinatory experience.

This very strange case involved a Mrs. Jean Hingley and occurred on 4 January 1979 in Rowley Regis, England. It was 6:30 in the morning and Mrs. Hingley's husband had just left for work. It was still dark outside. From the kitchen, she observed a large, orange glowing sphere that hovered over the carport in the left hand corner of the back garden. Mrs. Hingley opened the door to get a close look and "three beings rushed past her into the house. As they did this, she felt herself float away from the floor, hovering a few inches above it." From then until the entities left, her feet did not touch the floor.

She heard a commotion from the living room and drifted above the floor into it. She saw two of the creatures shaking the Christmas tree so roughly that the fairy on top fell off. When the beings saw her gaping at them they turned and said in unison: "Nice?" Even though she was partly paralyzed by the encounter, Mrs. Hingley finally managed to say Bruce Forsyth's catchphrase: "Oh, it's nice to see you, to see you nice." Bruce Forsyth was a British showman and entertainer and apparently had many catchphrases that "caught on."

Things got even more bizarre when she asked them where they were from. In answer to her question they flew around the room, "eventually landing on the sofa...and jumping up and down on it like naughty children. She told them sharply to stop, which they did." That was the end of Mrs. Hingley's attempts to control events. Anything else she tried to do to reign in the situation earned her a shock to the middle of her forehead by a laser-like paralyzing light beam that was emitted from the beings' helmets.

The bubble helmets with their constantly glowing light on top (when not zapping the unfortunate Mrs. Hingley) and the beings' faces are almost the only feature that ties in with other descriptions of UFO occupants. A few researchers wondered if the archetypal nature of Mrs. Hingley's account of their appearance put a shadow of a doubt over her claim to have had not the slightest interest or knowledge of the UFO phenomenon.

"They had large eyes like 'black diamonds' with a glittering lustre, set into wide white faces with no nose to speak of and a simple line for a mouth." A "close-fitting" hood hid any possible ears the creatures may have had. Their arms and legs ended in tapering points, to which they could make objects adhere to. Their legs were a silvery green color (this despite them being called "blue fairies" in some of the ufological data); when they flew, the legs hung down stiffly, 'as do some terrestrial insects'; the forelimbs were clasped together. The whole area around the creatures' bodies was surrounded by a halo. But these were not even the most extraordinary characteristics the beings possessed. This title was claimed by a pair of oval wings! These "looked as if they were made of thin, transparent paper covered with dozens of multi-colored dots." These appendages didn't seem to contribute much to the "fairies" ability to fly-only fluttering slightly or even folding up when they were aloft.

To be continued...


Alex Robinson said...

Well she was brave to tell that story as I would have thought not many would have believed her - that's got to be one of the strangest tales I've heard. I'm reminded of some of the more naughty pixie types in fairytales i.e. Rumpelstiltskin

I wonder what else there can be to tell - I will wait & not going looking on the pixienet :)
Biggest & best wishes to you Devin xx

Devin said...

hey thanks so much for the early am - at least here- comment Alex!!!!
i was about to sign off after trying to get caught up on friends blogs i am way behind on - and saw you had left this- really appreciate it-
yes indeed -if people will give me two or three days (no more:-) and not look on the "pixienet" til then this should be a "quickie" -just wanted to break up the other series a bit
biggest and best wishes to you also my friendxx

Middle Ditch said...

Bizarre. Most bizarre. And she was believed? It must have been a dream.

Having said that, I did see an UFO in the seventies.

foam said...

naughty buggers, weren't they!

who's to say that what people see is not real. to her it apparently was very real. and i'm supposing she was not on any type of medication or drugs?

i know people who have seen ghosts, or have dealt with unexplainable things which they have attributed to ghosts. we are talking people in the medical profession here, a doctor and his wife who is a nurse.

my father's metal bound bible that he carried with him during wwII suddently popped out of the book shelve and fell on my head as i was standing in front of those built in shelves a few years ago. all the books were firmly in place. there was no reason why any should pop out.

but this tale that you tell is might strange indeed ..

Devin said...

MD-this case does have many "dreamlike" qualities and is so bizarre it stretches credulity to the limit -or beyond:-)
thanks so much for stopping by and commenting - hope you and the whole crew at Middle Ditch are doing wonderfully!!!!!!!!

foam - that is fascinating about your father's Bible!!!!!!
She was not apparently a drinker or on any type of medication - except for cigarette smoking - but not the "wacky" ones :-)
thousands of reports from all over the world by professionals and people whose credibility are considered beyond reproach help to bolster the fact that some very strange things happen in this world !!!!!!!!!
all the best in the world to you my friend- and I so hope your back is much better!!!!!!!!!

Anadæ Effro said...

Hmmmm. Hi Devin, hi. Very interesting. Never heard of this one B4. So, I did me a search. Guess what I found? A blogticle entitled The Mince pie Martians, funnily enough. It's hard to say, Devin, but I think that so many out-of-this-world experiences are our present day, present space/time, corporeal world interfacing with a parallel one. Witness the similarities betwixt stories of encounters with elves & fairies & changelings in folklore & the similarities in so-call'd Ufo encounters, as you your(s)elf already well Gno. MUFON had done an article on just that topic years ago, which I'm sorry to say I cannot locate at present writing. But there's a close second to it online here. Thank you for this blogticle, Devin. you're an ace at reporting these topics & a Good Friend & brother besides ~ (•8-D

Devin said...

thanks so much for stopping by Anadae (and my big elven bro:-)
I always appreciate the links you leave so many times- the Tuatha De Danann article looks intersting - I will check it and the others out the next time i am online - I completely agree with you that this world interfaces somehow at sometimes with some -or many -parallel realities - and I find these reports fascinating because even tho i don't take them all at face value so to speak - there are far too many from far too many serious and honest people to discredit them all!!!!!!!!
all the best in the world to you my friend and brother!!!!!!!!

Ricardo said...

Someone slipped something into this woman's drink my friend. That's my only explanation for this!

Devin said...

That would be a good one for this one Ricardo - haha this was a real head-scratcher - but as you said it makes for a good story whether one believes in the material/incident or not -will try to follow up with you and others and hopefully the conclusion to this story in the am if nothing else- all the best in the world to you my friend!!!!!!!