Tuesday, February 2, 2010

James Richardson: Friends

THE AIR has some jokes on us

It turns like a star
It will not let us see

the past

It blows a little dust off us
and brings tomorrow

So it has been burying us
since we dried

It remembers that we made it
what it is
that we have the lungs and eyes and arms

So it follows us everywhere
to be remembered

No one who breathes
lives very long


Sharon Day said...

I like that poem. It makes me feel strangely comforted. Thanks.

Devin said...

Autumnforest-thanks for stopping by-and I am glad you enjoyed the poem-great article today you did with the ghost discussion btw!!
your friend always!!

Julie Ferguson said...

Wonderful poem and I love the photo you attached with it. Hope all is well with you Devin...

Devin said...

Julie- very happy you enjoyed!!!!
I am going to attempt a kind of long (i think-for me anyway-post ) and hope to get caught up on a few sites -of which yours is one -if my insomnia NRG level can stay :-)
best to you as always!!

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Devin
I agree with Julie, that's a great photo you used, goes wonderfully well with your great choice of poems!
I hope the winds of change are blowing very kindly your way :)

Devin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Alex- that image really "caught me" too- that some have commented on it makes me think it was a good
"catch" :-)
I hope all is going beautifully with you also my friend!!xx