Friday, January 1, 2010

Two by Terry Robinson

The Shallow Mind

Sometimes my dreams are shattered
by sneers and ill-read frowns.
Someone again reads past my mind
with little depth in theirs.

The danger in not thinking
is a danger indeed.
To be destructive, not creative
twists the meaning of everything.

Many Holes Indeed

You turned your back in anger
when I confessed to you
the path that I had travelled
was far apart from yours.

Your fields grew different flowers
than mine. Your poems told different tales.
And when you gave yourself to me
some part of you was far away.

The moulds that shape our lives
are seldom woven by truth.
The need to find companionship
has many holes indeed.

I hope anyone stopping by will enjoy these two poems by my friend Terry Robinson! The first image is of a famous Renoir painting-for the life of me I cannot think of the name of it now. The second image is a very good looking guy named Anton Antipov if I have my information right. Again-I wish everyone a beautiful and happy new year!


Julie said...

Hi Dev, hope this year brings you many blessings. Thanks for all your comments on both my blogs. I am looking forward to more poems posted by you like this one. Take care...

Alex Robinson said...

Hiya Devin
Lovely poems, I find I am drinking in words with emotional depth at the moment. Thanks for them :)

Looking forward to another year of wonderful friendship & truly hoping that this year will be filled with all good things for you (including an in house back massager :) Best always xx

X. Dell said...

That first one could serve as my biography.

Anadæ Effro said...

Devin! All the most auspicious changes, (k)NOT(work) challenges, to you, my friend & brother, in 2010! Renoir's painting, done in 1881, is entitled "Two Sisters (On the Terrace". Lovely way of interpreting things, your poetry-minded friend Terry has. Kinda reminds me of this link that my OTHER blogging buddy, James E. Ratté III, sped me to earlier today about Howard Martin & really, truly, speaking with & from the heart, , here! BTW, James does another in the SynchroSphere of meaningful (reeead: cosmic) coinky-dink blogs, aKKumulating Gravity, well worth a visit.

From an ice & snow capped Apple Mountain,
Anadæ Effro (•8-D

Devin said...

Julie thanks again for your support over here throughout the year -it really means a lot to me -and I am so glad you enjoyed these poems as Terry is a personal friend of mine-all the best in the world to you and mike -and hope 2010 is treating you great so far -all the best!!

Alex -howya doing my friend? You have had a bit longer than us "zonies" to see what 2010 will be like -so I hope it is looking good!!:-)
I also look forward to another year of friendship -and hey that good looking "massage dude" sounds really good:-) all the best in the world to you!!xx

Wasn't that a beauty xdell -haha as different as our lives have been in so many ways -we seem to share the same thoughts on some of the wonderful poetry I post here-as with "Stone" last month!!
I hope you are having a beautiful 2010 so far my friend -all the best!!

Anadae -my friend and brother -so very very happy to see you here and should have known if anyone knew the name of the painting -it would be you:-)
Is there any subject you don't have some familiarity with??
maybe fixing a '79 Chevette:-)
or God forbid one of those "flaming" (not in our way:-)
Pintos of the 70s!!
Can't tell you how much I appreciate our friendship -and your great info and links here-I hope 2010 is treating you fantastic so far-all the best!!

Middle Ditch said...

Lovely pics, beautiful poem.

Happy new year Devin.

Devin said...

Hey MD-so happy you enjoyed Terry's work !! please give all the cast my best regards -2010 has started out much better for me than 09 -and I hope it has for all of my friends-thanks so much for stopping by!!

Nina said...

hi devin, what a beautiful, humbling poem. so alike we are (in that we each have our own truth) and yet how different we are as well when those truths are different. i struggle w/that one.

happy new year to you--love and good health to you.

Devin said...

thanks so very very much for stopping by-and I am so happy you enjoy Terry's work too!!
I have been trying to think of ideas to get his books -A Walk With An Irishman and this latest book of poetry he did -more recognized -especially here in the USA
I am sorry I am prob way behind at your blog
really been having a tough time with physical exhaustion in the last days
I am hoping this is just a "phase" even tho I am not in the greatest of health at the best of times:-)
Happy New Year to you and yours also Nina and the coming addition to your family!!!!
best always!!