Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Source Cosmogony


foam said...

wow! very interesting. and of course with our luck we were born into hyper universe 2 ...

Devin said...

Hiya foamy!!
I agree!!--of all the luck eh??
thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you and yours are doing great!!

X. Dell said...

Houghton Mifflin's coming out with a two-volume edition of the entire Exegesis text, which might hit the shelves later this year. I'm looking forward to reading it.

X. Dell said...

BTW, I'm having a devil of a time posting comments to The Continuum Hypothesis. Are comments turned off there?

Devin said...

Hiya Xdell!!
thanks for the heads up with Exegsis -I will definitely keep a heads up for that-altho the cost might be somewhat prohibitive for me -hopefully not!!
I am still saving nickels and dimes to save up for Benji's book and from some of the reviews i have read of it -I cannot wait til i am ready to order it!!

I will check out the comment thing on the other blog --thought they were on -but don't worry if i cant figure out what is up over there-like i say -that whole thing started by accident with me trying to download new templates
I was able to figure some of it out --but as always lost in the woods on a lot of it
many times if i download a template it will give me an internet page of a varying amount of kbs of data --but once i get that I cannot open the net page to copy and paste the info i need
my puter just gives me that "connecting" icon thingy but never is able to open the page
o well technically blessed i am not haha
I really like this template here with the kitties --but i would really like to have an MFM title or header -whatever its called -and for this template to be able to support other page elements which it doesnt appear able to do -unless it is all just "yours truly" with my Nixonian tech skills:-)
all the best to you my friend and I am really enjoying your new series !!!!!!!!!
i will check to see if you have updated today!!

Justin Russell said...

Hey Dev, good to see you're still around. That is some mind-bending vid you posted there...

Till next time, Excelsior!

Devin said...

Justin--so good to see you're still around!!
thanks for stopping by!!

Devin said...

O -btw Justin--just wanted to ask if you are still blogging?
I clicked on your profile-but didn't see where you had any blogs.
I hope you are doing great my friend!!

on another note-to the woman (i presume) whose kind "thank you" for an older post -you are very welcome!! and I apologize for not being able to find your comment under the proper post -i hit publish comments -but forgot the series you had remarked about-you are welcome all the same!!

Justin Russell said...

Hi Dev, I'm currently blogless, yes. I'm quite content just reading other people's blogs these days.
Glad you're still going though.

Take care!

Devin said...

Hi Justin!!
let me know if you ever start blogging again please!!
I am just "barely" blogging myself - but hope that i can get something going after so long a down time
not doing too good at it so far
i lost about 90 percent of what little typing skillz i possessed -lol so that adds to it
all the best to you my friend!!
O almost forgot - u might check here now and then still up in the air about this one

Stephen Morrissey said...

Hey Devin,

Take care, we all miss you...


Devin said...

Hi Stephen!!
I am so sorry I missed this comment and thanks so much for the recent communication!!
as always i hope you are doing great my friend!!

Tor Hershman said...


benjibopper said...

Kinda like Sliding Doors except, y'know, smart.

Devin said...

thanks so very much for your comments Tor and benji!!
I hope the both of you are having a great week!!