Sunday, April 26, 2009

R U Sirius? More Dogon Zamora Thoughts

Here are some more thoughts I have in relation to parts or a part of the UFO mystery. I would also like to give a couple of paragraph sized quotes from my all time -can't live without-if I was forced to take one book only to a desert island exile-this would be it book-Jeff Wells splendid Rigorous Intuition: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Them. I am also calling this a rough draft because insomnia struck yet again last night and I feel really, really slooow-so I would like to come back later and make sure it reads all right, the links work and maybe add more info and pics. How slow am I today? Well I just spent like an hour and a half trying to figure out WTF trans-Plutonic meant-and am still not quite sure. I think it just means outside the realm of our solar system-beyond Pluto. At first I thought it could be some mystical realm or even a level of "being" beyond the element Plutonium.

I think I should first say that I always wondered if at least part of the answer to the secret of the UFOs and some other paranormal phenomena is that a gateway or portal to another dimension or spacetime was opened, either intentionally or accidentally. That probably sounds very wild to many people but the high strangeness of many of the reports led me to consider that we were not just dealing with physical manifestations on our level of reality-but perhaps manifestations opening/unveiling beyond our three dimensional world and spacetime and also interpenetrating it. Jacques Vallee is one UFO researcher who has reported UFO encounters that seem to straddle the boundaries between the physical, non-physical, archetypal and even mystical. Over the years I began to think that the UFO mystery did indeed have some sort of meaning but I also wondered if humanity would ever be able to understand the meaning of the phenomena. I often thought of the analogy of a caveman trying to explain a 747, but a magnitude of difficulty in understanding beyond that.

Getting back to gateways and portals. In 1918 Aleister Crowley was working with a female partner named Roddie Minor using Ceremonial and Sexual Magick with the intent of invoking what he referred to as "intelligences" to manifest. If they are to be believed they had success with this and through Minor's psychic mediumship made contact with an entity called "Lam" through a tear in spacetime that created a portal between realities. Here is a quote from Jeff Wells', Rigorous Intuition from pages 292 to 293: "Remember Lam, and Aleister Crowley's "Amalantrah Working"? Using sex magick with his partner and psychic sensitive Roddie Minor, Crowley claimed to have opened a dimensional portal, through which passed Lam, whose portrait appears an archetypal grey, though Crowley drew him "from life" in 1918, many years before the greys entered our cultural consciousness. Before Lam appeared, Minor channeled messages from a spirit-wizard called Amalantrah, who told Crowley to "find the egg." Ian Blake, who has much of interest to say about Crowley, Lam, and the egg metaphor here, writes that "one of the earlier versions of the Amalantrah Working ended with the sentence, "It's all in the egg." During the final surviving version of this Working, in reference to a question about the egg, Crowley was told: "Thou art to go this way."

That was the first of two quotes I wanted to use out of Jeff's superb book for this post to hopefully illuminate what I am trying to say with my clumsy wordage. If anyone is having trouble following do not worry whatsoever-the story with Crowley and his entourage-perhaps I should say proteges is bizarre and it gets moreso by the time further on when two names are added to it. One of these names will possibly be familiar to you and one obscure. I won't go into them today but I will tell you the names: Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. Interesting to me is also the fact that Crowley recieved channeled information from his first wife Rose in 1904. Here is a quote about that event from of all things a newsletter put out by the sublime musical group TOOL: "A possible example of just such a Sirian communication is LIBER AL, better known as "The Book of the Law." According to Crowley, Liber Al was a received text, channeled through his first wife Rose (named Ouarda the Seeress by Crowley) while in Cairo, Egypt. The foreboding prophecy of the text was dictated in a rich timber by a higher intelligence which called itself Aiwass, an emissary from the Egyptian Neter, Horus. One passage in the book even asks "is a god to live in a dog?" A possible reference to the Dog Star Sirius."

Michael Bertiaux claims to be a more recent Lam contactee. He is supposed to have had much success in communication with the "intelligence." Bertiaux sees Lam as a "subterranean burgeoning of Lucifer-Gnosis." Gnosis which is higher or intuitive knowing would bring out the meaning of that statement to be that "knowing Lam is to know a welling up from the unconscious of an inner knowing of Lucifer." It is important to note here that Lucifer here is not to be thought of as the Christian devil but the "Light Bringer." "Lam" is also considered to be a class of entity-as opposed to an individual being. If a person invokes "Lam" they are asking an entity of that type to manifest rather than a particular being. Here is yet another quote by a man named Ian Blake who also discusses Crowley and the Sirius connection: "During the 1950s, Crowley's last disciple, British occultist and current Outer Head of the Typhonian O.T.O., Kenneth Grant, worked rituals with the NU-ISIS lodge that were designed to receive Maatian emanations from Sirius. In his remarkable Typhonian trilogies, Grant leaves a record of the lodges attempt to establish traffic with non-human entities from a planet that he describes as being trans-Plutonic."

So I am wondering what is going on? Sirius-if I remember my astronomy correctly is of spectral type A1 (not like the steak sauce;-)-sorry for the "Lam" attempt at humor-I can always tell when I am getting tired. It is a very bright star, so the fact that it is mentioned from antiquity until the present day in all kinds of ways makes sense. However, my understanding is that this type of star is extremely unlikely (of course this is just by our "current" understanding of science) to support life. Yet certain ancient societies and a very old tribe existing today mention it as sustaining physical life. The Dogon in Africa is a very fascinating tale that I will provide a link for. This tribe "knew" things about the Sirius star system that by any conceivable means they should have had no way of knowing-first of all that it is indeed a pair and not just one star and secondly they seem to have knowledge of the physical qualites of the smaller star-a "white dwarf " that modern physics didn't even begin to describe until the twentieth century. Sirius-it seems to me anyway-not that I am claiming to know about all metaphysical systems-but in so many that I have heard of the status of Sirius is extremely important. The information about Lam and his image-which I will come back with. Coincidences do happen but I remember getting a shiver up my spine when I first viewed the Lam image and realized it was from 1918. And what is with all the egg stuff? So many thoughts come to mind with the word "egg" that I wonder if that is part of the "game" also whatever the "game" is. I think of creation myths, the big bang (which some scientists are starting to question), how everything from chickens to us homo saps are born, for some reason the "alpha and the omega" always come to mind when I think of the word egg. I am probably the only person weird enough for this! Well I am going to close the post out with a last quote from Jeff's book-I have probably been very much overly-wordy which seems to become worse the more tired I am. I am also going to be coming back to other subjects in Rigorous Intuition. There are so many varied and interesting subjects in this book it will be hard to choose which ones to work with-it is five hundred pages of paranormal, parapolitical and conspiratorial yummy goodness!

OK now more about the Zamora case and other thoughts from page 294 of Rigorous Intuition: "One final thought. Lonnie Zamora reported seeing "markings in red letters about a foot high on the side. It looked like the crescent and a horizontal bar beneath that." To those who regard UFOs as nuts and bolts spacecraft, perhaps these markings would be regarded as the designation of an extraterrestrial authority. Their "flag." But it's quite anthropomorphic to presume aliens would think in such terms.

If we consider ritual magick, the symbol resembles a "sigil," used for the invocation of angelic and demonic entities. I haven't searched yet for a crescent with a vertical arrow within it and a horizontal bar beneath it. But I wonder what the implications would be if one were found."

When I read Jeff's thinking about the "sigil" it really hit home how very odd and out-of-the-box this phenomena is, because that is indeed what the marking Lonnie Zamora saw looks like and also the marking on the "UMMO" UFO in the above picture. I am realizing I not only forgot "Lam's" image but also some links-like sigil-I will try to come back with these shortly. If anyone reading this post didn't understand it please let me know-I would much rather re-do a whole post and have people understand than people looking at it just saying WTF?! Anyone hearing of this for the first time may need to go to the links I will provide to get a better understanding. I am still trying to decide what to focus on next and have several ideas. I also owe Autumnforest a "thanks" for giving me the idea to start a new series to go along with the Mind, Soul and Reality series. I think I am going to call it "Prophets and Possession" and have no idea how quick the next post will be here-maybe not that long and I would also like to return to Rigorous Intuition and other sources for it. Here are the links-I hope anyone stopping by had a beautiful weekend!Finally got the image of "Lam" here at the top of the post.


Autumnforest said...

Glad to inspire you, but I think you are your own inspiration, I just saw it in you. I'm thrilled that you're covering this subject. I admit to having pondered the UFO phenomena for a few years now since my first sighting and I always baffled at how we lack physical evidence of the kind that's important, like lost parts, radiation burns, and such. The lack of sound associated with them really had me wondering if we're actually seeing something that is physically there or seeing through a portal to something that was here or will be here... As bizarre as that sounds, it actually seems more plausible to me than aliens. I suppose my philosphy is that past, present, and future are all occurring simultaneously and upon occasion we glimpse each other. Deja vu might be a good example of that, as well as serendipity. I'm curious what you think of crop circles and their formations. Whether the symbolism seems to be universal or legitimate. Can't wait to read more!

Devin said...

Well either way I definitely appreciate it Autumnforest! and of course I appreciate your comments enormously anytime-I often thought the same thing and that I would love to have a sighting-experience or something-but sometimes I think of a book like Vallees Confrontations and then am not so sure if I am wishing for the right thing! I agree also-I am completely baffled as we are now over 60 years into the "modern" era-now the crop circles also fascinate me and I would have asked your opinion! for years now I have been hoping that those aren't some sort of beamed energy weapons or the like-havent made up my mind-it would be incredible if they were real and not by us-I do know if it is humans-it sure as heck wasnt those two dudes in the early nineties in the UK doing them all-what a joke!! that might also be a great add on at some point in this series-thanks for turning my wheels again:-) crop circles i am not sure of as to being almost if not 100 percent sure at least some UFO reports are not "us"-best to you as always!!

Autumnforest said...

Hey Devin;
Yeah, I always put things in context since I do a lot of debunking. I hate to look stupid getting excited about something that can be explained, so I go through logical steps first and put things in context before I jump up and down and scream "wow!" With crop circles, there's something about them originating in Britain and having celtic shapes and imagery and being cut into fields that make me feel like it's something fanciful for the locals. At times, when I see the intricate ones from above on film, I am amazed by the beauty. As an artist, I appreciate the work a lot. As a skeptic, I'd like to see if anyone has found any true meaning to the symbolism. I think I'd like to honestly stand inside a new one and feel it. My senses are such that I'd trust what I feel. I hate having to be tactile like that. It's hell when I go to museums and my fingers itch to touch the objects! I don't think I'd feel good about forming an opinion on crop circles until I can walk in one. In the mean time, I'll put that on my bucket list with going to Stonehenge for Yule. I think about why aliens would use a wheat field to make a symbol seen from above and I think--why??? Why not blast it into a rock face in the Black Hills of Dakota? Why not send it over the radiowaves? I'm skeptical about it, but I sure want them to be other worldly. Then, again, I'd like Santa to be real too...

Anonymous said...

I guess there are just things that are beyond our current understanding ... maybe they are waiting for our human bean minds to evolve large enough to grasp things beyond this world.

Ricardo said...

You've been reading too much of X.dells's blog!! Haven't you?? UFOs are all over the place.

Sub Specie Aeternitatis said...

I've wondered for some time now, was Crowley an opportunist charlatan or an actual worker of magick? No reason why he couldn't have been both.

It's quite amazing the influence he's had on modern counter-culture, Alan Moore who has long been my favourite "funnybook" man is way into the Crowley thing.
Have you tried reading The Book of the Law in Crowley's original handwriting? It's quite the frenetic experience, gives a very good idea of the haste he penned it in, automatic writing or not. If you can actually understand his handwriting.

But UFOs and/or extra-terrestrial or trans-dimensional entities? I'm toying with the idea that we are the alien species on this planet and that Mother Earth is attempting to eject this alien virus from the planet due to the damage we're doing the planet, the other species, and crucially our near psychopathic indifference and lack of empathy for each other. UFOs are a psychic defence mechanism of the Gaian consciousness and is luring the human race to folly, doom, and destruction in the inhospitable vacuum of space. A lure, the carrot for the donkey to follow. Everything is geared to the sci-fi meme now, psychic manipulation of the populace. Up, up, and away to that silent cold expanse where "space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence".

Look, I've rambled and gone mostly off-topic now. ;-) Don't worry about your post not making sense, I think this comment has beaten you hands down to that.

Anyways, good post Devin. Keep well.

Christopher Knowles said...

Very cool post, Devin. Thanks for the nice recap/synopsis.

Devin said...

Autumnforest -in regards to crop circles and their beauty I couldn't agree more! some of them have bowled me over with their intricacy and sheer beauty-Haha yes I would so love Santa to be real also-the thing that gets me is some rocket scientist at Lockheed Martin et al-probably knows if energy beams could be responsible for these or not-could your trust their answer? is the question-best as always and thanks so much for stopping by!!

Aggie-thanks as always for taking the time to comment-and I couldnt agree with your comment more-I often wonder how puny our minds are in relation to what is out there!!best as always!!

Yes Ricardo I probably have:-) I noticed that also lately-I even thought of holding off a bit on this post-but then thought what the heck add it to the mix-best as always and thanks so much for stopping by!!

Sub Specie-thanks so much for stopping by and this is one blog where you never have to worry about rambling on-I do it all the time! I know what you are saying about Crowley-I have never been able to get that aura of mystery off of him-no matter how hard I dust:-)! maybe he intended to be a kind of cipher to history-he does fascinate me and is one person I would like to learn more about-I actually have a source that may tell me more about his early past-unfortunately the Jack Parsons days are not included in this-best to you as always and thanks so much for the link also!!

Christopher I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting!-I was a little worried about this at first which is why I called it a rough draft-I should be leery of trying to work when I am too tired-but luckily it seems this article is just fine-best to you as always!!

This is a general thank you again to those of you who stop by when you can!! I really appreciate all of you taking the time to comment!-I noticed a comment from Nina that I am hoping like crazy is under a different post-if it isnt that means i accidentally deleted it-thanks again to all of you!!

wise woman said...

Hi Devin
You do ramble through ideas so very well.
I've been reading an otherwordly encounter book & have found it very interesting. I get confused too - why if they exist & contact is possible does it happen so rarely & only to a small group of people - why the secrecy? I could understand being careful around military type personnel who always seem so keen to study & dissect, but why so little contact & why is it often so weird - it reminds me of synchronicity sometimes - when it is the weirdest (& often seemingly rather useless) events that synch up - is it that no one thing is more important perhaps? Have absolutely no idea just a rambling comment :)

Word veri 'ratot' - did make me think of 'pests' (rats), - also 'Ra'-tot (a baby sun god? :)

Be well & in the pink

sexy said...
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X. Dell said...

I had an artist friend who was far more knowledgeable about those Doggone people than I. I would think there are probably numerous explanations for how they gained their knowledge about Sirius.

I've written about Crowley and Liber Al before. The astounding thing to me isn't his or Rose's putative channeling but rather his influence in 20th century popular culture, ranging from JPL founder Parsons to Paul McCartney to Tom Cruise.

Monique said...

Interesting as always Devin and it reads fine.

Michael Skaggs said...

Brilliant Dev,

Just so happens I have Jacques Vallee's "Anatomy of a Phenomenon" on my desk, was thumbing through it on Sunday afternoon.

I see the wheels are turning my friend, but remember to get your rest! Insomnia must really bite.

Wise Woman once alluded that perhaps we're going "backward" in time, how science is just catching up to knowledge the ancients had about stars and planets! It's that or the ancients were far more advanced than "history" has lead on. Perhaps thats why history seems to fabricated?

I do hope that crop circles are not a human phenomenon, but, who really knows. We have the technology, perhaps a low level satellite is doing the more complex ones, or maybe those spots where they are appearing have powerful leylines that intersect another dimension, to which the higher dimension is having fun with us. Possibilities are endless as can see the churning thoughts here of your readers at MFM!

Great work, keep us apprised fellow Paranormal Investigator extraordinaire!

Be well. Wv = LID ATARI, lol I used to own an Atari when I was a kid, much of my "space" influence and "invaders" came from that era.

X. Dell said...

To answer Autumnforest's question, there are some researchers who feel that authentic crop circles might be a form of musical notation. In music, tonal relationships are defined by mathematical ratios. For example, if you take two rocks of equal size and chemical makeup and beat them with a stick, they'll produce the same note, a relationship of 1:1, or what musicians call unison. Cut out exactly half of one of them, then the relationship between the first rock and the second is 2:1. Beating the two with a stick now produces an octave. Other ratios produce other tonal relationships (e.g. 3:2 makes a perfect fifth; 4:3 a perfect fourth; 5:4 a major third and so on).

Many of these patterns contain graphic representations of a similar nature. And as portrayed in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, music was a basis for forming a communicativ link between two species who are utterly alien to each other.

Devin said...

Hiya wise-hey no problems with a rambling comment to a rambling post:-) I am happy this seems to have been a well received one! thanks so much for stopping by!!

Hi sexy-thanks for the puzzle-rest assured I will probably never figure it out-maybe others can:-)

Xdell thanks as always for stopping by-Crowley is quite interesting to me and I am somewhat amazed at his "staying power" in popular culture also-I do have some fascinating info about his younger days-I will check and see what you have written about him-best as always!!thanks also for the crop circle information!!

Michael thanks so much for your thoughts here also-really appreciate them and the word veris too!!

Monique-really appreciate you checking this out -thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!!

Devin said...

ps-I am sorry for removing your comment sexy-I clicked on one of the links in the puzzle and it went to what looked like a porn site-feel free to come back if you have something to actually say!

Mike and Julie said...

Good post as always Devin. I enjoyed reading it.

Devin said...

Hiya Michael and Julie! so glad you enjoyed this article-it seems that the ones I worry about how they sound the most are the posts that are the most commented on! I am having problems getting the next article ready-not because of a lack of info-too much-but I hope to have it here relatively soon-best to the both of you as always!!

Anadæ Effro said...

Uh-oh, Devin . . . steer clear of that Michael Bertiaux's work! I have found that the only peops who're into it (read: find it valuable) are heavily into the Left Hand Path. Why, the preceding link TO his Voudon Gnostic Workbook (Magickal Childe ~ 1988) which is itself a veritable quagmire of Shintoism, Voudon, Qlippothic Quabbalah, Trans-Yuggothian (read: Lovecraftian), and other soul-ensnaring techniques for possession by off-world entities, will find high grades given it by sorcerers of the most nefarious kind (edit in sound byte of creepy horror movie organ music here). Flee, my son, from his brand of gramarye, flee.

Happy Bealtainne,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

Devin said...

Hey Anadae-thanks so much for stopping by-and happy (late) Beltane to you my friend!! warning taken-I am finding a boatload of interesting things about Crowleyana and other things to post-just not sure yet how to go about it-Rigorous Intuition has been a priceless guide to me for getting my thinking straight on how our world "really" works and some possibilities out there-all the best to you!!