Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heartwarming and Inspirational: 11 Year Old Helps Feed the Homeless

By Diane Herbst:

"It all began in third grade, when Katie Stagliano's (pictured above) 40-pound cabbage fed 275 homeless people. Now, Katie's six gardens have produced over 4,000 pounds of vegetables to feed the needy."

"When Katie Stagliano was in third grade, she planted a cabbage in her family's garden. When it grew to an astounding 40 pounds, she donated it to a soup kitchen, where it was made into meals for 275 people (with the help of ham and rice). "I thought, wow, with that one cabbage I helped feed that many people?" says Katie, now entering sixth grade. "I could do much more than that."

This story really "made my day" as we say in the USA sometimes! With regard to the post below- who do you think will win in the end (unless you think it will always be business as usual as many do) beautiful-souled folks like Katie? Or the very unpleasant and evil people represented by the global elite? Peace and be well to anyone stopping by! The hunkalicious guy is Nick Ayler!

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Julie Ferguson said...

What a great story. I love it when our youth take it upon themselves, with parental help, and do something so selfless. This little girl is so adorable and has a sweet soul.

Devin said...

Hi Julie!! This girl is indeed a sweet, admirable and adorable soul!!
thanks so much for stopping by -all the best!!

X. Dell said...

Well, you know they say the meek shall inherit the Earth. Still, they're not the betting favorite.

Devin said...

Yes Xdell- indeed the way the geopolitical situation alone (much less financial, social, etc) is deteriorating makes me wonder how much of a world is going to be left in a few years ---sorry if I sound down - I just watched a heartbreaking show about poverty in Ohio from MSNBC that I found on the Cryptogon site
all the best to you my friend!!